Easter Basket Blues.

Hope everyone had a great start to their week!  I had a wonderful Easter and enjoyed relaxing with my family this weekend!

Look! Look! The Easter Bunny came!

He even brought a basket for Rob:) What a sweet bunny!

I guess my brother took a pictures of us at church?

In case you were wondering this is a much better photo with Michael cropped out of it, but I was feeling nice.

Photo Shoot!

Funniest picture ever. Notice how not dainty I am, I told Rob he need to grow to compensate for my ogre-ness.

Sister fun!

Don't ask why I'm on her back...she insisted.

I had my last classes tonight and now it is time to get my study on for finals! Unfortunately there hasn’t been a lot of studying going on… just a lot of chocolate eating. This Easter solidified the fact  that I do indeed have  food “issues” on holidays, special events, and parties. There is something about the abundance of delicious food and naughty candy treats that just makes my “will power” go right out the window. I end up feeling guilty and upset with myself …and then eat more! It’s a vicious circle. Kind of like my caffeine issues: when the initial caffeine wears off I want more caffeine, sugar, or lots of carbs! I think it is one of those things I am just going to have to work through and I’ll have plenty opportunities to do so since I am going to have an unpredictable schedule all this summer. I read somewhere, unfortunately cannot remember where, that you should think about your diet like a gps route. When you  eat too many mini twix from your Easter basket make a wrong turn your gps wouldn’t just tell you to keep eating everything in sight going in the wrong in the wrong direction. It would correct your mistake, turn you around, and put you back on the correct route! I’ll try to keep that in mind in the future…

Here’s some pictures of my Easter goodies so you can see how I got off my ‘route’

This is my Easter Basket, she is 21. She is getting to be quite frail in her old age=(

Contents of the basket! Believe it or not this is Mom giving me less candy than normal...

Rob's Bunny brought me lots of goodies, too! I see a big Chipotle salad in my future to balance out my candy consumption.

My Easter lunch! F.Y.I. Sweet Potatoes+Baked Beans=Amazing!

Warm Chocolate Cherry Cake with Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream. Sinful.

As you can see there was way to much tempting food lurking around! Today I was a big girl and stepped on the scale for the first time in a while, since it was against my positivity rules. I think I handled it pretty well! I didn’t let it effect me too much and low and behold I didn’t gain weight just because I wasn’t getting on the scale every since day. I’m confident that I can plan on hopping on the scale every few weeks and not dread what it will say!

Now just to avoid this big bowl of candy lurking in my kitchen!

Anyway…I’m sleepy! Time for bed!

Questions for You!

How was you Monday?

Do you struggle balancing food choices on  weekends, holidays, and parties?

How about the scale battle?


22 thoughts on “Easter Basket Blues.

  1. glad you had a good easter! I definitely think indulging on holidays is great – that’s what they’re for (kind of)! But I usually balance the sweets with fruits and veggies and try to pace myself with a few treats each day rather than mountains of chocolate in one day.

  2. Ah…I can relate to so much of what you said! I got so much chocolate for Easter…every time I walk past my basket I just want to grab another piece. In fact…I just had a few pieces of chocolate with breakfast. I have to remind myself that there is only this much candy in the house twice a year (Christmas and Easter), and I need to stop beating myself up about it!

  3. Jealous you’re done w/ classes, I have one more to go! No finals, but I do have two 15 page papers to write before I’m free. One down, one more to go. Bring on the easter chocolate eggs!

  4. Yum, looks like a totally delicious Easter! I usually have trouble with overindulding on holidays, but I’ve been trying to just keep it to one day lately, and then getting right back on track the next day (usually with lots of fruits and veggies to compensate!). I also try to keep exercising during holidays…that helps somewhat too.

    You and the fam and bf are way cute!

  5. Oh my gosh, finals week = eating the worst I ever eat in my LIFE! I’ve already had two and I have two left, goodluck on all of yours! By the way, your Easter pictures are so beautiful! You all look great 🙂

    • I can’t do it! I paid like $20 dollars for my scale and it was only a few months ago! I’m just trying to have a more positive relationship with it! But honestly good for you because that is one serious power move in my book!

  6. I love your dress, so cute!

    I definitely have issues on holidays…I always go into it telling myself I won’t overdo it and to just take small samples. Doesn’t work…really need to work on that!

  7. You look gorgeous girl!!! Looks like Easter was a lot of fun!! I think it’s really hard to stay focused and eat “healthy” on holiday’s. I think it’s a constant battle not to over do it.

  8. What a fun Easter, I love all the family pics you look so pretty. Cherry cake with cherry ice cream? Omg how delicious!! I didn’t weigh myself after Easter but I was within my calories so no damage done 😉

  9. Your photo shoot is so cute! I love what you said about going in the right direction after lots of sugar/caffeine/etc. I had a bit too much sugar after Easter, but I figure it’s okay because it’s a holiday, and I balanced it out with a tons of veggies on Monday!

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