This has gotta be a good life.

Happy Sunday! This song basically sums up how I’ve been feeling the last few days…


Finally finished packing! This is a perfectly acceptable amount of luggage for being gone for 7 weeks, right?

I headed home after packing and took a run-finally! I took it at 2 in the afternoon, maybe one of my worst ideas ever. It was tough and I did take pictures to show you how real I am…however I can’t find them? I not sure if my phone grew a mind of its own and decided it was a bad idea for me to share those with anyone? They were rough! I was laying on the floor if you need a better visual. Β I cleaned myself up and headed to my friend Paige’s High School Graduation! Our mom’s have been friends since we were little-and her mom Tracy( you’ll see her later in this post) got me to run my first ever race with her so she is basically the only reason I started running!

Mai Tai's yummy spinach and artichoke dip to hold us over through the graduation.

Enjoying a Cucumber Melon Crush-it was very very sweet and I'm not sure about you but I look like a baby in this picture and waitress didn't id me?

Lots and lots of graduates! I also forgot how long the actual ceremony was when I graduated! A few of the senior speakers were very inspiring though:)

The graduate and I!

I guess I'm one of the "adults" now so I went with them to BJ's after the graduation. I was so excited to eat, this was actually my second piece of pizza and I even cut into it before remembering to take a picture.

Red Velvet Pizookie-yummy but it doesn't compare to the original chocolate chip- now I know!

Β Saturday

Saturday we were up and headed to Jacksonville Beach for a hot and sunny day at the Never Quit Beach Festival and 5k.

I spotted this sign on the drive in and Mom got right into the turning lane without a second guess! I love her!

It was really cute all of their cupcakes had girl names, that's why it is Cupcake Girls! I was sort of upset they didn't have a Grace though...

Decisions... decisions.

After some deliberation I choose the "Meg" a Boston Creme Cupcake, it was out of this world! I'm not actually a cake kind of girl (you know my love of frozen desserts runs deep) so filled cupcakes are my thing!

I picked out a dozen butter cookies to share with the group of ladies we were meeting up with and guess what? No one wanted any! Guess who was eating cookies last night?

After picking up our packets we realized how incredibly hot it was outside and took refuge in Joe's Crab Shack for some 5k fueling! This is the shark attack!

The waitress yells "there's a shark in the water" then pours the "blood" into this drink! Mom and I shared one and it was yummy:) I'm figuring out there is some alcohol I enjoy I guess...

So this was my first time at a Joe's Crab Shack and I loved that they danced every 30 minutes! This is Tracy doing the macarena!

I ordered the Kid's Grilled Shrimp! Does this look like a children's portion to you? It was really good, too!

Of course a side salad:)

We changed and headed back out into the heat for the next two hours to wait for the race. It was very patriotic as your can see-this banner made me giggle.

There was a trident challenge which was a run, swim, paddle. I misunderstood that the paddle part meant on a surf board not a paddle board. I'm doing this one next year!

Mom and Tracy waiting for the race...

Here I am in all my glory...I am literally drenched in sweat, red in the face, wearing a lei, holding a chocolate covered strawberry, and drinking a smoothie.

Enjoying the music, and actually sitting down, while Mom enjoyed our free Longboards!

After a long and still sweaty ride home it felt great to shower and relax. I had a dippy dinner at πŸ™‚ Clearly I like mozzarella cheese.

This was our "medal" for the Never Quit 5k! You can't tell but it even says "never quit" on the bottom of the little turtle's shell!


After Church we had brunch at Monterrey Grill-this is my spinach, mushroom, and green pepper egg white omelet. It was delish!

My brother's meal came with cinnamon french toast and he "didn't want it." Holy yum was it amazing! Every one at the table agreed and he finally caved and ate a piece. He's notoriously picky-drives me crazy!

I am now sitting on my couch very relaxed! Mom and I are watching Harry Potter, I’m hoping that I won’t spin into a “poor me I’m not magical” depression. We’ll see how it goes… enjoy your afternoon!

Questions for You!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Which cupcake would you have picked? Are you into Harry Potter?


15 thoughts on “This has gotta be a good life.

  1. No one wanted a butter cookie?? They look delicious! Looks like you’ve had a great weekend..I like the 5K “medal”, it’s very cute. Congrats on finishing in that heat…I went for a walk/run outside today and couldn’t wait to get in a cold shower when I got home!

  2. girl! i love your blog and i don’t really know why i haven’t been reading your blog lately…because i really like it πŸ˜‰ hah! so expect lots of comments from muahhhh!

  3. Fun post! I liked the music video – great song.

    I’m so indecisive when it comes to dessert, especially cupcakes. But I probably would’ve gone with the most rich one they had – something like chocolate peanut butter cup.

    Have a great week!

  4. That’s the cutest medal ever! I’ve been trying to start to pack for my three weeks in Europe, but I just can’t seem to bring myself to do it 2 weeks ahead of time πŸ˜‰ I’m so excited though!!

  5. That is the cutest race medal I’ve ever seen! Hehe, I’m a huge Harry Potter fan and laughed at your “poor me” HP depression sentence. I love the books more, but I’m still excited for the last movie soon.

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