A little more low key, but only a little.

Day 3

I had grand plans to take John David to the pool everyday this week and I was convinced he’d be swimming in no time! Unfortunately the weather here in Birmingham has not cooperated what so ever.

Promising, right?

So instead of hanging out at the pool we’ve been hanging out around the house. As you saw they kids live pretty busy lives so some low-key days are probably great for them. If you didn’t notice I spent quite a bit of my down time yesterday mixing up the look of my blog! It is still a work in progress but thanks to Google Images and Shabby Blogs I think it is looking pretty cute! If I do say so myself!

This is much of the day looked like...Iron Man watched Cars and played with his toys into the afternoon.

I think they're enjoying relaxing? P.s. like my finger in the picture?

After lounging around all day…spending an extremely frustrating hour trying and failing at french braiding…going to the pool only for a thunder break to be called 10 minutes later…we were off again! Josie went to gym and the rest of us took Mary Kathryn to her practice about half an hour away.

We went to find a Doctor's kit at Walmart while MK was at practice...John David put his socks on all by himself!

I was beginning to think this may have been a bad idea?

We didn't find a Doctor's Kit at Walmart but we found a Starbucks when we left and John David got a cake pop!

Someone else turned into Iron Man when we got home? See her "arc reactor" that was what John David got instead of a Doctor's kit since they didn't have one at "Super Awesome Target" either.

While I was making dinner there were lots of races going on...

I think I almost got run over at least 10 times while trying to make dinner...but they're so cute how could I be mad at them?

Dinner was interesting last night....Josie wanted breakfast for dinner and MK wanted chicken nuggets and mac 'n cheese. John David decided he wanted a mix of both...interesting.

I made Rob and Josie some yummy looking breakfast sandwiches! Rob wanted mac 'n cheese also...he's a fellow carb lover!

I somehow managed to go to bed even later last night! I think working out at night gives me a little boost of energy =/  I cannot stay up that late the next two nights though because we have two very early mornings ahead of us! We’re doing some more relaxing today and I have loads and loads of laundry to tackle!

Questions for you!

Do you enjoy lazy days? Sometimes being too lazy leaves me feeling tired but I still had lots to do around the house and no time to be sleepy!

How is the weather in “your neck of the woods?” I know Florida has afternoon thunder storms every day but they usually clear up quick enough for an afternoon nap…this weather however is just blah blah all day!




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