Summer has arrived!

I am officially done with my last two finals…and I think it is safe to say I am officially a Senior in college?I cannot believe it! It feels like I was graduating high school no more than a year ago!

Me and Gramma at my graduation, 3 years ago! Time flies...

and is it just me or did high school seem to last forever? Anyway before I announce the winner of My Summer Essentials Giveaway I am going to let you guys in on my summer plans so you can see what to look forward to! Oh, and share a few pictures, of course!

Sunday night I attended a fundraiser at Neighbor's, a local old fashion general store and ice cream parlor, to support Anna Maria. She is a friend of a friend and passed away Saturday after battling cancer. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers.

Last night at about 11:30 I decided I might want to study for my exams. The whole Osama thing was a bit distracting, as was binge eating Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

This morning I met my friend Audrey for breakfast to catch up since she is home from school before I had to head back to Orlando for a cramming session before my finals. We met at Ivy Lane on Beach Street in Daytona. Thanks for meeting me if you are reading this Audrey:)

Vanilla Chai Tea! Amazing-ness!

Biggest Bowl of Steel Cut Oats Ever? and yes, I got a to-go box for oatmeal.

Oh, surprise! Look what I ate for lunch. I STILL have more for breakfast tomorrow!

So...while most of my classmates are celebrating at bars...I am watching a movie:) Bringing my cool-ness to the next level!

Many will probably end their night with eggs, potatoes, and pancakes at IHOP in the wee hours. I beat them to it! So I celebrate with tater tots instead of alcohol, don't judge me.

Summer 2011


  • Mother’s Day Tea

Last Year's Tea! This year we're going to The Garden Gate Tea room in Mount Dora, so excited!

  •  Rochelle’s Baby Shower

Look at her cute baby bump:)

  •  Never Quit 5k in Jacksonville, FL!
  • My brother Drew’s Graduation in Ludington, Michigan

Pretty Lake Michigan Beach!


  • Birmingham, Alabama becomes my home for a while…

    a.k.a. you'll see these cute faces a lot! They are very entertaining!

  • Tallahassee for a weekend to root for MK!

    Don't mess with her!

  • Rob’s 21st Birthday!

    My handsome man! Showing me his new jacket...I'm in trouble.


  • Boca Grande, FL

    Last time I was in Boca, forever ago...

  • Jackson Robert is due!
  • Possible trip to the Nation’s Capitol?

    Arlington Cemetery


  • Back to Birmingham!
  • Trip to Nashville to watch some quading!

    My Nashville boyfriend! Met him at the Wild Horse:)

  • Triathalon?

As you can see I have a busy summer ahead of me! I’ve also decided that I’ll be doing a few small giveaways from my travels, too! But without any further adieu the winner of My Summer Essential’s Giveaway is….

Biggest Coincidence Ever?….I think not! Jessica and I are giveaway soul mates! I won my first and only giveaway on her blog The Search for Daly Authenticity ! And now I get to return the favor:) Thanks to everyone who entered! I would love to send you all my summer essentials and I am sorry I can’t but if you stick around maybe you can win my next giveaway, something from Ludington, Michigan! Tune in tomorrow for my May Goals!

Questions for You?

Do you have bad habits when studying? Like shoveling handfuls of sugary cereal in your mouth?

How do you celebrate something exciting?

What are your most exciting summer plans?


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