Award Winning.

Yes, people I am an award-winning blog writer. I’ve actually received TWO awards! Okay so I’ll stop being conceited now. These awards aren’t exactly for my superb writing skills but I think they’re the best awards you can receive, ones from your peers! I have random pictures from my week and thought these awards would be great ways to document the random-ness I’ve been up to:)

Miss Emma from The Quirky Kitchen awarded me:

The most "booty-licious" picture I could find.

The Rules of being booty-licious!

1. Post this award, with a picture and the name of whoever nominated you as booty-licous!

2. Do “the stuff!”

3. Award 7 other bloggers as booty-licous!

“The Stuff”

1. Name 3 things that are lying next to you right now!

2. Name 2 foods you cannot live without!

3. Name 1 thing you did today!

3, 2, 1! Here it goes!

1. Three Things Laying Next to Me!

My shoes...I'm at home on the couch. There isn't really anything exciting around.

To-Go cup of half-sweet/half-unsweet tea that is literally the size of my head


2. Two Foods I Cannot Live Without!

Ice Cream/ Frozen Yogurt. Yes it is essential. Rob and I make beautiful froyo together! We "shared' this treat Friday afternoon. Rob only wanted a few bites, his famous last words before devouring at least half of whatever he "didn't want"

Cereal. This is odd, it was never used to be the case. I rarely ate cereal but now it is a staple. When all else fails cereal is there:)

3. One thing I did today!**Saturday

I spent the day promoting the Orlando Science Center at The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Convention. Me and fellow intern Leanna- the only two white non spanish speaking girls-just kidding but lots of people tried to speak spanish to us- after 5 spanish classes some might consider it sad that I could not respond.

Onto the next one…

Jaime from Cupcake Dynamite

awarded me:
The Rules: It’s simple! You just list 7 random facts about yourself & then tag 7 other bloggers to do the same thing! If you call being random than you have come to the right place:)
1. Holly showed off her crossed pinkie toes on her post and you may have heard me talk about how awful my feet are. I am pretty self conscious about them to the point that for a while there I wasn’t painting my toes so they wouldn’t draw any unnecessary attention. I threw caution to the wind and painted my ugly toes last weekend and I love it!  So without further adieu…

Fun fact: My Dad says they are royal feet (his look exactly like this, too), so maybe I'm a Princess?!? He even joked about them on my senior yearbook page!

2. I’ve learned a lot at my internship at the Science Center: one being that not all intern tasks are silly…and some are.

The cork armies are forming, be prepared for the attack people.

To make it clear though my “boss” didn’t ask me to do this…someone else did. We were counting the corks for a wine event the Science Center is having. They’re doing a guess the cork contest so someone had to count the corks. To be precise two someones, Leanna and I, had to count the corks 3 times, since we counted wrong the first two times, until Leanna came up with this “full proof” non-counting method. Total corks 1st time around: 1,002. Total corks 2nd time around: 999. Final Total: 1,002. Third times a charm, right?

3. I like to consider myself a foodie, I love food and am willing and excited to try new foods and restaurants, I also have a weird love of grocery stores! I decided to investigate if I really am a foodie and guess what? I am! At least according to the Urban Dictionary:

Foodie: Simply put, a foodie is someone who loves everything there is to know or learn about food.
Yes, I am a foodie!
4. Foodie or not, I am very somewhat predictable when it comes to my eats…everyone has their favorites, right?

Blueberry Pancakes at First Watch after the Royal Wedding...they are perfectly soft yet slightly crisp from the griddle!

My Desperado Salad from Eden’s Fresh! I order southwestern type salads whenever possible, they are always amazing!
I make or order mushroom pizza with ricotta on a regular basis: it’s the Grace special!

Kid's Meals are the perfect portion and I order them whenever possible! Chipotle wins the Best Kids Meal Ever Award! Thanks for the recommendation Courtney!

5. I, along with countless others, woke up early on Friday to watch the Royal Wedding! I unfortunately am very good at hitting the snooze button so I tuned in literally as William and Kate were pronounced, “man and wife.”

I wore my royal jammies for the big day! Don't I look like a Princess at 7am?

     No worries, I caught a recap of the vows latter! It was so wonderful to see the masses and even news sources coming together to celebrate something positive! Refreshing! The wedding was beautiful, I am still in awe of Kate, she is so stunning and graceful, literally the picture perfect Princess!
Who needs Disney Princesses?
     Fun fact: The best part about the Royal Wedding for me may have been the fact that Rob woke up to watch it with me! Okay, so the only reason sleeping beauty even woke up  was because he was “starving” and kept asking when we could go get breakfast but he was genuinely interested. I even caught him watching the Barbara Walters special on it later that night while I was making dinner. Gotcha! It was fun to see it through a guys eyes, since they’re usually so uninterested in wedding stuff. The funniest things were
1. Rob exclaiming, “What is this a Curious George book?” when he saw the queen and her lovely outfit.
2. A few hours later while we were studying in separate rooms he called out to me, ” Monarchy isn’t fair.” Fascinating! He must be brilliant because no one has ever thought that before! He wasn’t even referring to real monarchy or the politics behind it… just that fact that one day millions of people won’t give a crap about his wedding, oh and there is no carriage ride to Palace in picture either. I concur Rob being peasants is way less appealing than being royalty. At least we have each other?
**6. I am and have always been terrible at staying up late. If you didn’t catch on I started this post last night at Mom’s house and had to stop to go back to Rob’s house…and after pj’s were on, the face was washed, teeth were brushed, I laid down in bed and never finished my post. I have always been this way: I was the first one to fall asleep at sleepovers (luckily I think I was too nice or just to pathetic to be pranked), I fall asleep during movies and tv shows, I fall asleep in the car, I used to fall asleep in class during high school until I drooled all over my desk once, the only reason I was able to stay up play board games and watch James Bond movies party my freshman year of college was because I would wake up at noon. Some people might find this fact sad  but I like to look at the positive side, at least I don’t have a hard time falling asleep!
7. I shot my first ever clay pigeon today! Rob has a few “firearms” he received from his grandfather and  Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave bought him one for Christmas he really wanted to use for skeet shooting. I have shot guns before, once when I was about 13 with my Dad and Rib has taken me before but I wasn’t shooting shotguns just hand guns, which are way easier in case you are wondering. Rob has been shooting a lot recently and I finally had time to go with him!

Have I mentioned that he is multitalented...

We decided his gun is a little too big for me. I need a smaller one but it won't be as cool as his automatic one...I'll live.

I was pretty scared at first and my first shot didn’t go so well because I wasn’t holding it into my shoulder enough and it recoiled into my arm, I shot a few more and got better at holding it.
As you can see though I wasn’t hitting anything and since it feels like you are being shoved at your shoulder I decided it was my turn to watch.  I got to “pull the clay pigeons,” for Rob  at first I wasn’t sure enough to try to shoot at any “pigeons” myself.

The prange things are the clay "pigeons", I am sitting on the thrower, you pull a rope when the person shooting says "pull" and it releases and tossing the clays and they fly like frisbees. The thrower is a work out on it's own though, it's heavy!

We were getting ready to go and I wanted to at least give it a try so I shot at my first one and missed…but I got the second one!!! Rob asked if I wanted to try a third and I was like, “NO!” I want to leave feeling proud of myself! And I did!

Two thumbs up for hitting a clay on my second try!

Questions for You!
1.Tell me one bootylicous food you cannot live without!
2. What is one random fact about You?
3. Have you ever shot a firearm? What did you think?

Hope you enjoy your Sunday afternoon! and don’t forget to sign up for My Summer Essentials Giveaway! Check back (late?) tomorrow night for the winner!

21 thoughts on “Award Winning.

  1. Omg yes ice cream/fro-yo and cereal are staples in my diet! I can’t forget oats and pb either 😉
    I’ve never shot a firearm before but I would love to learn how to!

  2. I loved this post! I totally agree – couldn’t live without cereal. It’s been my favorite food probably since I could eat it. I too was sucked in by the royal wedding – so fun, and I heart Kate.

  3. I could not live without dessert, like ice cream or gooey brownies. I also love cereal, haha 🙂 I love to eat cereal for dinner. It’s funny that you mentioned you & Rob watched the royal wedding together… My bf said that he and his roomies were going to wake up early and watch the wedding, and when I asked if I was invited to watch with them he told me it was a “guy thing” 😉 HAHA

  4. You are quite the awarded blogger 😉
    I don’t think your toes are ugly- they are cute & unique! & my they are royal toes…hey, Prince Harry isn’t married yet 😉
    I LOVE First Watch pancakes- they are the BEST in town- so true about the crispy edges…YUM! & I love Eden’s Eats too! What great restaurants 🙂
    Have a good week!!

    • I’m pretty sure Prince Harry is way too much of a partier for me though! I’ll stick with pretending to be a Princess! Oh my goodness have you ever had the Carrot Cake pancakes at First Watch? If not you MUST try them!

  5. This post has so much going for it; I don’t even know where to start! Well first off, I love all of your random pictures and that you incorporated them into the awards (that makes posts SOO much more interesting!!) and secondly, I think your feet are Gorge. girl! 🙂 I have ridiculously huge feet too…I’m a 9 1/2 and only 5 ft 6…not to mention, my second toe is bigger then the first (like yours!) and they’re like the narrowest feet you’ve ever seen! So believe me, you ain’t alone:)

  6. Loved all these fun facts! I am terrible at staying up late too. I always fall asleep during movies past like 10 or 11. Your froyo treat looks so good. Toppings are the best!

  7. I know this is late, but I wanted to express how impressed I was with your clay shooting. You did Awesome! Okay that was all… I liked the rest too… 🙂

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