Guess I lied?

I guess you can call it wishful thinking instead of lying but silly me assumed I’d have more time to blog since school is over but maybe I’m wrong? I thought the same thing about exercising…and it seems as if I was wrong about that as well. Anyway besides not keeping up with my workouts or blogging I’ve been having lots of fun!

Wednesday was my very last day of interning at The Orlando Science Center, it never occurred to me that I would feel sad but I was! I know I’ve only been “working” since January but it feel like so long! Heide, my boss, and Mike, not exactly my boss but I sis lots for him, too, took the few of us interns who were still around out to lunch to celebrate. Heide picked a small Greek place that wasn’t far from the Science Center and it was delish!

Vegetable Souvlaki and greek salad:) They had killer pita bread!

I came home for a long weekend Thursday afternoon, I’ll be going back and forth between Orlando and home a bit before I “leave” for the summer. I made it home in time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with Mom and a few of her work girls!

My first ever margarita! It was a frozen strawberry one! I only drank half though=/

Me, Lisa, and Mom!

Real Margarita! was Mom's. I tried a sip, i prefer the strawberry variety.

Since La Fiesta, our local mexican restaurant  was having a paring lot party the wait to eat was 2 and a half hours! So we ended up eating at Beef O’Brady’s and all I have to say it blah! 

One onion ring...

Rob and I shared fish and chips...not great but okay.

I think that I have finally learned that even if I’m with a group and we’re all eating somewhere I don’t have to try…I just need to always have a bar and a piece of fruit with me. My taste buds have stopped responding to not freshly prepared foods and it is not worth it…thank goodness!

Luckily I found something worth eating later during a late night Walmart run with my sister: Blue Bunny Ace of Cakes Red Velvet Ice Cream and Ben and Jerry's New Clusterfluff Ice Cream. Maybe the best ice cream combo in the world!

Friday was spent shopping with Rob’s mommy, Sue, for goodies for his sister Rochelle’s Baby Shower, which is now less than a week away! I’m getting nervous! Friday I caught dinner at a new restaurant in town called 27 Fathoms and a movie, Something Borrowed, with a few friends.

Queso for the table! I was craving it since I didn't get any on cinco de mayo=(

The house side salad- it was delish!

Chedder and Rock Shrimp Macaroni and Cheese, it was pretty yummy. Audrey and I ordered the same exact things and decided the mac and cheese needed to be more cheesy though!

Had to share a picture of Rob's dinner, the Cobia Special with purple potatoes and brussel sprouts.

I liked the movie, although I didn’t like hearing guys complain about seeing a chick flick when they were the noncommittal one who did not give their input when the plans were being made. Just putting that out there, you know in case Rob any guys are reading.

Best part of the movie….Push It!

Today my sister and I went shopping… all day? Yes, all day. 14 year olds aren’t great shopping partners they like to call your fashion choices old lady clothes and take crazy pictures with your phone all day long….

They also snap pictures of you while you are trying "old lady" clothes on.

They also snap pictures of you while you are trying "old lady" clothes on.

I have about 15 of these babies...all with various funny faces.

14 year olds also make you dance in the car while taking pictures of you...

Dinner was at my Pop's House tonight! Mom made spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. I thought I look a picture...guess I didn't! This was dessert though! Cinnamon Apples topped with sugar cookie crust and froyo! It was amazing!

Clearly I’ve been carb loading! Since I keep putting off my workouts I have a 5 mile run and a 7 mile bike ride to do, so carb loading is okay right? Anyway it is time to go home, do my daily ab workout, and go to bed, I’ve got an early morning! And of course tomorrow is Mother’s Day! Time to tea!

Mom with her complimentary Pre-Mother's Day Mimosa at the Green Market today! Love you Mom:)

Questions for You!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Do you have any plans for Mother’s Day!


7 thoughts on “Guess I lied?

  1. Lots of great pics here!

    I know what you mean about time—I always think when school is out or on break, I’ll have so much time for blogging and other things, and then I blink…and time passes so quickly!

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