Extreme lame-ness.

So…if you noticed I changed my blog theme. It was in an attempt to fix the fact that I have no side bar just a piece of one of my random posts? I can’t fix it on my own and it is driving me nuts! So hopefully the WordPress support people will fix it for me? Also I would love love love to show you pictures of what I did on Mother’s Day…except I don’t have any:( They were taken on Mom’s camera and I forgot to get them from her. So since I am having “technical difficulties” and I am currently in Baby Shower prep mode I will leave you with a small teaser picture and expect a full-blown recap post of Mother’s Day and my fun day yesterday at Disney sometime tomorrow night. Keep your fingers crossed that my blog will look pretty by then!

This was one of THREE desserts we had at the Garden Gate tea room and wait till you see all the other delicious-ness!

Told you it was lame…

Questions for You!

What have you felt lame about recently?


14 thoughts on “Extreme lame-ness.

  1. I feel lame when I don’t want to cook. I know I’d enjoy dinner a lot more if I put some effort into it, but I just get so lazy!

  2. I like the new look…and all bugs get worked out eventually!

    I could totally go for that dessert 🙂

    I’m always a little lame in some ways…lately, I’ve been wanting to just sit at home on my porch (when it’s warm enough) instead of going to yoga class or meeting friends out…little bit of a hermit over here!

  3. Love the new look Grace! It’s interesting because another blog I read also had your old theme and the same thing happened with the sidebar! I guess its probably some internal theme error – so strange!

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