“Exhausted Grace”

Sometime between Thursday and yesterday I slowly morphed from “Fun Grace” into “Exhausted-PMS ridden Grace.” Sounds like I am a big ball or fun right? Well after a nice long sleep last night I am feeling in a much peppy-er mood and “as soon as I finish blogging,” I promise we’ll go decorate shirts-which is what I’ve been repeating all morning early afternoon.

Thursday-Day 4

Pretty breakfast:)
Making some tie dyed t-shirts to take to the beach with us!
While we were up in the craft room John David discovered a toy from his past…

John David was just excited to be wearing gloves!
Rob helped Booda make his shirt.
The girls:)
We slipped in some pool time since it wasn’t raining! Although the pool was a bit chilly from the rain and lack of sunshine.
Rob and Booda started playing “submarine!”
and Booda is now scooting his way around the deep end like “Spiderman” without being scared!
I figured out a great way to exercise and watch John David! I give him a snack, a drink, a blanket, and put on some ‘toons and he is entertained!
Dinner was an interesting mix of baked potatoes, paninis, salads, and of course chicken nuggets.
The kids discovered the blue gloves thanks to Rob which resulted in some shenanigans and later me picking up lots of gloves off the floor.

Friday-Day 5

We all had an early day since Josie had to be at gymnastics 8:30! After we dropped her off we headed for a 5 star breakfast!

McDonald’s Play place!
Taking a break from playing to eat some breakfast..or should I say to eat some sausage.
We ventured to Dick’s to return something and it turned into a full-blown hour and a half extravaganza!
We tried out some machines…
Uh…John David, that’s not how you use the treadmill.
Paddling some kayaks…
I think Mk’s form is a little better..
Starbucks Stop! Mk’s first ever Cake Pop! John David is a pro at eating them now!
Rob looks pretty relaxed with a coffee and blankie seeing as he is driving?
Oh no second playground of the day at Chick-fil-a for lunch after picking up Josie. Except this time he wouldn’t actually eat:( He preferred acting like a monkey!
We spent the afternoon at the pool, fit in some exercise, and later made pizza for dinner!
They all like cheese and pepperoni- just in different ratios.
My “pizza”-Whole wheat tortilla, bbq sauce, and cheese:)
Oh no! Here come the gloves again!
This is my please stop acting like crazies, I’m really tired face…lol!

Saturday-Day 6

Yesterday was when “Grumpy Grace” really made her debut. MK and I woke up at 6 to take her to her tournament. I am going to blame sleep deprivation and hormones on me being a grumpy pants. I feel bad for the poor kids because I was being way lass than fun:( We did head to the pool and Josie had her friend Allie over night before so they were at least entertained! I have been combating my grumpiness by taking some “me time” to read.

I found this book in one of Aunt Jen’s drawers and I am finally pulled into a book! I’ve tried reading a couple other books recently and was just not interested and this one is different! Apparently there is a Lifetime movie I’ll have to watch when I finished reading it…gotta love Lifetime.

We went to watch Mk’s team play their last game but it turns out the time was wrong time so we headed to the park for a little while!
Ahoy there mateys!
oh hey Rob.
John David being his cute self!

Okay! We are currently in the midst of a dance party at the house and then we’re going to decorate some tie dye shirts!

P.s This is my 100th post!

Okay this is clearly inappropriate but this is what MK changed my iPhone background to the other day…she is naughty!

P.s.s-Tomorrow is a special day for someone important to me! Any guesses?

Questions for you!

What do you do for “me time?” Reading, exercise, baking, and watching movies -I think it’s high time I watch something that isn’t Disney Channel, animated, or involving a super hero:)


3 thoughts on ““Exhausted Grace”

  1. Happy 100th post! Exercising is definitely my “me time”. Since summer though I have started to get into reading. Now that I am out of college, I feel like I should read more in order to keep up my education. But the only problem is I have been reading random beauty magazines!

  2. I feel your pain! I’ve kept five kids for over a week at several points during my high school and college career and I always like to think of it as really cheap birth control 🙂 lol. Anyways hope you can wake up tomorrow feeling refreshed! Happy 100th post!!

  3. totally laughing at the 100th post picture.

    i still can’t believe you’ve been taking care of these children by yourself. i’m a mom, and seriously, you are a total rock star. it’s tough work, especially when you’re not used to doing it every day!

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