I’m Just Beautiful Me.

Happy Saturday Night! and if you’re not a night owl like me, Good Morning and Happy Easter! Tomorrow is the end of lent but definitely not the end of my quest for positivity in my life! I’m going to consider these first 40 days as a great step toward what is to come, I’ve got lots of positive goals for this summer! These days I’ve made efforts to savor all the little moments in my life, to truly enjoy working out, to not stress over numbers on a scale ( I only caved once!) , to not feel too guilty over blogging less, and to, of course, celebrate everything!

I'm no beauty queen, I'm just beautiful me! Photo Cred: John David, age 3, almost 4!

I heard this song on the radio today and it may be a little pop-y but I love it! It’s about forgetting what others say and embracing yourself! Which just so happens to be what impedes my positive thinking the most!

I’m happy to report that I am officially done with my school ‘work‘ as in homework, papers, and small assignments! That means I’m in the homestretch and now it’s all about hitting the books and studying for my 4 finals, joy. Anyway let me say one more time… I am really excited for summer! In the mean time though here is my week in pictures!

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Questions for You?

How did your Lenten goals turn out? 

What are your plans for Sunday?

Do any of your friends or family send you pictures of their food? Aunt Jen does it all the time, love it!


10 thoughts on “I’m Just Beautiful Me.

  1. I love that song and I’m a huge fan if Disney. John David takes excellent pictures. I don’t follow lent. But my Sunday plans include 1st day of tri training, going with the boyfriend, and hunting for a new tv! Busy day better get started.

  2. Great song! 🙂 My lenten goals… eh. I tried to give up chocolate and cereal because those are foods that I can’t control myself around and I end up feeling really guilty and it gets in the way of m spiritual relationship because of all the negative energy I have sometimes–I kinda gave up about 2/3 of the way through. I feel bad but if I didn’t have the right convictions, oh well. Today I’m going to church with about 20,000 other people in Sacramento. I’m excited. 🙂

  3. Happy Easter! I love the positive attitude, it is so important in a society where there is often so much negativity! And congrats on almost having everything for school finished 🙂

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