Hello There! This week has been pretty boring between schoolwork and internship work but I actually did something today worth blogging about! and ironically enough it was for my internship! Go figure.

Today was Bright House Network’s, a cable internet and phone provider here in Florida, and the Orlando Science Center’s Cosmic Golf Challenge at Champion’s Gate. And guess who was there all day volunteering? Me, of course! This morning I was driving to  the golf  tournament and hoping I wouldn’t get lost… but I sort of figured I was in the right place when I saw this….

Yes, this is seriously what this place looks like as soon as you drive off the highway. No way you can miss it. The day started off pretty relaxed, we were all just setting up and getting ready for the players to arrive. It was a corporate charity golf tournament so everyone was laid back and only there to have a good time or avoid work so tensions didn’t run high at all! When it was almost time for the shotgun start all of us interns headed down to the starting area since most of us were manning a contest hole. We had no idea they were just going to give us each and golf cart…so we thought it was picture worthy:)

Leanna looking adorable in her golf cart.

Golfers Ready?

Oh look! Here's me looking awkward:)

Riding out to my hole!

Home sweet hole.

I was judging the Hole in One contest...

this was the prize...

4 and half hours and 144 tee offs later no one won and it was finally time to head in for...

Dinner! Can you tell I was hungry? Lunch was a nice boxed lunch but of course consisted mainly of a huge meaty sandwich. Luckily I had a Luna Bar with me and ate some chips. But 5 hours later I was hungry!

After dinner it was time to hand out raffle ticket prizes on the beautiful clubhouse porch:)

Left just in time to catch a glimpse of the pretty sunset.

Things I learned today…

Golf courses have lots of bugs but sometimes they’re only on one hole, which is great unless your stationed at that one hole.

Bugs like the color white. Like the color of my polo, the color of my tent, and the color of my golf cart.

Wearing a gray sweatshirt when it’s 80 degrees… will make bugs stop swarming you.

Being in the sun and not under your bug infested tent.. will make bugs stop swarming you.

Standing instead of sitting in your comfy but bug infested golf cart… will make bugs stop swarming you.

This may sound like a lot of complaining but really it is a lesson in positive thinking. Was I hot? Yes. Did my legs start to hurt after a while?  Yes. Was I covered in bugs? No, no I was not and that alone made me happy.

Overall it was an interesting day and a great break from typing at the computer:) It definitely made me tired though! I have a few randoms to share from this week then I’m off to bed!

I've recently become addicted to Redbox.

If you drink a Mike's with your dinner you must drink water before falling asleep because if you're a lightweight like me and don't then you will wake up with a headache and have a very dehydrated run the next morning:(

I made brown sugar and cinnamon kobocha squash, it's good:)

I had a can of Pillsbury whole wheat low-fat biscuits that were about to go bad so baked them up and I've been eating them since Tuesday. Still have 1 more for tomorrow's breakfast. Does that seem healthy?

Rob surprised me with a visit last night after I had a particularly rough class. This is what I was greeted with when I met him at Mellow Mushroom...

I immediately asked him why he got *ugh* hummus and pita and no pretzels or pretzels bites. As you can see he had already ordered them! He knows me so well.

And to add more carbs on top of! I did eat salad. Clearly it wasn't important since there is no picture.

Meet Doug. He is my roommate Stephanie's friend.

Meet his beautiful and unique creation. Sriracha Baked Ziti. It was impromptu and "the first thing" he has ever made. I thought it was blog worthy:)

Questions for You!

Have you ever played golf? I have matching pink gear but still don’t know how to play=/

What is a positive thinking lesson you’ve learned this week?

Anything random you’d like to share? or any crazy recipe creations?


8 thoughts on “Fore!

  1. oh wow, what a gorgeous setting for your day! no, i don’t know how to play golf. just mini golf for me, thank you very much! i did go to a driving range once, but i think the farthest i hit my ball was 50 yards? yeah…not so good.

  2. I think I say this every time I comment on your blog, but I just love your Florida sunshine! Send some of that to Indiana, please :). I have been golfing one time. My boyfriend took me, and I shared his clubs. I kinda sorta tossed (err..threw) his club when I got frustrated. It takes way too much patience, and in my defense, it was like 90 degrees outside and right during dinner time when we went. Luckily, he’s very patient and we laugh about it now. But he hasn’t taken me since, haha.

  3. Bugs. Yuck. I swear, I would spend so much more time outside if it weren’t for the freaking bugs!!!

    My father in law won a BMW in a hole-in-one contest. His license plate still says “BOBS ACE”, even though it was about two cars ago. 🙂

  4. i’ve never played golf, but am certainly jealous of the weather you have down there right now!! Positive lesson: turn disappointment into opportunity! Well, still trying to convince myself of this one, but… 🙂

  5. I have never played golf…I think I would be pretty terrible at it, especially since I have no patients! I wanted to see morning glory…let us know how it is!

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