A little taste of Michigan Giveaway!

Hello from steamy Birmingham, Alabama! Yesterday we made the trip from Ludington, Michigan to Clarksville, Tennessee where we parted with my Dad, Liza, and the two most adorable puppies ever picked up my car and then drove to Birmingham! Today I’ve been busy getting myself situated at Aunt Jen’s since I’ll be here for more than a month! But before Michigan is too far out of my mind I wanted to share just a few small treats I picked up during my trip with one lucky reader!

Treasures from my travels:) It's not a lot... but I wanted to share!

This is NOT real bacon! It's made from soy:) I got it from the farmer's market from the Jam Lady!

Here I am with the Jam Lady:) She was so nice! Her jam was awesome but a little too fragile and heavy to ship:( But her dip was just as delish!

Since I couldn't go the jam route...I opted for Michigan honey in a plastic bear-much more shipping friendly!

This chocolate covered rice krispie came right from Kilwin's in downtown Ludington! I cannot resist anything dipped in chocolate!

I went into this cute little store in Pentwater and found....

this cute little button!

While I was in Pentwater I also found some of the most addicting popcorn ever!

This is "Pentwater Corn": White Cheddar and Caramel Corn mixed together...I had "Chicago Style": Orange Cheddar and Caramel corn and let's just say it didn't last very long!

I finally found more of my favorite bracelets at the biggest Hallmark Store ever in Ludington! I couldn't for the life of me take a decent picture of the bracelet but I'll send one in this giveaway:)

Ways to Enter:)

  1. Follow me on Twitter!
  2. Like Your Daily Grace on Facebook!
  3. If your blog has a Facebook page add Your Daily Grace to your page’s Favorites!
  4. Comment and tell me your favorite thing dipped in chocolate and your favorite flavor of popcorn!

Hurry though because I’m announcing the winner late tomorrow night! and be ready for a post about my big goal failures…ahh summer….




15 thoughts on “A little taste of Michigan Giveaway!

  1. this is really hard because i love anything dipped in chocolate. i think i’ll go with strawberries today because that sounds really refreshing right now! and i love cheese popcorn!

  2. I follow you on Twitter, like your Facebook page, and I looooooove strawberries and bananas dipped in chocolate!! 🙂

  3. My favorite thing dipped in chocolate is chocolate doughnuts! And my favorite popcorn flavor is a tie between caramel and cheese.

  4. Animal crackers are my favorite thing dipped in chocolate! It’s a tie between cheese and caramel as my favorite flavored popcorn!

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