Mommy Time:)

I finally got to packing today… at about 1. I blame my slacker status on Rob, his laziness is contagious! After getting about half way through packing Mommy arrived! We were suppose to go to this cool painting place tonight but our class got canceled because their wasn’t enough people coming to the class:( But don’t worry we aren’t ones to waste an opportunity to relax and of course enjoy some yummy food! After some debating we headed to Houlihan’s for dinner and is was delicious!

Stuffed 'Shrooms! They are baby Portobello mushrooms stuffed with herbed cream cheese...then fried. They're amazing!

Mommy's dinner: Petite Filet with french fries and garlic mayo

My dinner: BBQ Mushroom Flatbread. So tasty! I also had my predictable side salad but saved you from the picture.

After a bit of unsuccessful luggage shopping and hitting up the Wally World for a garment bag it was high time for some dessert! I’ve been wanting to try Jeremiah’s Ice but I haven’t been able to convince Rob. You know who I could convince..Mom! I was so tempted to get my usual soft serve cone with sprinkles but I resisted and I am so glad I did!

What I ended up with..a "small" peanut butter italian ice with vanilla chocolate swirl gelati with sprinkles! I may have found a replacement for froyo:)

Oh and do you remember my froyo dinner last night….

It looked a little something like this:)

I was craving some “real food” after though and Rob was to the rescue and made me Mac & Cheese! This is a very big feat for him people-it is very very rare that he makes me anything. I felt so loved:)

Nothing better than eating Mac & Cheese before crashing...

I have a confession: I haven’t exercised in what will be a whole week come tomorrow morning. Rough right? Ready for my excuses? Well first off I was exhausted from all that baby shower business and then I went to Disney, a.k.a. the magical place where you can eat what you want and never exercise! But seriously Tuesday night after gallivanting around Disney all day the top of my foot started to hurt pretty badly when I was walking. It even woke me up a few times during the night and all thoughts of my morning run around the resort that I was really excited for were out the window:) I’m stupid a trooper so I walked around most of the next day too and then it hurt to even put a sneaker on in the Nike outlet so I decided to rest it today and hope for the best tomorrow morning! Cross your fingers for me!

Questions for You!

Do you like mushrooms? I’m clearly a fan as evidant from my dinner:)

Have you ever tried non fruity italian ice? So much better than the fruit variety!

Any clue what might be up with my foot? It was lovely today because the pain started wrapping around my lower calf. Fabulous.


13 thoughts on “Mommy Time:)

  1. Sorry to hear about your foot! If the pain is up your leg, it might be your Achilles tendon. Try stretching it out AFTER exercise (once it’s nice and warm) and see if that helps?

  2. oh my GOSH! you had such great eats lately! that pizza AND tuffed mushrooms look bomb…and definitely so does that italian ice, ahh! i have no clue about your foot, but I agree that disney=no exercise…you have to walk so much already when you’re there! hopefully you get back in the swing o’ things!! 🙂

  3. I’m not a mushroom person, but I love dishes with mushrooms in it. Does that make sense? Not really. Oh well! Hahaha 🙂

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