About Me


and Welcome to YourDailyGrace!

My name is Grace and this is my blog about what’s happening in my life-daily! Or maybe not so daily, I wouldn’t want to make you too bored=)

I am a junior at The University of Central Florida-Go Knights!  I’m majoring in Advertising and Public Relations and trying to see where I fit into that ‘world’ through internships. Look for some posts about The Orlando Science Center this spring semester since I am currently their Membership Relations Intern. It’s my first internship; I love it so far and am looking forward to learning all I can and sharing it with you! I also have a minor in cultural anthropology. ‘What is that’ you ask? Simply stated it is the study of all aspects of human cultures. It’s very interesting, promise, so if you hang around you might even learn something!

Beyond being a student, since I am for sure not your typical college student, I am a…


From the simple...

...to the uhm, more complicated.



Veggie Mac and Cheese!


From doorsteps…



...to cakes. Just a little frustrated.


Book Worm

Yes...I am a nerd.


TV Obsessed

I don’t watch them all…just most.

Theme Park Fanatic

Crazy Fun!


Professional Bargain Shopper

Clothes, clothes, clothes...oh, and shoes!


Enthusiastic Traveler

Let's Go...anywhere!


Food Lover

Yup you guessed it those legs and that pizza belong to me!


Self-Proclaimed Movie Critic

Two thumbs way up for Toy Story 3!



See...no meat=)


Slow Runner=)

2010 Disney Princess Half Marathon


Coffee Devotee

For the taste not the caffeine.



Yes, I meant cupcake!

Big Kid


Ice Cream/ Froyo Junkie

You will quickly notice that my family and friends mean the world to me…so I spend quite a bit of time with them!





Thanksgiving 2010

Dad and I supporting each other!

Paige, my 5K running partner! I've only known her since she was a baby!

Oldie but goodie in Nashville!

The Bonamy clan...I love them all!

Ahh... Christmas Pj's

Me and Shay! After being buried by my far too eager cousins!

Hoover Love!

Love all of our faces! We're all way to busy eating cake!

Pizza with 'Skinny Daddy'

Eat more....veggies!

Uncle Rick and little Rickie!

Senior Homecoming...too funny!


We go way back!

My self-proclaimed 'jack of all trades'

This guy is pretty important though. He may show up a lot and maybe even annoyingly so. This is Rob, I never call him Rob so it’s weird to type that, he is my best friend and as they say ‘my better half’. He is basically amazing at everything, which is highly frustrating when you’re me and only mediocre at everything, luckily though he is also wonderful at making me very happy! We’ve been together for a while…so I am sure there will be no shortage of him and his freakishly talented self.

Family, friends, food, movies, books, TV shows, fitness, shopping, traveling, school, and the list goes on… basically YourDailyGrace will be a little bit of everything that makes me- me!

I’d love to hear from you so don’t hesitate to comment on a post or email me at yourdailygrace@yahoo.com! or Facebook me!

and remember love the life you live!


13 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I just read your entire blog from start to finish. It is wonderful!!!
    After finishing, I read the about me section and could hardly finish thru my tears!!!! You are a true joy and as always , my favorite Grace!!!! I love you all the world!!!! This was one of my favorite birthday gifts, a great concert with Barry, a really neat restaurant and dinner, and the best part was I was with some of my favorite people!!!! I can’t wait until our next adventure! LOVE, GRAMMA

  2. Hi Grace, what a lovely About tab! 😀 I enjoyed all the photos you’ve put on here!

    The wonderland cake you’ve baked looks wonderful! I can’t believe you’ve made that yourself!

    And yay for Disneyland! I’ve been there twice and loved it so much! 😀

    • That was the result of decided I wanted to walk the monuments in DC one night before eating dinner since I wasn’t too hungry yet. Fours hours later after wandering around Dupont Circle trying to decided on someplace to eat, while all of the restaurants were closing, we finally found a literal hole in the wall pizza joint that had made to order pizzas with only ‘the freshest ingredients’! We also stopped in a CVS to get drinks, chips, and salsa! Walked about 20 minutes to our hotel and had a dinner picnic on our hotel room bed at around midnight! It was basically the best trip we’ve ever been on!

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