Welcome to my World: Part 2

Recapping is so odd for me because it honestly feels like Sunday and Monday were decades ago! By the way…thanks to everyone who sympathized with my tummy issues, I wasn’t looking for sympathy (really I wasn’t) just sharing my newest issue! It seems as if maybe a few others have some problem with avocado also…glad I’m not the only “weird” one!


Since Saturday night was a little uncomfortable I slept in, Aunt Erin slept in, too since she had caught a very early plane. By the time we had breakfast and leisurely got ready it was already noon! Aunt Erin has been very interested in my work with the Orlando Science Center, as if she didn’t get her fill of science on Saturday at the picnic she was pumped to actually go to the Science Center!

Crawling around KidsTown and enjoying the Science Center!

After a few hours of playing at the Science Center we were starving! I was so excited to take Aunt Erin to Dandelion Cafe, this amazing vegan and vegetarian cafe in downtown Orlando, since she is on a vegan diet for health reasons. I was hoping she’d love it…and she did!

Dandelion CommuniTea! Amazing as usual:)

We arrived right in the midst of lunch time rush plus there was free yoga in the park and it had created a very large crowd! There literally wasn’t anywhere to sit but a nice family offered to share their picnic bench with us since they were done eating. They had the most adorable little girls who were already eating cupcakes but wanted to try our cookie, too! Aunt Erin cut up the cookie in small pieces and we all tried it, it was amazing so of course the girls kept coming back for more pieces… until it was all gone! It was the funniest/cutest thing ever! Even funnier was the fact that the youngest girl kept crawling over next to me on the bench and snagging single kernels of corn off my plate, she even brushed them off to ensure no quinoa was stuck to it, hilarious!

My make your own Native Mama Mix ( sprouted quinoa, corn, cucumbers, and green pepper) and Dandelion's to die for tempeh chili!

My make your own Native Mama Mix ( sprouted quinoa, corn, cucumbers, and green pepper) and Dandelion's to die for tempeh chili!

Aunt Erin’s Sweet Potato Burrito, I swear she’ll come back to Orlando just to eat at Dandelion again!
Vegan Strawberry Lemonade Cookie, a lemon cookie with strawberry frosting! We got another one to go!…but could you blame the little girls for eating it?
Strawberry fields forever…and ever, please! It was amazing tea! I think I had 3 cups full of this tea on ice!

We can talk to any and everyone so we also met a few other people while dining at Dandelion, including an extremely nice woman from the Lululemon store in Winter Park! Aunt Erin told her about how nervous I am to take a real yoga class and she made some studio suggestions for me as well as informing us that there is a Lululemon outlet store right by Disney. We immediately knew our next Orlando destination… the outlets!

Look who we saw!

All the girls in Lululemon were so nice and helpful, I even met Megan whose blog I read!

First ever lululemon goodies! Coolest running tank ever (see the pocket!), cushy running socks, and a beautiful bamboo yoga block!

Aunt Erin took this shopping trip as an opportunity to birthday shop for me, even though my birthday is in September:) I tried arguing but who can turn down such quality birthday presents?

Not one...but two pairs of Lucky jeans! I'm seriously spoiled!

Lucky Brand is just a little saucy:)

Aunt Erin was acting like Santa on this trip because she also brought…

Christmas presents! Aunt Erin is cool and doesn't mail presents but instead hand delivers them so basically every time I see her I get gifts, it rocks=)

My gifts were two, one is technically for Rob, Chesapeake Bay Foundation( who Aunt Erin and her husband Uncle Paul work for) water bottles, an awesome book about going green in a chic way (the author’s style reminds me of blogging!), a starfish necklace from Hawaii, an amazingly beautiful pottery and recycled glass spoon rest, a cherry wood cutting board (made by Uncle Paul himself, sunshine design courtesy of my little cousin!), green tea mints, and last but not least a quality knife, and for the record if I hurt myself with it Aunt Erin did tell me to be very careful!

Not the best pose...

After getting our shop on we headed back to my apartment since my mom and sister, Nicole, drove over to see Aunt Erin! It was the first time Nicole had seen my apartment and she said, ” It’s like a real bedroom, ” when she walked in…she was probably so surprised because she was used to me living in my parents loft for my whole sophomore year, not ideal. We headed to campus so I could give Aunt Erin and Nicole a walking tour of UCF and then we all went to grab a bite to eat for dinner. Mom nonchalantly suggested TooJay’s, a really good jewish style deli with a surprising amount of vegetarian options in Waterford Lakes, and that sounded great to me!

I have will power! This is my one large bit of potato pancake with applesauce and sour cream, amazing!

The breakfast for dinner sampler, or what happens when people like to share: Half a cheddar, onion and mushroom omelet, half an everything bagel, 3( which turned into 6) steak fries, potato knish (delish), and spinach knish (not so delish in my opinion).

Dinner was great and conversation filled! As was the hour and a half after back at my apartment! I some how ended up with no pictures of Mom or Nicole, sorry guys I know you’re both really disappointed:)


The next morning Aunt Erin and I hustled to the airport to pick up my dad! The I drove them to Cocoa Beach where they are staying, and I’ll be staying too as of tomorrow night! But unfortunately I only got to visit for a few hours before heading back to Orlando for class…

Dad, Gigi(what I call my Dad's mom), Aunt Erin, and Pop relaxing by the pool!

Bye bye until Wednesday Ron Jon's...

Phew! I’m tired after all the recapping and the long day I’ve had! Goodnight!

Questions for You!

Have you ever had one of those weekends like mine where you managed to do a million fun things?

What are the must sees and must eats of your town?

Are early or belated gifts okay in your book or do you prefer to receive gift on the specific date of the occasion?


9 thoughts on “Welcome to my World: Part 2

  1. I’ve heard so many good things about Lulu Lemon, I need to get my hands on some stuff!! I like the idea of still getting Christmas presents, that sounds like fun 🙂

  2. You are one lucky girl! Look at all those goodies 🙂 I’ve never been to Lululemon… I’m a little afraid to go because I have a feeling I’ll leave quite a bit poorer.

  3. I am uber jealous of your a million fun things weekend! I haven’t had one of those in ages, mainly because I study on the weekends – not the most fun 🙂

    Dude, if people want to give me a gift, I will take it. no matter when it is!

  4. Looks like you had one of those amazing weekends where you do so much that your post looks like it’s a re-cap of a whole week!

    My city is known for the garbage plate. I shouldn’t admit that–it’s gross!

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