My Summer Essentials: First Ever Giveaway!

I did my first two finals today, one online and one in class. Two down, two to go! I’ve been driving you crazy all hyped about summer recently and I started thinking there is no better excuse for a giveaway! I’ve been wanting to do one for a while and like many other things in my life like learning to play the guitar it kept getting push back a little farther and then a little farther…but I’ve finally done it!

Here it is! A bit random but hey! They are my essentials! I just hope you like them:)

I put together a little bag of a few of summer essential and I am really excited to share with one of you! 

A cool pink water bottle that has an icy pack inside of it! Keep that water cold!

 My favorite Luna Bars! A great poolside snack instead of the greasy snack stand food!

Burt's Bee's and fruity gum, to impress all the cute lifeguards! Just kidding Rob!

 You really know me when: you know and make fun of how obsessed I am with hand sanitizer…

The exact shade my toes are painted right now!

The cute towel and bag are included, too!

So! Here is how you enter!

1. Comment and tell me one of your summer essentials!

2. Like Your Daily Grace on Facebook!

3. Follow me on Twitter!

I’m going to announce the winner, and all of  my summer plans that I’ll be blogging about, Monday night after my last final! Only 5 days till summer!


52 thoughts on “My Summer Essentials: First Ever Giveaway!

  1. What a great giveaway–just in time for SUMMER! 😀

    I don’t have a twitter acct, but I’m entering using the other methods! I just “liked” you on Facebook.

    My must-have summer items are my sunglasses and ipod! Perfect for hanging out by a pool or going on a run!

  2. Cute Giveaway! This makes me very excited for summer- especially the bright pinknail polish! I cant wait to wear flip flops, sun dresses and drink cocktails in the sun! Ooo and my marine will be home for summer, I havent seen him in 6 months…SOOO excited!!!

  3. I liked you on facebook and follow you on twitter @ :0)

    My summer essentials for myself are my Bible, flip flops, and a positive attitude :0)

  4. Whoohoo for almost being done with school!! My summer essentials are good pairs of flip flops and sunglasses. And maybe some suncreen if I’m not being forgetful.

    Love the giveaway by the way 🙂

  5. Congrats on your first giveaway! A summer essential for me is Birkenstock sandals…oh, and sunscreen because I’m a fair, freckly gal.

    Amy // amyismyfriend at aol dot com

  6. SUNSCREEN is one of my summer essentials! my grandfather had skin cancer and it terrifies me that i might get it (i did a lot of tanning back in the day).

  7. Cute giveaway!

    Doesn’t take me much to make me happy – summer essential is just a beautiful day so I can enjoy it with my 6 year old daughter by the pool! 🙂

  8. Wow! cool giveaway sweetie! I liked you on FB and I follow you on Twitter too 🙂 My main Summer essential is insect repellent. I get bitten sooooooo badly every year and my body reacts terribly to insect bites – last year I ended up with a VERY swollen eye….Phil was laughing at me when I woke up all deformed one morning! Yep. Insect repellent.

  9. Omg so many goodies, this is an awesome giveaway. My summer essentials are my over-sized sunglasses and jean shorts 🙂 Nail polish is a must too

  10. My summer essentials are definitely a sunscree, sun glasses and a nice swimsuit! Also a fruit smoothie doesn´t hurt:)

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