The graduate.

Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while…this post might be exceptionally long and pictured filled but it’s hard when you don’t have a solid internet connection:( I really miss being able to read blogs whenever I want to-I guess you don’t realize what a luxury it is until you don’t have it…. Anyway! I stole some pictures from a few other people’s camera so I have some more coverage of Drew’s Open House and of course his graduation!

Thursday-Open House!

Hanging out around the little bonfire:)

The graduates grandparents...

Drew and his good friend Danny...all of his friends seriously had my hysterically laughing!

It seems like they're the ones related...

Ping Pong got a little more interesting...

Friday-Graduation Day!

My sister, Tess, wanted us to go to breakfast at one of her favorite breakfast joints, Brenda's! The pancake was amazing!

Dad and Aunt Erin acting like dorks while we shopping on Ludington Avenue.

Look at all of our farmer's market goodies Aunt Erin and I picked up that afternoon! A few of these things might be included in a later giveaway!

We fit in a workout before graduation! I was doing Jillian Michael's 30 day shred, Rob was using resistance bands, and Aunt Erin was playing...of course Dad thought this was great photo opportunity.

Rob and I sweating in the glad this graduation wasn't in Florida it would have been sooo hot!

Drew was the keynote speaker and he did an amazing job! I teared up a little...I am so proud of my baby brother!

Officially graduated!

The whole crew:) From left to right: Aunt Erin, Jason (my step brother), Diane ( the VERY proud Momma!), Gigi, The Graduate!, Tess, Dad, Me, and last but not least Pop! Rob was not important enough for this photo:)

But he was important enough for this amazing picture! Look at these two handsome AND matching guys!

Drew: Future World Changer!

We had a pizza party at Drew's House to celebrate! Mushroom pizza, greek salad, and mike's raspberry margarita!


We headed to the little town of Pentwater to do some shopping!


I had my coffee for the week at Village Grounds in Pentwater-can you guess which one was mine? It was a delicious white chocolate mocha:)

Look how pretty their menu boards are!

Lunch in Pentwater was at the Brown Bear-it most definitely had a lodge type feel!

My go to steakhouse/carnivore lovers restaurant choice is the baked potato and side salad...

Vegetables in their fried form.... the zucchini was good but I'm spoiled by tempura veggies and these were beer battered=/

On of the must do things in Ludington is walk out the break wall to the lighthouse..The boys walking out to the lighthouse.


Smiley Siblings!

Me and Aunt Erin!

It was a little chilly!

Drew and I blending into the scenery...

Watching the Badger, the car ferry that crosses Lake Michigan, spin around in port! It is so cool:)

Aunt Erin served us pizza strips as an appetizer last night:)


This might be the perfect plate: macaroni and cheese, spiced apples, asparagus, potatoes, and greek salad:)

Last night we took a late trip to Meijer! I'd never been there before-it's sort of like a Walmart and Target mixed together... I'm still a Target girl:)

We had way too much fun!


This is what my morning run looked like...sort of creepy

I can finally see the lighthouse...

This is what I found when I got back from my run...Sunday morning mimosas!

Whew! That was long! Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday afternoon:)

Questions for You!

What did you wear on your graduation? Rob and I noticed how open Ludington High was with their “dress code” or lack thereof…our high school was very strict! I had on a dress under my gown with black closed toed shoes…so original:)

What have you been up to this weekend?

Have you ever been to or hear of Meijer? What is your favorite “Super store”?






Welcome to Ludington:)

I’ve arrived to destination #2, Ludington, Michigan! We’ve been very busy already! and since tomorrow night is graduation I don’t see any real “relaxing” in our future until after then…

Wednesday-a.k.a. Road Trip #2

My favorite part of the trip to Michigan...seeing Windmills! It always reminds me of Europe:)

Road food...Subway is always a solid vegetarian option when traveling when you're in the middle of nowhere. This one had breakfast all day so an Egg White Flatbread was in order!

Uh Oh! I spy another Starbucks scone:) This one is pumpkin...I miss pumpkin!

I tried an Iced Green Tea…and it was worse than iced chai:( I’ll stick to Black Tea from Starbucks I guess…

When we arrived in town we visited a Ludginton must-Jamesport Brewing Co.! My brother, the graduate, works there and so does my step brother who just finished creating their new menu! He recommended the Pomegranate Margarita! Since I hadn't eaten in a while it caught up with me FAST! Good thing I had someone stealing sips:)

Jason also suggested the Vegetarian Pesto Sandwich- It had artichoke, spinach, tomato, mozzarella, and basil pesto on ciabatta- it was great and very fresh tasting.

Jamesport's dishwasher turned pastry chef had made Double Stuffed Cookies and Cream could we resist?


While everyone was prepping for Drew's Open House/ Graduation Party Rob and I were left with nothing to do so we walked onto Ludington Ave. and visited the local coffee shop, Redolencia.

The atmosphere in Redolencia is very relaxed and my Chai Tea was absolutely perfect:) I foresee us going back there since we are here for a week!

Aunt Erin, Gigi- my grandmother, and I grabbed some lunch at Blu Moon Cafe in town before doing a little shopping. This is my ultimate grilled cheese-mozzarella, american, provolone, and tomato on parmesan encrusted sourdough break with a cup of tomato basil soup. Delish!

I did some damage at the Hallmark Store:) I loved this sign they had up!

The weather was looking optimistic for the first time so I decided to squeeze in a run before heading to the Open House.

It was chilly at 2 pm and especially difficult when I was running into the wind. But hey, I'll take chilly and windy over hot and humid any day!

Here I am... looking bald:)

It was nice to meet some of Drew's friends at his Open House- they were a very funny group! Look what they did to poor Nanner!

Tonight's dinner was at another local favorite spot-House of Flavors!

There is literally a huge dairy where they make their own ice creams connected to the restaurant!

I love when breakfast is served all day! Vegetarian Scramble with mushrooms, onions, green peppers, broccoli, asparagus, and tomato! They even served their toast with house made strawberry preserves:)

Every meal comes with a scoop of ice cream! This is a very large scoop of Ultimate Peanut Butter Brownie in a waffle cone. Uh-mazing!

I am feeling pretty sleepy! I guess it’s been a long day even if it looks like all I did was eat all day. I think being cold for a good portion of my day sucked away a lot of my energy…I’m a Florida girl I guess! Sweet Dreams:)

Questions for You!

What is your go to road food? I would really prefer a Panera over a Subway-I always want a big salad!

Do you make an effort to frequent local joints when you travel? Tell me one unique place from one of your trips!

Did you have a party for your high school graduation? I had a big party with family and friend at my house 3 years ago! Mom and Gramma did a wonderful making tons of Italian Food and there was cupcakes, carrot cake, and chocolate covered strawberries:) Rob was in charge of music and entertainment-ping pong and arcade basketball! While I took millions of pictures with everyone and anyone who came to congratulate me:)

My carrot cake!

Me and Josie at the end of my graduation day...wiped out!

Hello from Tennessee!

My “vacation” has officially begun! Monday morning Rob and I set out on road trip #1 to Clarksville, Tennessee where my Dad lives! It’s a pretty lone 12 hour drive but I didn’t feel too bad!

Rob ordered a cake pop when we made a caffeine stop at Starbucks and I took it for a photo opportunity while we stopped for gas! Like how full my car is?

Cinnamon Scone...yummy! I had an iced chai tea also and I think I like them better hot...

I snapped a picture of my driver:) I’d like to mention that I’m a bad bad navigator though…

We arrived in Clarksville around 8 last night during a bad storm:( Not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I have serious tornado anxiety and dream about them all the time so for the last 30 minutes of our drive I was basically trying to hold in a panic attack:(

Seriously...who isn't afraid of something like this? We did see lighting like this many many times last night....

We stopped at Waffle House for dinner-we’re classy! Rob was craving breakfast for dinner and I’ll always eat something covered in maple syrup! I forgot to snap pictures though…I know you’re really disappointed to miss that culinary adventure! I slept like a baby even though I was worried about tornado dream-I had none:) It was weird weather all day though. I set out for a run and it was a little drizzly and almost 2 miles in it started pouring so I headed back to Dad’s house. It was my first time ever running in the rain and I was completely sopping when I got back!

Cereal! I ate at this at 7 and then again when Rob finally woke up at 11:30! Good thing I love me some cereal!

When Rob finally got his lazy butt up we headed to the Clarksville YMCA-I biked for 3 miles and then ellipticized for 7 miles! It told me I burned 800 calories??? Is that correct? Rob spends two hours at the gym a day and I don’t know if I could do cardio while he works out everyday! I’d probably be a lot skinner though! The rest of the day was spent relaxing since we have  road trip# 2 ahead of us tomorrow!

Dad whipped up dinner tonight! Veggie burrito and grilled mahi mahi! I Could get used to a man cooking for me:)

Well it’s almost bed time! Dad established our wake up at 5:30 for  6 am “departure” to Ludington, Michigan! I’ll document tomorrow’s road trip better since I’m not the navigator:)

Questions for You!

How do you feel about road trips? Flying is obviously much faster but road trips don’t bother me, probably because I don’t drive…

What’s is your favorite Starbucks/coffee shop treat? I can never get past cinnamon scones!

If you go to the gym how long do you stay there? I know I wouldn’t be spending 2 hours there if it weren’t for Rob!

This has gotta be a good life.

Happy Sunday! This song basically sums up how I’ve been feeling the last few days…


Finally finished packing! This is a perfectly acceptable amount of luggage for being gone for 7 weeks, right?

I headed home after packing and took a run-finally! I took it at 2 in the afternoon, maybe one of my worst ideas ever. It was tough and I did take pictures to show you how real I am…however I can’t find them? I not sure if my phone grew a mind of its own and decided it was a bad idea for me to share those with anyone? They were rough! I was laying on the floor if you need a better visual.  I cleaned myself up and headed to my friend Paige’s High School Graduation! Our mom’s have been friends since we were little-and her mom Tracy( you’ll see her later in this post) got me to run my first ever race with her so she is basically the only reason I started running!

Mai Tai's yummy spinach and artichoke dip to hold us over through the graduation.

Enjoying a Cucumber Melon Crush-it was very very sweet and I'm not sure about you but I look like a baby in this picture and waitress didn't id me?

Lots and lots of graduates! I also forgot how long the actual ceremony was when I graduated! A few of the senior speakers were very inspiring though:)

The graduate and I!

I guess I'm one of the "adults" now so I went with them to BJ's after the graduation. I was so excited to eat, this was actually my second piece of pizza and I even cut into it before remembering to take a picture.

Red Velvet Pizookie-yummy but it doesn't compare to the original chocolate chip- now I know!


Saturday we were up and headed to Jacksonville Beach for a hot and sunny day at the Never Quit Beach Festival and 5k.

I spotted this sign on the drive in and Mom got right into the turning lane without a second guess! I love her!

It was really cute all of their cupcakes had girl names, that's why it is Cupcake Girls! I was sort of upset they didn't have a Grace though...

Decisions... decisions.

After some deliberation I choose the "Meg" a Boston Creme Cupcake, it was out of this world! I'm not actually a cake kind of girl (you know my love of frozen desserts runs deep) so filled cupcakes are my thing!

I picked out a dozen butter cookies to share with the group of ladies we were meeting up with and guess what? No one wanted any! Guess who was eating cookies last night?

After picking up our packets we realized how incredibly hot it was outside and took refuge in Joe's Crab Shack for some 5k fueling! This is the shark attack!

The waitress yells "there's a shark in the water" then pours the "blood" into this drink! Mom and I shared one and it was yummy:) I'm figuring out there is some alcohol I enjoy I guess...

So this was my first time at a Joe's Crab Shack and I loved that they danced every 30 minutes! This is Tracy doing the macarena!

I ordered the Kid's Grilled Shrimp! Does this look like a children's portion to you? It was really good, too!

Of course a side salad:)

We changed and headed back out into the heat for the next two hours to wait for the race. It was very patriotic as your can see-this banner made me giggle.

There was a trident challenge which was a run, swim, paddle. I misunderstood that the paddle part meant on a surf board not a paddle board. I'm doing this one next year!

Mom and Tracy waiting for the race...

Here I am in all my glory...I am literally drenched in sweat, red in the face, wearing a lei, holding a chocolate covered strawberry, and drinking a smoothie.

Enjoying the music, and actually sitting down, while Mom enjoyed our free Longboards!

After a long and still sweaty ride home it felt great to shower and relax. I had a dippy dinner at 🙂 Clearly I like mozzarella cheese.

This was our "medal" for the Never Quit 5k! You can't tell but it even says "never quit" on the bottom of the little turtle's shell!


After Church we had brunch at Monterrey Grill-this is my spinach, mushroom, and green pepper egg white omelet. It was delish!

My brother's meal came with cinnamon french toast and he "didn't want it." Holy yum was it amazing! Every one at the table agreed and he finally caved and ate a piece. He's notoriously picky-drives me crazy!

I am now sitting on my couch very relaxed! Mom and I are watching Harry Potter, I’m hoping that I won’t spin into a “poor me I’m not magical” depression. We’ll see how it goes… enjoy your afternoon!

Questions for You!

What have you been up to this weekend?

Which cupcake would you have picked? Are you into Harry Potter?

Mommy Time:)

I finally got to packing today… at about 1. I blame my slacker status on Rob, his laziness is contagious! After getting about half way through packing Mommy arrived! We were suppose to go to this cool painting place tonight but our class got canceled because their wasn’t enough people coming to the class:( But don’t worry we aren’t ones to waste an opportunity to relax and of course enjoy some yummy food! After some debating we headed to Houlihan’s for dinner and is was delicious!

Stuffed 'Shrooms! They are baby Portobello mushrooms stuffed with herbed cream cheese...then fried. They're amazing!

Mommy's dinner: Petite Filet with french fries and garlic mayo

My dinner: BBQ Mushroom Flatbread. So tasty! I also had my predictable side salad but saved you from the picture.

After a bit of unsuccessful luggage shopping and hitting up the Wally World for a garment bag it was high time for some dessert! I’ve been wanting to try Jeremiah’s Ice but I haven’t been able to convince Rob. You know who I could convince..Mom! I was so tempted to get my usual soft serve cone with sprinkles but I resisted and I am so glad I did!

What I ended up with..a "small" peanut butter italian ice with vanilla chocolate swirl gelati with sprinkles! I may have found a replacement for froyo:)

Oh and do you remember my froyo dinner last night….

It looked a little something like this:)

I was craving some “real food” after though and Rob was to the rescue and made me Mac & Cheese! This is a very big feat for him people-it is very very rare that he makes me anything. I felt so loved:)

Nothing better than eating Mac & Cheese before crashing...

I have a confession: I haven’t exercised in what will be a whole week come tomorrow morning. Rough right? Ready for my excuses? Well first off I was exhausted from all that baby shower business and then I went to Disney, a.k.a. the magical place where you can eat what you want and never exercise! But seriously Tuesday night after gallivanting around Disney all day the top of my foot started to hurt pretty badly when I was walking. It even woke me up a few times during the night and all thoughts of my morning run around the resort that I was really excited for were out the window:) I’m stupid a trooper so I walked around most of the next day too and then it hurt to even put a sneaker on in the Nike outlet so I decided to rest it today and hope for the best tomorrow morning! Cross your fingers for me!

Questions for You!

Do you like mushrooms? I’m clearly a fan as evidant from my dinner:)

Have you ever tried non fruity italian ice? So much better than the fruit variety!

Any clue what might be up with my foot? It was lovely today because the pain started wrapping around my lower calf. Fabulous.

The Happiest Place on Earth!

I’m back from Disney and have lots of packing to do! Do I feel like packing…of course not. I have nothing to say except typical. Instead I have very important plans that include watching Modern Family and going to get frozen yogurt for dinner. The last two days were very fun and the weather was wonderful-I wasn’t frying and there wasn’t a drop of rain:)


Trying to take a decent picture of my "special" Chick-fil-a breakfast sandwich and failing miserably. You have to order a double egg sandwich with cheese on a toasted wheat bun and then dip it in BBQ sauce! Amazing:)

I take a picture every time I walk down Main Street USA-I think it's magical!

Rob "hanging out" while watching a show at the Castle about Dreams:)

Picture Perfect!

We escaped Magic Kingdom during the heat of the day and headed over to eat at one of our favorite spots-Wolfgang Puck Express. But it was closed for renovations:(

My salad was yummy-especially the house made ranch! Rob shared some of his fish and chips with me they were awesome!

We stayed at the Pop Century! We had fun "exploring" the hotel grounds. Rob is being a "little spud" with his Potato Head parents:)

Here is me and "Rob" heading to the pool:)

We ate dinner at Rob's favorite spot-Big River Brewing Company at The Boardwalk Resort. We always share "chicken" nachos as an appetizer.

My side salad-Predictable.

I spied little kids around us eating Mac & Cheese so naturally I ordered some:)

Rob with his gigantic burger:) They make this awesome BBQ sauce with their Rocket Red Beer-so yummy! Noticed the adorable little girl behind Rob, she seriously acted like a grown up!

We walked off our dinner with a spin around the world at Epcot! I spied a flowery Cinderella and Prince Charming!

We ended the night with a spin around the Test Track-so fun!


This morning after some lack luster oatmeal I made Rob take advantage of some photo opportunities:)

This one is my favorite!

After a quick trip to Hollywood Studios I was ready for a snack before going to Animal Kingdom! The ultimate indulgent morning snack! I'm so dead:)

Animal Kingdom! We got stuck on the Expedition Everest roller coaster-but we were about 30 feet from the unloading station not as exciting as being stuck at the top but we did at least get to ride it!

We stopped at the outlets and although Rob got a whole new wardrobe I spent no $$$! Go me:) I was starving though and we had a Pei Wei gift card!

Awesome fortune:) I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of my actual meal=/ Did the same thing last night with ice cream! I'm getting mindless....

Time to head off for my frozen yogurt dinner and packing later!

Questions for You!

Have you ever had Chick-fil-a breakfast? I love Chick-fil-a and now as a vegetarian breakfast is the only time I can really “eat” there.

Do you ever order off the kids menu?

What’s something fun you’ve done this week?

Mother’s Day Tea

I am on my way to spend today and tomorrow at The Happiest Place on Earth but before I spend all day on rides and eating yummy food I wanted to finally share some pictures from Mother’s Day. I know it’s a little late but I feel like it was a day so worth sharing!

The Garden Gate Tea Room-Mount Dora, FL

The Hats

My Sweet Grammy pulled off a hat very very well!

See how happy Mom looks...let's just say it's "like Mother, like daughter."

I was having lots of trouble not going cross eyed when looking though that veil!

This picture pretty much sums up my sister.

The Amazing Food!

The tea is delicious and they rim the glass with sugar so you don't even have to sweeten it! I had peach tea along with everyone but Gramma who had cranberry hibiscus.

Phenomenal Tomato bisque with sherried creme, almonds, and fresh croutons. It was so good that after Mom and Annie had a bite they both ordered their own:)

Everyone but me got Chicken Pot Pie with Rosemary Pastry, fresh green beans, and fresh cranberry sauce. They wouldn't stop raving about how delicious it was and the cranberry sauce was awesome!

My beautiful garden vegetable Quiche. This is the second time I've eaten here since being a vegetarian, the menu changes daily and never disappoints! The salad alone was amazing with citrus vinaigrette and candied walnuts!

We ordered 3 out of 5 desserts and I put them in order by which one I liked the most, the Cream Puff Swan was number 1 in my book! I have no doubt I could have eaten the whole thing myself:)

Second was the warm brownie with vanilla bean ice cream, it was my sister's favorite. But seriously how can you go wrong with brownie and ice cream though?

Last but certainly not least was the Strawberry Shortcake-Mom's favorite. It was delicious but I'm all about the chocolate. The garden gate's fudge sauce was out of this world!

Photo Shoot!

Mom and Gramma cheesing it! They match!

Me and Annie-we match! It was all unintentional.

Nicole and I-we get along sometimes:)

So I'm making a funny face but here's me and Mommy on Mother's Day!

Love you Mom! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day:)

We are currently in the Chick-fil-a drive through picking up breakfast and we’re almost to Disney:) Hope you all have a wonderful day!

Questions for You!

Have you ever been to a tea room? This is a less traditional tea room but I love the decor and amazing food!

Do you prefer iced or hot tea? I’m an iced girl:)

What dessert would you have liked best?