Oh right…I have a blog.

I’ve been very distracted with you know…life lately. Rest assured I really haven’t forgotten my little blog but with school and my internship wrapping up coupled with my normal life I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed. But luckily summer is in sight! It’s only 21 days away actually! And I am more than ready for it! I got a little taste of summer this weekend when I went home and it was great:)

[Here is where my food filled wonderful slideshow would be]

I’d love to share some pictures of what I ate did this weekend but unfortunately on top of being a “bad blogger” I am also a “bad blogger” with crappy internet connection. No worries, delicious photos will be shared tomorrow night but for now I have something I want to share! I attended Com Day last Friday, a special day event for the Nicholson School of Communication, which is the college I belong to inside of UCF. It was like a mini seminar with awards, lunch, a keynote speaker, and breakout session. The best part of the day was by far the keynote speaker, Sally Hogshead. Check out her website to learn more about her, what I want you to do is take her F-Score Test. It is a very short and easy test that will give you a look into your own personality and what fascinates you!

Questions for You!

What was the best part of your weekend? I loved spending time with my family and friends! It was a very full weekend!

Is anything overwhelming you lately? Does a Group Lit Review and Presentation sounds easy? It’s due in 9 days=/

What were your f-scores? My primary fascination is Passion, secondary trigger is Alarm, and dormant trigger is Rebellion!


12 thoughts on “Oh right…I have a blog.

  1. Sounds like a great weekend. I spent mine running up 3 bridges in Clearwater at the iron girl 1/2 marathon. Tons of fun. Post will hopefully be this evening.:-) can’t wait for the pictures.

  2. My primary fascination is rebellion. My secondary trigger is mystique, and my dormant trigger is alarm.

    I always enjoy taking tests like that. It’s interesting to see if the results ring true.

  3. Ive been neglecting my blog too 🙂 It’s ok though – sometime it nice to take a break and refresh. Best part of my weekend: shopping at the outlets (not the spending way too much $ though heh heh). I have a big paper and an online simulation game that have completely taken over my life…stress is starting to get to me! Only a couple more weeks!

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