On Cocoa Beach Time!

Hello Everyone! Sorry for the infrequent posts but I’ve been too busy spending time with my amazing family! Wednesday night after work I hustled, as fast as the speed limit would allow, over to Cocoa Beach! By the time I got here I was feeling overwhelmed from the stress of the past two days was running around preparing for Intern Pursuit (an internship fair for my major)


The outfit I wore to Intern Pursuit…do I look professional?
What I did after I got home from Intern Pursuit:)
What I needed to do after two straight days of working at my internship, preparing for Intern Pursuit, and following up with employers after Intern Pursuit (which I’m still not done with!)
Great restaurant in Cocoa Beach!
Salad with homemade ranch dressing, I always ask which dressings are homemade:)
Dad had me take a picture of him eating his oysters to send to Rob and make him jealous…
Aunt Erin talking with her hand….and under them are the most amazing gator bites I’ve ever had!
Parmesan Encrusted Mahi Mahi…it was yummy!
The view from our table as one of the cruise ships left port…
Yesterday’s breakfast… only I think cereal and strawberries look pretty. I needed to fuel up before we went on a hunt to find some Manatees!
My morning snack:) Not as good as Starbucks colorful sugar cookies though...
Our manatee search somehow took us into a Starbucks at Barnes and Noble. My morning snack:) Not as good as Starbucks colorful sugar cookies though…
Manatee Cove Park… where we finally found manatees, about 40 of them!
Look a manatee! It was so close to us!
This is the most active I’ve ever seen manatees…turns out it was because they were mating.
Walking out the Jetty Park Pier…
Look! Look! A sea turtle!
I found “my kind” of grocery store in Cocoa Beach! and you know, me just being my awkward really pale self.
We had to take Aunt Erin back to the Orlando airport and pick up my brother, Drew, and sister, Tess, from the airport,on the way we gave Dad the official apartment and UCF tour. After Dad decided he wanted a beer and a fat piece of pizza….I had the perfect place!
You can order two kinds of pretzels in one order, parmesan garlic AND honey and cinnamon sugar!!!
Amazing mushroom pizza
This morning I got my sleepy butt out of bed for a run! It was nice and breezy 🙂
Luckily the fisherman didn’t mind me running on the pier…


Well it’s time for me to put on my bathing suit and enjoy the sun and my family! I’m going to try to take more pictures of people today and less of food. Dad has been taking lots of people picture but I have no card reader…I even hear there are pictures of me sleeping next to the pool with my mouth open. Yes, Dad is that cruel that he’d take a picture of me instead of waking me up so I didn’t look like a fool! Hope you have a wonderful Friday, I’ll be pretending like I don’t have an exam on Monday that I know nothing for and 3 interviews on Wednesday.

Questions for You!

What is your favorite fish or seafood? That mahi may have been the best fish I’ve had, not that I’ve had a lot but you know!

Have you ever seen animals in their “element”? It ceases to fail, every time I go to a zoo or any kind of animal related place I see way too much than I bargained for.

What are your plans for the weekend?



9 thoughts on “On Cocoa Beach Time!

  1. My favorite seafood is salmon! I love that, especially if it’s grilled.

    I’ve seen grizzly bears in the wild (while hiking in Montana)and I have to say that I prefer them in a zoo!

  2. I am so jealous that you live in Florida. Are you originally from there, or did you just move there for school? I think I’d have more energy if I could run on the pier instead of through my suburb in Indiana :). That’s probably not true, but that’s how I feel when the weather’s 30*!

  3. Wow such great looking food! Very professional—the outfit totally works 🙂

    I’m a little jealous that you’re in such great weather—we just had a snow storm, so I can’t imagine what it’s even like to be warm outside!
    My fave seafood is definitely crab.

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