Welcome to My World: Part 1

Having a blog has made me realize how crazy my life really is. I have small routines within my days but overall if you look at patterns in my weeks, weekends, or months…. there are none. Luckily this fact means I always have something to write about…but not necessarily the time to actually write about it. Sorry I didn’t have any posts this weekend…but I’ll happily catch you up on the varied things I’ve been up to and also share an uncomfortable lesson learned.

Saturday morning Aunt Erin, my dad’s sister, flew in to hang out with me and see my world this weekend before the rest of our family arrived for their Spring Break, my second spring break if you’re keeping track=)


After leaving the airport we found a Cracker Barrel for breakfast to satisfy my pancake and potato craving!

Aunt Erin's "Light" Oatmeal Plate...gotta love good old country cookin' at Cracker Barrel

This is the only image that captures the 3 hours we spent doing small science experiments with little kids at a city commissioners picnic...yes, Aunt Erin is awesome and came to work with me=)

We also made a brief and un-photo documented trip to an art festival in Winter Park. Let me be clear… I love Winter Park and I love art festivals. When the two were combined it was a little too chaotic so we grabbed a big bag of kettle corn and hit the road, not before browsing just a few of the shops though. We tried our hardest not to devour too much kettle corn while driving to dinner. On a whim I choose a new restaurant I’ve been slowly watching come to life during my bi-weekly drive to the Orlando Science Center.


How could I not notice this when I drive by...

Jimmy Hula’s had just opened last Tuesday so there was a bit of waiting involved before actually eating. Waiting in a line 10-15 minutes to order, Chipotle style, and then another  pretty generous wait, 20-30 minutes,until our food came. We cut them some slack since they just opened and because Aunt Erin and I decided the food was worth the wait…


Fish Taco!

My favorite part of the meal...sticky rice!

Here is where my lesson comes in. We headed to Target since Aunt Erin needed a few things and on the way there I started feeling extremely full. While walking into Target I felt like there was literally a blown up balloon in my belly and decided there was something  very wrong, we made a beeline for the tummy medicine. Aunt Erin is amazing and while driving me home in my own car talked me through what we ate to find the culprit my of tummy issues. I eat cheese, gluten, and tortilla chips on a daily basis very frequently so those components of my meal were not suspects. It didn’t take long for the culprit to dawn on me.


The Guilty Party...never again.

Avocado. In the form of guacamole. In my taco=(I don’t actually enjoy avocado so I have only eaten it on a handful of occasions and usually no more than one bite, I know they’re good for you so I always take one bite to confirm that I really don’t like them. I suddenly remembered one attempt at making guacamole last summer, it ended in me laying on the couch in the fetal position with stomach pains during the whole movie, Independence Day, it’s a long movie. That day I quickly contributed my stomach pain to eating too many tortilla chips, I always eat too many tortilla chips but don’t end up doubled over in pain. Saturday night I felt exactly the same way I did that summer day…terrible. After some research, on Aunt Erin’s part since I was in the fetal position on the bed, we realized sensitivity or intolerance to avocado is not uncommon, your body reacts in a similar way to any other food intolerance , such as gluten or lactose. By 12:30 the heartburn had subsided enough for me to actually lay down then I was finally able to fall sleep. After a night full of The Holiday I woke up feeling perfect and was even hungry for breakfast, even though the night before I was contemplating never eating anything again. Like that would ever happen…but I will avoid avocados from now on.

Tune in tomorrow for the second half of my weekend recap, this one involves more eating, more shopping, and no painful lessons.Off to bed… I have an internship fair tomorrow evening so I need my mental health beauty sleep.

Questions for You!

What was the best thing you did this weekend? My favorite thing was on Sunday so you’ll have to find out tomorrow!

Do you get overwhelmed with large crowds? I’m fine when I’m expecting them, like at theme parks, and when I haven’t already been out in the heat and surrounded by strangers all day.

Do you have any food allergies or intolerances? Avocado is the only thing that has made me feel like that… although large amounts of fried foods and soda don’t agree with me either, duh.


13 thoughts on “Welcome to My World: Part 1

  1. I get so overwhelmed in large crowds, especially when they mainly consist of children. It just seems so hectic, and really tense. It’s slowly becoming less of a problem though.

  2. My boyfriend can’t eat guacamole. I don’t know if it’s the avocado itself, or the spices, but he ate it one time and it made him sick. All the more for me when we go to Mexican restaurants :). And I’m with you on the pop and fried foods…my stomach does not agree.

  3. Omg, I think I would die without avocados…but at least you don’t like the taste anyway, so you’re not missing out on something you love! That had to be pretty miserable to go through 😦

    I don’t have any food allergies, but I have lots of sensitivities—so the consequences come the next day, when I puff up like a balloon and have brain fog. I’ve learned to work around it for the most part though!

    I had brunch with a bloggy friend this weekend. That was probably the best part, but the weekend was all good!

  4. Ah I LOVE Cracker Barrel pancakes, my dad & I got there all the time for breakfast dates when I go home.

    Sorry about your guac mishap! Sometimes our tummies just can’t digest what we put in them. I don’t have any food allergies- but I am allergic to cats! And milk makes my belly hurt, but I think that its psychological.

  5. Grace, That’s very interesting about the avocado! I bought guacemole the other week because I thought I should “like” avocado. Honestly, I had to spit it out. It just confirmed that I do in fact hate the taste and texture of Avocado!

  6. oh no! i’m sorry you felt poorly. 😦 i don’t have any food sensitivities, thank goodness!

    the best thing i did this weekend was order my wedding flowers, non-floral centerpieces, and pick out the guys’ tuxes! so productive!!

  7. Yum those pancakes look delish! I’ve actually never been to a cracker barrel 🙂

    My weekend was spent watching and working baseball games and lounging by a pool with friends from home on THEIR spring break haha. It was glorious 🙂 Can’t wait to read about the rest of yours!

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