Always one step behind…always.

I promised to share some of my goals for May and I’m a little behind..of course. Some of you may recognize a few of the goals because I’ve been making them and leaving them totally and completely unfulfilled since January, I’m talking to you Mr. Guitar!

May Goals!

  • I’m joining Liza from I’m An Okie with her 100 Miles in May! I’ve logged 7 already! It’s going to be 50/50:running/biking!
  • I’m also joining Bess from Bess be Fit for her May Abs Challenge. Just finished Day 1, it hurt.

    Before Picture: No abs. But I do have a nice elastic mark on my bloated belly.Why I am bloated: dinner. This is what happens when you eat oatmeal, fruit, and mini luna bars all day long. REAL FOOD!

  • I STILL haven’t taken a yoga class. It will finally happen in Ludington, MI where my sister does yoga. So excited!
  • I’m pretty sure my first spin class will happen very soon, too. Nervous, very nervous.
  • Practice my guitar for 2 hours a week, baby steps. But I promise there will be a guitar video at the end of the month that will out some pressure on me:)
  • Make some changes to my blog…I’ve been saying this forever. It is usually just nice when I make new post. Slacker status.
  • Read some books and magazines! Ahh I love non school related reading materials!

    It's disgusting right. I clearly haven't had any time to read magazines...I just keep piling them up=/

    Much prettier presentation. I am about 2 chapters into all 3 of these books. That is what happens when I try to read during them semester.

  • Sign up for a triathlon! This was a 2011 goals so it must be completed!
  • Sign up for a few races that will fall in my marathon training, I have a few in mind: Space Coast? Savannah?
  • Continue my positivity …I’ve been doing pretty well that is until I got on a scale this morning at the doctors. I hate numbers:( But I have the control of how I let them affect me, I MUST remember this!
  • Relax and enjoy the first month of my last summer as a student. Take advantage of every opportunity! Someone test me on this one by asking me do something crazy- please! Live in the moment! Celebrate everything!

Questions for You!

What is one of your goals for May?

Do we share any goals?

Are you good at keeping up with your goals? I don’t have the best track record but I will stick with these…hopefully.


18 thoughts on “Always one step behind…always.

  1. Spin classes are fun and challenging, but worth it. I feel so good after a spin class! You’ll love it! Let me know when you do it and how it goes.

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  3. Nice goals! I did awful with my April goals, so I scaled them back for May… we’ll see how that goes.

    I’m always trying to find good books that are not work related as well 🙂

  4. You will love spin and yoga!!!! I vote signing up for savannah! We can have a blogger meet up!

    I can’t wait to read all kinds of non school stuff too!

  5. I bought a guitar when I was 15 and never learned how to play it. Oops!

    I love your positivity goal. My goal is always to be as happy as possible at any given moment. Haha, jeez I sound cheesy! 🙂

  6. You should definitly take a yoga class and if you can a hot yoga class. Spin was never my thing (kinda rhymes!). My goal for may is to do a sub 50 min 10 k race..a personal best

  7. I hope you take a spin and yoga class soon! I was really nervous taking my first class, but I love them now.
    I’m definitely gonna live it up and enjoy my last summer as a student.
    Thinking positive thoughts while running is definitely a process, you just gotta work at it! You can definitely call yourself a runner – even when I take a month or so off of running, I still call myself a runner. I think anyone can be a runner!

  8. Hun, you don’t look bloated at all!! You’re gorgeous already, but you’ll have even sexier abs; good luck to you! And you will absolutely LOVE yoga-Im such a yoggie addict now, I love it!

  9. First of all, I can’t even tell your belly is bloated or has an elastic mark on it 🙂 Good luck with the challenge! Your month/year is sounding VERY ambitious, 100 miles in a month, a half marathon AND triathlon?! Awesome 🙂 Good luck (I’m inspired)!!

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