Back to Florida!

I’m Back in Florida!  But only for the weekend…we’re in Tallahassee for a softball tournament for my cousins Mary Kathryn’s(MK) softball tournament unfortunately she broke her wrist in two places at a softball tournament last weekend. However my Uncle is a coach and our family already had plans to meet us here so we came anyway! I do feel bad for poor MK who has to sit in dugout and sweat in her cast:(

This week Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave were in NYC for three days which meant I was a very busy girl! Every time I watch my cousins I wonder how Aunt Jen possibly does it all! It is just a little exhausting! I tried to remember to snap some pictures during the day to show just how busy I was!

7:30-8:30-Wake up and squeeze in some blog reading to start my day:)

Don't I look lovely in the morning..

8:45-9:15-Wake up John David and Josie then get them dressed and fed breakfast

He was not excited to wake up...

9:30 or 3:30 Swim Lessons for John David and his friend Harrison!

He wasn't too nice to Miss Kelly since he was still a little sleepy but it is amazing the progress they can make in just a few days! He will be swimming in no that a good thing?

Breakfast of Champions at the pool for swim lessons!

10:00-11:30-Josie has Tennis camp everyday at this time and I cleaned the house and did dishes and laundry! 

Just call me the laundry fairy:)

Noon-3:00-  Spend time at the pool! This is a great way to wear out children!

*I never got a picture at the pool since I was too busy watching a 3 year old..way more important!

3:15-Drop off Josie to the carpool for gym. That child does tennis for an hour and a half, four hours of gymnastics, and at least 2 hours at the pool…she is crazy! She also has a rock hard body which makes me wish I were a gymnast!

3:15-8:30-Do various “mom’ like things…

Grocery shopping!

More laundry...I think it never ends...

Snack on yummy things I found at Fresh Market!

Prep for a late dinner after the girls get back from gymnastics and softball...Tacos were requested!

Hmm...this is peculiar...

Ohh look! It keeps going into the bedroom...I think I also located the guilty party.

and going...

Phew! and it finally ends!

8:00-Pick up Josie from gym carpool and go home for dinner! The rest of the night is chaos!

I skipped out on tacos and opted for taco salad with Trader Joe's Meatless Meatballs they rock!!!

John David enjoyed his first ever sweet cherries with his dinner....he was having a little difficulty with the pits though..

I cleaned up the tape mess. That was a lot of tape....a pretty cheap toy though!

"Is my Transformer annoying you Rob?" You can see how highly helpful Rob has been...not!

I got to enjoy a Spiderman wrestling match during my was very entertaining! John David kept screaming, "You killed my Father!"

I've been doing pretty good with working out minus last night when we had an epic dance party instead! I'll spare you the pictures:) Let's just say I can't do the jerk, the shuffle, the cat daddy, or the dougie!

11:00-1:00-Bedtime?? I am not the greatest babysitter because I don’t put John David to bed I just work on wearing him down all day, put on movie, give him chocolate milk, and wait for him to fall asleep on his own *It takes about 5 minutes! Way better than crying over the dreaded bedtime:) The funny thing is I also fall asleep in 2.5 seconds if I turn on the tv because they are wearing me out!

Tonight we went to Mk’s game and they won! We were all starving after so we went searching for somewhere to eat!

We ate at Olive Garden since it was right across from our hotel..I ate a very large portion of salad, kids whole wheat spaghetti and marinara, and a side of veggies. It was actually quite good!

Tomorrow is John David's 4th Birthday so we did some early celebrating which I think he enjoyed very much! Ice Cream!

Rob, Josie, and I just got back from the teeny tiny hotel gym..even though it was small we got in a good sweat session! Josie and I did 20 minutes on the treadmill-the first time I’ve run in over a week! and it felt great! Then Rob helped us learn some arm exercises with free weights…I learned that an almost 10 year old is pretty much stronger than me, she’s a gymnast maybe that’s why? Now I am all showered up and ready for bed but before I go I wanted to share some stuff about my detox….

I discovered tofutti better than cream cheese and it rocks! It taste just like cream cheese but the nutritional info is even better than 1/3 less fat not quite up to par with fat free but who wants to eat fat free cream cheese?

We ordered Mellow Mushroom last night and they have Daiya Vegan Cheese but sadly it was not the same...I'd rather just skip the cheese all together and go saucy with tons of toppings!

So far so good with the detox though and I am feeling great, except last night after I consumed tons of dough from Mellow Mushroom and today after I ate french toast sticks and an egg only breakfast burrito from Sonic…so I think I see where the problem is! But I am on vacation with other people who already think my eating habits are crazy enough so I am being a little lenient when I am not at “home” a.k.a. Aunt Jen’s house. I am happy to report that I have resisted french fries, frozen yogurt, and chocolate chips cookies all this week. It is slightly painful to watch the kids and Rob eat it…I even dreamt about eating french fries but I know my body is thanking me!

Speaking of my body…it is now begging me to go to sleep and I have a nice late wake up of 9 am for 10 am breakfast at Cracker Barrel to celebrate John David’s Birthday! We’ll see if I can resist those wonderful fluffy buttermilk pancakes! Good Night! or should I say Good Morning!

Questions for You!

If you’re a Mom or a babysitter what is your favorite thing activity to do with your kids/someone else’s kids? I need ideas:) I have another week of babysitting coming up while Aunt Jen is in the Caribbean!

What is your favorite meatless or dairy free products? Those Meatless Meatballs rocked my world and Better than Cream Cheese is here to stay! Soy Milk is pretty great also!

How do you stay healthy on vacation? Whenever I’m with Aunt Jen’s family I use Josie as my workout buddy and she always holds me accountable! Food wise is sometimes difficult but you can be pleasantly surprised like I was with Olive Garden tonight!







9 thoughts on “Back to Florida!

  1. Ha–I can just imagine the fatigue after that day…how cute with the tape though 🙂
    I don’t have kids, but I took care of my nephew full time when he was little since he didn’t have a mom…and it was exhausting! Every age is a different and new type of busy, and it’s fun…but wow!

    For dairy free, I really love the coconut milk products, but I don’t usually use meat substitutes—I just rock the veggie burgers instead.

    How healthy I am on vacay depends on who I’m with. I’m so glad I now have Joe because he wants to be healthy too…and so does my mom. But if I’m with other people, I tend to compromise more just to be agreeable with the group.

  2. Aw, that sounds like so much fun! I love babysitting my cousins, too. It sure take a lot of energy out of you though–that’s for sure!

    I love baking with kids…decorating sugar cookies, etc….it kills about 2 hours.

    I try to workout in the morning on vacation to get it out of the way.

  3. Aww your cousins are so cute! That’s so fun that you got to babysit them. Mothers seriously deserve more credit, raising kids is super hard! Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

  4. You are a fun babysitter! I have no suggestions because my kid’s idea of a good time is knocking over stacks of blocks that I build for her 🙂

  5. Oh man it’s the worst seeing other people eat goodies and you just watch 😦 I would have been all over those french fries for sure 😀

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