Weekend Recap:)

Thanks to everyone who wished me luck on my interviews! I’m happy to report that I had three offers and I decided to go with Curley and Pynn, a public relations, marketing, and public affairs firm here in the Orlando area. I’m very happy that I have the internship squared away for the fall semester and I won’t have to worry about it too much until then. You can certainly look forward to hear plenty about that beginning in August though!

I’ve been “busy” as usual, fitting as many fun things in one weekend as humanly possible! Plans got a little mixed around this weekend since my friend Paige was supposed to be spending the weekend but got her work schedule changed unexpectedly.  Fortunately I still got to spend time with her!

But since she wasn’t coming over Friday as originally planned I drove over to Disney and spent the night with Mommy, Dad #2 (my stepdad but I can him Dad, this can be confusing), Nicole, and Michael! I got there in time to go to Epcot! The next morning we woke up and went to my favorite place, Magic Kingdom! After Paige got done at work she headed over to Orlando and met us for lunch at Mama Melrose in Hollywood Studios! After lunch Paige and Nicole and I park hopped a bit then, later we went back to my apartment for a girl’s night!

This morning I had brunch with Rob, Rochelle, Jeremy, and Rob’s Mommy before going to see Into the Woods at UCF’s Conservatory theatre! It was a great brunch and an awesome play:)

Into the Woods! Photo taken from the Orlando Sentinel's Theatre online theatre section:)

Here are some picture’s from the past week, slideshow style!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tonight and tomorrow are going to be filled with Quinoa! Because tomorrow evening in class I’m giving a persuasive presentation on Quinoa! I’m basically giving them some facts and figures, then a sample of a savory recipe, quinoa pilaf, and a sweet recipe, quinoa muffins! There’s gonna be some cooking happening tonight!

Questions for You!

Do you fall into the weekend eating trap? As you can see I do:)

What was the best part about your weekend?

Help! Give me some quotes and facts that I can use during my presentation to convince a group of college kids to eat quinoa! Tell me why you love it and remember funny sells in college!


15 thoughts on “Weekend Recap:)

  1. Congrats, congrats, congrats!! So exciting about all of the offers AND on making a choice! I’m so excited for you 🙂

    And good luck with your presentation tomorrow!

  2. Three offers?? Good for you!! My interviews were also in marketing! Is that what you want to go into? It seems like that’s what companies are hiring for these days. I’m so jealous that Disney World is so close to you…I haven’t been since I was 15..I want to go back!

  3. Congratulations on your internship! (My mommy instinct is kicking in here and wishing you didn’t post your workplace publicly, but enough about that…)


    I love Disney. I was totally not into it when I was younger, but as I have grown up, I have allowed myself to loosen up a bit.

  4. Hi! Congratulations on the internship and all the offers! that’s so awesome 😀 And your sis is so cute I have to say!

    My fave part of the weekend was a great service at church and my 3rd year dating anniversary with my fiance!

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