Good Morning Beautiful!

Happy Saturday to all! I’ve been doing the usual, ignoring my responsibilities completely and having fun! Aunt Jen and John David, a.k.a. Booda, flew in on Thursday and I’ve been having way to much fun playing with them ever since! Aunt Jen’s friend Angie picked them up from the airport while I was at my internship but I met up with them later at The Cheesecake Factory to have some dinner and kidnap them!

Cheesecake Factory Classic.

We tried the fried zucchini as an appetizer. John David spit it out and said what's that green stuff?

Aunt Jen, Angie, and Lindsay!

If you've been around for a while you might have noticed I always order something different at CCF, this omelet was amazing! I could only eat half of it but I wanted more!

Mall at Millennia Fountain with the Booda Man!

Ha had a ton of fun throwing coins...

and giving us mini heart attacks by running and almost falling into the fountain about every 5 minutes!

We went for a walk around the UCF Campus and John David got to throw more coins into a fountain!

He also found an ice cream machine while we walked! Aunt Jen has some better pictures that will be shared at a later date!

We ate our Anniversary Cheesecake, chocolate cake and cheesecake layered with ganache, while back at my apartment.

John David wrapped himself up in my roommates blanket to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and before we knew it he was out! Aunt Jen and I chatted and looked at pictures until 2!

Late Friday morning we ventured into Winter Park for Breakfast!

I've been wanted to try Briar Patch forever now and thought Aunt Jen's visit was a perfect excuse, she loves going out for breakfast like me!

We couldn't resist pastries as an appetizer. This is a Brioche Sticky Bun, out of this world!

Warm, fresh-baked Blueberry Muffin, delish! Aunt Jen said it need a granola crumb topping though

Raspberry Lemon Creme Pancakes as recommended by the waiter. Incredible! The syrup queen, me, didn't put one drop of syrup on these babies!

The country breakfast, also came with another egg, eaten by me:), yummy whole wheat toast, and.....

the best cheese grits I've ever tasted! They needed no doctoring what so ever they were perfect as is!

Look what me and John David found inside! I know what I'm getting during my next visit!

Winter Park is the cutest shopping town and even Aunt Jen couldn't resist. Here is Booda in a store full of glass... notice the lollipop it was a bribe from the store owner.

After having too much fun in Winter Park we finally made it to the Orlando Science Center, or as JD calls it, "Gracie's McWane Center."

Technically not suppose to do that but look how cute he is!

He finally got to come play with Curious George!

He is such a ham!

Blasting off on the slide!

Flying an airplane!

He was hilarious fixing the car.

Changing the air filter....

Taking a look under the car, too!

We saw lots of animals, once again Aunt Jen has more pictures, but this was to sen Josie, Aunt Jen's middle child. She's a tree frog when she sleeps!

Playing in the water.

Surviving a hurricane!

As you can see we clearly had lots of fun at, “Gracie’s McWane Center,”  and after we were done playing it was time to head back to my hometown! Last time Gramma watched John David he decided that he wanted to go to Gramma’s House! He packed his little bag and everything! So although they got to play with me the real reason for the visit was to see Gramma, so it was off to Grandmother’s House:) On the way we stopped at, “Gracie’s House were Rob lives,” a.k.a. Rob’s House. John David doesn’t have a real concept of me without Rob so as soon as he sees me he says, “Where’s Wob?” It’s cute…in a slightly annoying way because it’s most kids reactions since Rob is “the fun one.” We had dinner at Gramma’s house, half Mario’s (our family’s long time favorite Italian restaurant) and half homemade. Then decorated easter eggs with a kit Aunt Jen bought at Williams Sonoma while we were in Winter Park.

Homemade Salad.

Mario's made Chicken Marsala

My vegetarian plate! Whole wheat pasta with marinara and a salad, times the salad by two and the marinara sauce was so good I started eating it like soup!

John David literally couldn't wait to decorate the eggs ever since we bought the kit, the plan was to make them today but lets just say he's persistent!

Decorating away!

My sister Nicole and her crazy egg!

My egg was silly and I spent about two minutes making it...while other took about 15. I'm lazy?

Aunt Jen made two!

Gramma and her beautifully wrapped easter present from Aunt Jen, another Winter Park purchase!

Cousin Billy literally took 30 minutes to make this little guy, it won most funny!

My brother Michael looking as enthusiastic as ever.

Rob's is a hamster/pig turned puffer fish you can't tell from this distance but it's good and also won. He is such a dork in pictures, clearly.

John David and all the eggs! He made a ball, I know you can't tell from his smile(tehe) but he would've have decorated a dozen eggs by himself!

I’m off to run the 5 miles I was suppose to run yesterday morning, until I stayed up until 2 am the night before, then I said I’d run them last night, clearly that didn’t happen. There are so many things I want to be doing instead of the things I need to do and I always run out of time which is highly frustrating for someone like me! I may have had a slight breakdown last night due to stress, guilt, and general frustration. But I’m still, as always, on my little journey to be a positive and celebrating everything along the way. It’s all about the journey right? Something in the blogosphere did make me feel very happy the other day though, Emma from The Quirky Kitchen named me a Beautiful Blogger! I love her blog and it always feel so special to get some love from the blogging community!

I’ve said it before but one of my favorite parts about blogging is making connections with people that I never would have made without blogging! It is also nice to see that someone enjoys my little blog! Anyway since I need to run, literally, I’d like to present this to everyone whose blog I read and comment on, you know who you are!  Frankly you are all beautiful and I love hearing your stories! Once summer gets here my blog is going to get an overhaul and I’m adding a blogs I love page, if you want to make it easier for me you could send email the link to your blog to! P.s. I stole the emailing idea from Jess!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!

Questions for You!

What are you doing this weekend?

What was something delicious you ate this week?

What do you think makes a beautiful blogger? I think it’s beautiful when a blogger shares them self. The good, the bad, the ugly…in the end they are still beautiful!


10 thoughts on “Good Morning Beautiful!

  1. Your cousin is adorable! I loved looking at all of the photos! And it’s so fun decorating Easter eggs…even though my sisters and I are grown up now, we still do it :). I know what you mean about feeling guilty…I feel a little guilty that I’m going to ignore my homework today to go shopping with my sisters. But we deserve it, right :)?

  2. You are too cute! I love the beautiful blogging award! Where did you find that/make it?
    John David is super cute! I love all the pictures of him you can really tell he is having a great time!!!

  3. Look like you guys had a blast! I love the pictures. I am sure Booda will tell me all about the trip, he couldn’t wait to go to “Porida.” Those Easter eggs are the cutest 🙂

  4. I LOVE the Briar Patch, everytime I have visitors I take them there for brekkie, never disappoints. Plus their cakes are ridiculously good (and huge). Looks like you had a great weekend!

    How did the 5 miler go? I’m so looking forward to being done w/ school & focusing on running this summer!

  5. Grace I miss you so much I had to come read your blog. The office just isn’t the same without our “mom” intern. Have fun this summer!

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