Mommy Bloggin’

We now interrupt your regularly schedule programming  giant portions of froyo and sweaty workout pictures  to present :Your Daily Grace as a Mommy Blog.

My Aunt and Uncle left for a week-long Caribbean vacation, which means I am on Mommy Duty a.k.a. slightly organized chaos. I’m not sure if you have picked up this vibe from me yet but I am not going to be the “good cop” when I have children. If you’ve ever seen Modern Family, I am full on Claire.

See that frustration…I can relate. But I’ll be a “bad cop” if I can look like that after having children:)
So Rob had a “talk” with me the other night about being “Fun Grace.” Which translates to: I do not interfere with behaviors such as making a gigantic mess with toys, consuming far too much sugar, and subsequently acting like a crazy children unless someone may get hurt. Instead I join in on the fun! It has already been hard I mean come on John David is a 4-year-old boy…do I need to say any more? But I think I’ve been successful on Day 1…

Day 1!

After a workout, shower, and quick house clean up we were out the door to the orthopedic doctor...Thumbs Up! Mk's arm is healing on schedule:)

Rob, Josie, and John David got into some shenanigans while MK and I watched from the waiting room...they found a dog?? and then, thank goodness, it's owner!

Rob couldn't stop the car from "driving itself" to Starbucks so the kiddies got some morning treats, too!

We went to Painted by U and got our creative juices flowing! Cannot wait to show you all the finished products in a week!

The children requested lunch at California Pizza Kitchen-where not one of us ordered pizza? Even though they put the dressing all over my salad(yucky and fattening) it was still pretty yummy, along with my tortilla soup! One wonderful thing is that all of CPK's soup are all vegetarian!

John David had....Macaroni and Cheese. Yum?

After dropping off Josie to gymnastics and a trip to use John David's Books -a- Million Gift Card. He and I headed to the pool together while MK relaxed and Rob went to the gym.

He is a gigantic ham if you haven't noticed...

Booda and I went to Michael's to pick up some tie dye materials then picked up Josie from gym... and finally arrived home for dinner at 9, I was starving!

I did however successfully wear him out! he fell asleep before we even got home! Rob just jumped on top of him on the couch because he didn't see him and Booda didn't even wake up!

What You’ve Missed…

Because I’m a terrible blogger.

A trip to.....The one and only Mercedes Factory in North America!

The visitor center where our tour started from!

Our group:) We weren't allowed to take pictures during the tour but we had to get one with our fancy badges on! It was a really awesome tour...the best part was watching the huge robots at work!

One of the Mercedes cars from Jurassic Park=/ Those movies terrify me!

I now want a Mercedes M Class due to it's safety rating...and well look at it.

The boys got their hair cut cute!

This is what happens when you fold 5 loads of laundry, don't put it away, and start having a dance party with a 4-year-old. Stayed tuned tomorrow for a hilarious video...

I'm not sure what exactly was going on in this picture?

On Father's Day we took the boat out on Lake Tuscaloosa. Unfortunately I took no pictures nor do I have access to the ones that were taken:(

Well there you have it! You’re all caught up! I hope you’re ready for 5 more days of pure “Fun Grace!” This “Mommy” has a massage scheduled at 8 am tomorrow morning, which means 6 am wake up call for my workout! Night, night, Sleep Tight, and Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Or at least that is what my Mommy always told me:)

Questions for You!

Do you read Mommy blogs? Which ones are your favorite? I love “It’s a dog lick baby world”, “Kath Eats Real Food”(only semi-Mommy), and of course” Peas and Thank You.”

What is your dream car? I don’t exactly have one…I just said that the nex car I buy will have a back up camera and sensor on it! I love SUV like cars and safety ratings are high on my priority list as well!

P.s. Please excuse my blog as it is currently under construction..:)



6 thoughts on “Mommy Bloggin’

  1. If you don’t like the amount of dressing they put on the salad, next time you should ask them to put it on the side. That way you can add just the amount you like, give or take. [;

    • I always ask for it on the side! My boyfriend makes fun of me for how long it takes me to order! They did it wrong and we were a little crunched for time so I just went with it today, thanks for the great suggestion:)

  2. Aw, thanks for the shout out 🙂

    I’m the fun parent here, my husband is the strict one. I tell him that he’d be more flexible about letting the baby make a mess or two if he had to be with her all day because he’d realize he needs to pick his battles. 😛

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