This is a test.

Day 2

I guess I was being a little too confident at the end of Day one… because Day 2 came with some serious tests for “Fun Grace.” Starting at 2 am! Since John David went to sleep so early he woke up at 2 in the morning and didn’t want to go back to sleep. Luckily a cup of juice and warm blanket lured him into watching Peter Pan outside of Mary Kathryn’s room on the couch. My alarm clock was going off way to early for my massage and that 6 am workout? What a joke..that didn’t happen! The massage was nice but usual it made me have some roller coaster like emotions=( When I got home we all had breakfast and I cleaned up and we headed to the pool! Unfortunately once we were there for an hour some big clouds and thunder started rolling in from almost every direction and they called a “thunder break.” That means that every time they hear thunder it is 30 more minutes before you can get back in the pool=(

Eating lunch at the pool during the thunder break. We ended up leaving after=(

After my plan to wear John David out at the pool went out the window I made one of the worst decisions ever….to take all three kids to Walmart. We needed quite a few thing…what could possibly go wrong? They reminded me that I am being “Fun Grace” as they put movies, Cosmic Brownies, Chef Boyardi Raviolis, Spray Cheese, and lots of other junk food into the cart. They were testing me…big time!

MK decided it would be a fabulous idea to take a million terrible pictures while we were in Walmart...

Going into...."The Toy Zone" What? You thought the Twilight Zone was scary. Try taking a 4-year-old into Walmart, it is terrifying!! He ended up trading a toy for a Green Lantern Comic movie.

Mk being the stalker-razzi...

After dropping off Josie to gymnastics carpool we took MK to pitching practice. I was teasing her about her cute little pink cast swinging while she pitched:)

Mk got a little sweaty at practice and wanted to cool off with a $1 Sno Bizz! Just for the record she is making that face on purpose...

They have a ton of flavors! Mk got Watermelon and Lime, Rob got Cherry (boring!), Booda got blue raspberry (he likes anything that turns his mouth blue), and I got peach passion!

We went to the Mall for MK to use her birthday money. John David found a Doctor's Kit he wanted and well...threw a rather funny fit when I told him, "No, you already got a movie today." "But a movie isn't a toy Grace!"

Finally home for dinner after picking up Josie from gym! John David had Cars Chicken Noodle Soup that he had about one bite of...

Rob and I ate garden vegetable pasta with meatless meatballs and Sweet Pepper tomato sauce-it was really yummy! and the girls ate their gourmet Chef Boyardi!

This is where John David fell asleep last night...

I did some baking for a future guest post! Turned out amazing! Then finally got to bed at about hmm...2?

Even though I went to bed late we all slept in until about 10! I was having some horrible dreams that I cannot actually remember so I know it wasn’t the most restful sleep…but 10 is nice! When I woke up John David wasn’t in his bed? He wasn’t with his sister’s watching TV? He wasn’t in his parent’s bed? But don’t worry I found him….with Rob! The fist thing John David said was, “Can we go to the mall today and get that Doctor’s Kit? I want to pretend to be a nerd!” He meant a nurse! Because he is already a nerd! It looks like we’re going to “Super Awesome Target” a little later to see if they have a doctor’s kit because he apparently is not going to conveniently forget about it.

Questions for You!

What tests you the most? Ice cream I love, and Little Debbie brownies I can tolerate but spray cheese? Really?!? That almost put me over the edge.


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