Sand Dunes, Ice Cream, and Puppies.

So I hope you all like looking at pictures…or at least I hope you don’t have any expectations of gaining any knowledge from reading my blog. Expect pure fluff, no real content:) I can tell you one thing I’ve learned this week: Michigan has some seriously bipolar weather. It can be chilly and foggy one day and warm and sunny the next!


We decided to say the heck with the crazy foggy weather and seize Aunt Erin’s last day in Ludington and head out to play on the sand dunes!

It is actually pretty drive outside of town toward the state park and all of a sudden the landscape turns into these huge sand dunes!

We walked along the beach and picked up little rocks and what not...Dad was calling us "crazy pickers!"

Playing in the dunes was fun minus the fact that there were little baby bugs everywhere since there was zero wind that day...we are sprinting to avoid inhaling a whole bunch of buggies=/

Here I am "gracefully" using a root in an attempt to climb a steeper sand dune....

Aunt Erin's treasures...

After exploring we decided to drive to the other side of town to Lake Hamlin and we saw this man walking out of his house holding these adore puppies! It just so happens Dad has been thinking about getting puppies!

We all feel in love with the puppies but felt it was best to wait until Dad's wife Liza arrived before making any rash decisions...

Lake Hamlin looks like a really fun place but I think the weather would have to be much warmer before I did any water sports since I'm a huge wuss!

Rob and I headed to House of Flavors for the second time and I would say always order breakfast because this wrap was not nearly as yummy as my omelet.

This "Little Piggy Dinner" made up for my not so yummy wrap though! It is one of their three signature sundaes, this one is the smallest, and you get a pin that says, "This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home!" Naturally I was screaming wee wee as Rob and I walked home:)

Late night Apples to Apples! Taking advantage of every last second of our time with Aunt Erin!


Did I mentioned the weather was bipolar? It goes from a thick layer of fog all this? No complaining I guess since it was beautiful!

I finally dragged Rob out of bed and then we headed to Tess and Drew's and dragged them out of bed to lunch at Luciano's. This was the only picture I took, I guess I was really hungry?

Later Drew decided to take us on an adventure and it started at McDonald's! I indulged in a snack size Oreo and Reese's Mcflurry!

Next he took us to "Peter Pan Land." Not like Peter Pan ranch of's just these huge sand cliffs that over look Lake Michigan-I'm pretty sure they call them that because it look like the movie.

See! This does not look like a lake! It looks like a magical island! The boys came back later without us and climbed the sand cliffs. Tess and I decided we'd go to yoga instead...except it was canceled due to memorial day:( Not to be thwarted we did some yoga in the living room:)


Dad arrived back to Ludington that afternoon after picking up Liza from the airport and a memorial cookout was in order! We did some team work no knock out the skewering!

We ate outside to enjoy the beautiful weather! I'd like to point out that it is 9 pm and still light out in this pictures...crazy!


Yesterday instead of a workout we made the "sandy and windy" journey in the state park to the Big Sable Point Lighthouse. Drew found a cool walking stick. I'd also like to mention that it is a bit discouraging when we started walking to the lighthouse and cannot see it until you're half way there....

Rob was taking his "workout" seriously so he proceeded to lift and throw/flip over every log we came across. It was pretty entertaining....

Almost there!

The boys didn't realize I wanted to walk up the lighthouse....I explained that I wasn't walking two miles there and back just to look at it!

View from the top! There was a sign that said "your shoes are 92 feet up!"

Success! Safely at the bottom of the lighthouse...the way down was a little more scary than the way up...

We walked back along a trail instead of along and beach. I thought the sandy walk there was a bit difficult but that didn't really compare to walking into the 20 mph wind for 2 miles...I know, I really like to complain:)

This! Is what we came back from the lighthouse to!!! Puppies! How can you deny that face!

This is pure bliss.....can you spy the second puppy?

I tore myself away from the puppies for a few minutes for a coffee break! I decided to have my one coffee per week and it was an amazing one from Redolencia! Look at the size of this thing!

Rob and I also split a Norwegian chocolate pastry...I love Redolencia but I am somehow happy there isn't one near me....

We came back caffeinated and ready to play more!

We ate at Jamesport again, which is fine with me since we had the best server ever!

I am pretty sure Drew was thrilled and not at all embarrassed to get to wait on half of his family!

Drew tried the fried asparagus when he was at work the other night and I knew I had to try it! It blew the fried mushrooms and zucchini from the other day away! I ordered the same thing I did the other night so I didn't think we wanted to see it again....

Tess and I even bought them cute little sweaters on our random trip to the Dollar Store!

We all took Liza to House of Flavors and I got ice cream for the last time!Before bed last night Tess and I got inked! Mine is already coming off this morning though:( The fuzz from my blankie stuck to it last night

Well we are all off to an early morning breakfast at Brenda’s to send off Gigi and Pop…if you are thinking to yourself man, Grace has been eating a lot lately! I would like to completely agree with you and let you know that today is the beginning of my semi-annual “detox.” It isn’t a crazy one and I am not going “vegan” because I am about to be at Aunt Jen’s house and she cannot handle a vegan:) I’ll detail what my detox involves in my next post but I’m pretty sure a big bowl of oatmeal is in order this morning!

Questions for You!

Are you a dog person or a cat person? I am a dog person all the way! No cat lady here!

Any ideas for “matching” boy and girl puppies names? The puppies are just “him” and “her” for now…

Do you ever feel the need to detox your body? Any advice on what I should and shouldn’t be eating? I’m not following a plan just making my own and I’d love some advice!


12 thoughts on “Sand Dunes, Ice Cream, and Puppies.

  1. I’m definitely a dog person.. I have a cute little pup at home named Jackson, he’s a 2yr old West Highland White Terrier (aka Westie) – Your pup pics are adorable!

    I’m terrible at naming things, so I don’t really have any suggestions (ours is named after a football player… lol)

  2. You just rocked my world. I had no idea I could be getting two mix ins in my McFlurries. I’ve been settling for one for far too long. 🙂

  3. Great pics! ….food and puppies—can’t beat that for a smile 🙂

    I am definitely NOT a cat person!

    For detoxing, I usually just cut out (or down on) sugar, processed foods, and most grains…and drink lots of water!

  4. Ah, I love Michigan! The sand dunes are so fun. And you’re right, the weather is bipolar! So is Indiana weather though…actually, a lot of the states in the Midwest are like that, haha. I eat a lot of fruit and oatmeal, and drink a lot of water when I feel like I need a detox! I try to eat “cleaner” foods, rather than a bunch of sugary stuff.

  5. I’m totally a dog person! I think that dogs are just more like humans than cats. What do cats even DO!? 😉 kidding kidding to all you cat lovers out there hahaha

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