Keeping it Classy.

Who says that your 21st birthday has to involve going crazy and waking up with a hangover…not this girl:) In fact, I spent my 21st birthday having a family pizza party with cheesecake and of course Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Not that I don’t get tipsy off of one Mike’s because I’m a lightweight like that….

But if you haven’t noticed Rob and I are two very different people, and he likes to upstage me, so of course… Rob went the classier route. With special thanks to Uncle Dave and Aunt Jen who insisted we go out and have an adults only night at a fancy restaurant to celebrate-who would turn down that offer?

Before we leave though….Let the photo shoot begin!
Two handsome looking guys right here! Can you guess which one is older?
The “old people” as Aunt Jen says…
Love my Aunt Jen!
Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave took us to Chuck’s to celebrate! It was our first time and it was very yummy:)
This is not the most exciting bread picture but it was cheddar-y bread with a herbed butter! Yum-this carb loving girl was happy!
Rob’s first drink! He had a Razz-mopolitan, very manly, and I had a Pomtini. It was my first ever martini and I must admit it was pretty delish!
Cheers Rob!
Uh-mazing “Uptown Shrimp” I could have just eaten that and I would have been perfectly content but more yumminess was to come!
I ordered Chuck’s Seafood Gumbo as part of my meal and although Uncle Dave loved it I did not. Which means it was me and my pickiness regarding fish=/
I also ordered the Spicy Scallop Roll to “share” with Rob per his request and uhm he ate one piece and I had the rest…what can I say I’m starting to like this whole sushi thing!
Aunt Jen’s chicken dish-the pasta sauce was to die for!
The Birthday Boy ordered the Grouper and Scallop special with gingered rice and asparagus-I had a bite and it was Grace approved!
We ended our dinner with coffee and white chocolate bread pudding! It basically rocks and makes me want to try to make bread pudding! I see a new recipe in my future!

Dinner was fabulous and as for the rest of the day well it was pretty laid back. Aunt Jen and the kids headed to Alabama Adventure but “Old Man” Rob wanted to stay home:( So I stayed with him it was his birthday after all. We went to Zoe’s for lunch.

Hummus and wheat pita chips…
and Greek Salad:)

Then went to Dick’s to find some more Nike shirts for him and then to Michael’s to get a shirt for me-my tie dye didn’t turn out so well:( Then we came back to the house and relaxed while we waited for everyone to come back home! I read and Rob played Tiny Wings-he’s really intellectual like that:)

Happy Birthday Baby! I love you and I hope you enjoyed your day because you make all of my days happier:)

Okay I’m done being gushy now! I have lots of homework, working out, and hopefully some more relaxing to do tomorrow!

Questions for you!

What did you do on your 21st birthday?


21 thoughts on “Keeping it Classy.

  1. That sounds like such a fun time! Edamame is one of my new favorite obsessions lately! It’s so great on salads or plain!

    For my 21st bday, I actually had my wisdom teeth out the day before–surgery and all. It’s a long story but I spent my 21st golden bday laying in bed with ice packs on my cheeks and watching movies ha ha.

  2. Your dress is SO CUTE and you look so beautiful, not that I’m obsessed with one-shoulder things or anything 🙂 Haha… Hope you all had a nice birthday. My 21st was a lot like yours, small dinner with just a few friends and literally one drink, now this is not to say that I haven’t enjoyed other people’s 21st birthdays 🙂 Haha

  3. Looks like fun! I was born on my parents’ anniversary so I celebrated my 21st with my family. I drank a wine cooler because the only other option was beer (I don’t drink beer unless forced to). It was a super wild night. 😛

  4. OMG, my 21st birthday was so long ago I can barely remember what I did. hehe, ok maybe that is also because copious amounts of tequila was consumed. Sigh. To be young again 🙂

  5. You are always eating such tasty looking food! 🙂
    I didn’t do anything big on the day of my 21st, in fact I don’t think I even had a drink (I’m not much of a drinker). Although as my gift from my parents I got to go on a trip to Seattle with my mom. I like traveling to new places and we had a great time.

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