Hello from Tennessee!

My “vacation” has officially begun! Monday morning Rob and I set out on road trip #1 to Clarksville, Tennessee where my Dad lives! It’s a pretty lone 12 hour drive but I didn’t feel too bad!

Rob ordered a cake pop when we made a caffeine stop at Starbucks and I took it for a photo opportunity while we stopped for gas! Like how full my car is?

Cinnamon Scone...yummy! I had an iced chai tea also and I think I like them better hot...

I snapped a picture of my driver:) I’d like to mention that I’m a bad bad navigator though…

We arrived in Clarksville around 8 last night during a bad storm:( Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I have serious tornado anxiety and dream about them all the time so for the last 30 minutes of our drive I was basically trying to hold in a panic attack:(

Seriously...who isn't afraid of something like this? We did see lighting like this many many times last night....

We stopped at Waffle House for dinner-we’re classy! Rob was craving breakfast for dinner and I’ll always eat something covered in maple syrup! I forgot to snap pictures though…I know you’re really disappointed to miss that culinary adventure! I slept like a baby even though I was worried about tornado dream-I had none:) It was weird weather all day though. I set out for a run and it was a little drizzly and almost 2 miles in it started pouring so I headed back to Dad’s house. It was my first time ever running in the rain and I was completely sopping when I got back!

Cereal! I ate at this at 7 and then again when Rob finally woke up at 11:30! Good thing I love me some cereal!

When Rob finally got his lazy butt up we headed to the Clarksville YMCA-I biked for 3 miles and then ellipticized for 7 miles! It told me I burned 800 calories??? Is that correct? Rob spends two hours at the gym a day and I don’t know if I could do cardio while he works out everyday! I’d probably be a lot skinner though! The rest of the day was spent relaxing since we have  road trip# 2 ahead of us tomorrow!

Dad whipped up dinner tonight! Veggie burrito and grilled mahi mahi! I Could get used to a man cooking for me:)

Well it’s almost bed time! Dad established our wake up at 5:30 for  6 am “departure” to Ludington, Michigan! I’ll document tomorrow’s road trip better since I’m not the navigator:)

Questions for You!

How do you feel about road trips? Flying is obviously much faster but road trips don’t bother me, probably because I don’t drive…

What’s is your favorite Starbucks/coffee shop treat? I can never get past cinnamon scones!

If you go to the gym how long do you stay there? I know I wouldn’t be spending 2 hours there if it weren’t for Rob!


14 thoughts on “Hello from Tennessee!

  1. I can get to the gym and back in 1.5 hours, but I prefer to be there for 2 hours (which includes showering after). I absolutely love cinnamon scones. Huge weakness for me. Might have to go get one for breakfast.

    Have a great trip!

  2. It looks like you got some sun already!

    How do you feel about road trips? They are fun with friends, not family.

    What’s is your favorite Starbucks/coffee shop treat? Starbuck’s banana chocolate chip coffee cake

    If you go to the gym how long do you stay there? hour to an hour and a half

  3. Yay, congrats on starting your vacation! Sorry about the weather, that must have been super scary:( I hope you have a fabulous time!

  4. Have fun on your road trip! I’m going on a short one this weekend to San Francisco. I’m so excited. My favorite coffee shop treat would be donuts, so yummy! 2hrs at the gym doesn’t sound very healthy for an everyday thing unless you’re getting an adequete amount of calories for that. I say a healthy time to spend in the gym is 1hr: 25-40 minutes cardio and the rest strength training or switch days for cardio and maybe a fitness class like yoga or pilates or just strength training.

  5. I usually spend just over an hour at the gym. Road trips? Love em!!! Phil and I have so much fun on our road trips 🙂 I love long journeys because I get to read, sleep etc! Phil does all the driving too 🙂

  6. Ooh, I love taking road trips with Ari! We have one planned for August and I am already so, so excited.

    My favorite treats from starbucks are their new mini chocolate pecan fudge squares!

  7. I’ve wanted to try those cake pops for awhile now! I spend about 40 minutes at the gym unless I’m taking a class, then I usually spend about an hour or an hour and 20 minutes. Two hours would have me so bored! I absolutely love road trips- but like you, I’m usually not the driver. 🙂 Jamie

  8. How fun to go on a road trip, i would love to do that sometime with my bf 🙂 I can’t believe you’re at the gym for 2 hours! That’s crazy. I’m there for like 30min-1 hour depending on the day

  9. I’m a tiny bit hyperactive and being stuck in a car for long stretches of time should drive me crazy, but I absolutely love road trips. I’m probably the only person who enjoys exploring new gas stations. Weird, I know.

    I rarely order treats at a coffee shop because I usually consider the drink to be the treat. 🙂

  10. wow that lightening is crazy!! I had a tornado ish dream the other night too. even though we live nowhere near those things.
    I love road trips, I’m trying to convince my parents to get us all together to drive across country.
    I stay at the gym 1.5 hours at most, but I only go when Im’ at school because there isn’t one near to my home.

  11. Yayy for vacation!! 🙂 I love a skinny iced vanilla coffee – and I’ve been wanted to try one of those cake pops ever since they came out! Did Rob like it? And I’m usually only at the gym for 45 minutes max – I don’t have time to be there any longer than that!

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