Momma’s Home!

Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave got home last night a little before midnight to some very excited children! It was an exciting end to an interesting day…

Day 7

We spent the morning or should I say afternoon relaxing and just hanging out! Iron Man enjoyed a yogurt:)
Later the kids developed a contraption where John David pulled them around…so funny!
Come on ride the train!

It was nice and sunny when we all woke up basically in the afternoon but that didn’t last long. We went up stairs to finish decorating our shirts and a storm came and the power went out 😦 For the next 7 hours!! Needless to say we all had a bit of cabin fever and 4 hours into the power out fever we had to get out!!

We decided to head out to Jim and Nick’s BBQ for some dinner. Every one was very entertained with their electronics:)
They have amazing cheesy biscuits with honey butter!
I went all out with my comfort foods:) Catfish taco…yummy!
The Company House Salad-with their delicious ranch!
and their “mac the cheese.” Literally the best mac and cheese ever!

Did anyone guess what today is? Rob’s 21st Birthday!!!!

Rob’s early birthday! Chocolate french silk pie..we had to order another one!
We went to see Kung Fu Panda 2 after dinner and it was so good!
We had the theatre all to ourselves! The way all movies should be seen in my opinion-especially with a 4 year old!
The girls did a pre-show dance show!
Happy 21st Birthday Rob! This is last night a little after midnight! He is such a cute birthday boy! Or at least I think so:) 

Not sure what is in store of Rob’s Birthday but right now he is snoozing away, one of his personal favorites so I think he’s happy:)

In honor of his birthday I will share this hugely embarrassing video that MK made of various footage of all of us dancing, mostly doing “the creep.” In case there was any doubt in your mind that I am a giant loser who cannot dance this video will change that.

Questions for you!

What would you do to keep busy during a power outage? We tried playing Life and that didn’t go well…I spent the rest of my time trying to put away laundry  and dishes in the dark-it made things just a little more difficult!


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