Hi, my name is Grace…

…and a sugar-holic.

Ate these on the car ride home and then more saturday night when I was home watching movies with Mommy.


Remember how I gave up sweets for the month of January. You want to know why? Check out these pictures from taken somewhere between Friday and Sunday.


Aunt Jen sent me home with special toffee from their Beaver Creek trip...so of course I ate one as soon as we got in the car to drive home.

We were in the car for a whopping 1 and a half hours and I'd already taken a nap, woke up, had to go to the bathroom, and wanted a milkshake. We did share it though=)

After hitting Trader Joe's we picked up coffee from Starbucks and asked about the free petite treats...this is what we got.

This times 4 is what the Starbucks people gave us...they are trying to sabotage me. P.s. the salted caramel bar and tiramisu cake pop are delish but skip the lemon bar and red velvet whoopie pie.


Now… I’d also like you to imagine pictures of half a piece of chocolate cake, a mini hot fudge sundae, and frosted animal crackers. Yes…this is precisely why I have to ban myself from sweets periodically. I allow myself to have them and it spirals out of control, most of the time the spiraling is centered around vacations.

I’m no dietician clearly what dietitian eats like this but I think what is happening is some sort of  sugar addiction. It starts small, a treat here and a there but then my body starts craving the sugar after every single meal, even breakfast. Once I give in and eat something sweet it makes me want to eat something salty which then makes me want to eat something sweet again! Last night for example: I had a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt topped with some dark chocolate hot fudge and whipped cream, ten minutes after eating it I ate 4 tortilla chips, I realized what was happening stopped eating and threw away the slightly stale tortilla chips. BUT I still felt like I wanted something, which was probably to go to sleep, but instead of going to sleep…


...I ate a spoonful of PB & Company Cinnamon Raisin PB.


Can anyone help me further diagnose or solve my sugar addiction….please I really need your help otherwise I’m going to go eat a huge candy bar and then feel really guilty about it when I’m done!

Anyway! Enough about my crazy eating habits and onto some yummy restaurant pictures! Yesterday on the way back over to Orlando I had to venture to the other side of town to get my beloved laptop back from the Apple store. I saw an opportunity to finally use my first  Groupon!


Lime! Finally!

The thing is, he is actually hungry...so he wasn't thrilled when I asked him to pose.

Chips and queso...a must in my book! It was so good we ate it all and Rob scraped the queso bowl clean with his burrito!

Black beans and rice...not the best I've had but still very yummy!

My blackened mahi-mahi taco...so yummy and the fish was perfectly charred!


The verdict: A keeper for sure! Anywhere that can prepare fish that I actually like is a keeper in my book! They also had an amazing fresh salsa bar, my favorite was the corn and black bean! Although I didn’t snap a picture of Rob’s enormous fajita burrito, since I was too busy eating, I’d still like to share his feelings about Lime with you. He said that compared to Moe’s and Chipotle… Lime would always beat Moe’s but he’d have to alternate between Lime and Chipotle. This is a huge compliment to Lime since Chipotle is Rob’s absolute favorite, I’m pretty sure if it was always his choice where we ate I’d be living off of fajita vegetable and black bean salads.

Another amazing thing…this meal cost us, meaning Rob, a grand total of $4.04. My Groupon was $7 for $15 dollars worth of food but since Groupon gave me $15 bucks just for signing up I technically didn’t even pay the original $7! That’s what I call a deal!

I’m going to eat a spoonful of PB to get my sweet fix and then attempt to go to bed at 10:30 since going to bed at 2 and waking up at 11 today didn’t go so well.

Questions for You?

Can you help me with my sugar addiction?

Do you have any food “addictions”?

What is your favorite “fresh” tex-mex restaurant? I’m with Rob! Chipotle and Lime are comparably delicious but different in their own ways, I’m calling it a tie!


12 thoughts on “Hi, my name is Grace…

  1. I’ve done a lot of reading about sugar addiction, and it’s actually comparable to a crack addiction 🙂
    I’m not really kidding about that! When you consume carb-y sugar-y things, there is a release of serotonin triggered by your gut/intestines….additionally, dopamine is released. SO—these are happy chemicals, and you’re getting a “fix” from it. Your body then wants more because it feels good and it’s an easy way to get the “fix.” (there’s more to it, but that’s the gist)
    Ways to beat it? Go cold turkey and take a break (or quit for good) from things with simple carbs. That’s the most extreme, but after a few days, the cravings will reduce. You can do other things to release serotonin and dopamine—exercise, take deep breaths, do things that make you feel really happy and euphoric…

    Good luck!

  2. oh man, that does sound like a sugar addiction. do you think it’s worse after you ban yourself from it? i know people say that the thing that’s bad about diets is that when you completely restrict a food, and then you’re allowed to eat it again, you go crazy when you can eat it again. is that what happpens? if so, maybe you should stop restricting yourself and hopefully you could settle into a happy medium where you enjoy treats every now and then, but not out of control?

    and i LOVE chipotle and q’doba! i’ve never tried lime but it looks great!

  3. When I stop eating candy, I stop craving it. But once I start again…watch out! I can’t eat candy “in moderation”. If it’s in my house, I’ll eat it until it’s gone…even if it makes me feel ill. There’s a website called sugarshock…check it out on google…there’s tons of info there about sugar.

  4. I can relate sooo much to the sugar addiction thing! I crave sugar after breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner. And when I say sugar, I actually mean chocolate. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I was feeling slightly embarrassed at my need to eat chocolate chips straight from the bag after dinner tonight. I know that if I give it up, eventually my body won’t crave it so much…but it is so hard to give it up cold turkey (I did it lent for one year). I try to substitute fruit when I get a craving, but it doesn’t always work :/.

  5. I used to have a horrible sugar addiction much like you describe. Twizzlers, Skittles, chocolate, soda… But I’ve found that I feel healthier, stronger, and better, when I eat less sugar. So I have cut way back. But from time to time, I can be really bad. Like with Ben & Jerry’s. It’s ridiculous, I can eat a container of Ben & Jerry’s in just two sittings. Probably could in one but I think I’d vomit.

  6. AH Sugar cravings- story of my life :). I gave up all sweets for Lent and I can say, quitting it has basically stopped all my cravings. It’s weird, the less I have it the less i crave it. Sometimes even a packet of instant oatmeal (flavored kind) is to sweet for me now.

    But I still loooooooooove my candy and most likely will eat it again once lent is over 🙂

  7. I don’t have any food additions, but I do go through food phases. I don’t have any tips for you about the sugar thing, other than don’t feel guilty 🙂

  8. I’m not sure if I’m a sugar addict (though I definitely have a sweet tooth), but it’s pretty safe to say I may be addicted to peanut butter. Not a day goes by where I don’t have any – quite possible the best food ever in life 🙂

  9. I LOVE Lime!! The first time I had it was in Miami..and it is so good 🙂
    About the sugar- well, I’m not a big sugar person…honestly- I think it’s because I just kind of gave it up. I mean, I have it every now & then, but I don’t crave it. I used to have frozen yogurt before bed every night..but then I cut it- cold turkey. I just felt like didn’t need it..and it killed my stomach. Even though it was good I always felt like crap after. The thing I typically have after dinner..or when I need something sweet is animal crackers- not the cookie ones, but the cracker ones. The kind that you can buy in those 5lb. containers.
    I have to admit..those Starbucks treats look delicious 😉

  10. DUDE! I have the same exact problem. I eat waaaay too much sugar and am never satisfied with what I’ve consumed. Raging sweet tooth right here. When you figure it out, let me know too 🙂 hahaha

  11. I find what helps me with not eating to many sweets (I find when I eat one it often turns into 10…) I plan them out. I have an addiction to Ghiradelli chocolates. Before I even eat one, I decide how many I’m going to eat. Having a limit helps me stick with it and not fall into the “just one more” trap 🙂

  12. Hi – first time reader and just wanted to say that I can totally relate… it’s horrible how addicted I am to sugar!!
    I’ve learned that I can’t keep anything sweet in my apartment – no cookies, no candy, no chocolate, no white bread, no syrup, no juice, no granola bars, no cake mix – absolutely nothing with fake sugar. This is the only way I can control it. If people give me dessert, I just give it away or throw it out. I know this is sad but seriously, throwing out a crappy dry cake is worth it if it means better sleep, no stomach bloating/cramps, no sugar buzzes, less mood swings and better health!!! When I do eat sweets now, I make sure they are my ultime favourites and ALWAYS split it with somebody. Moderation is key.
    I hope to eventually get it under control and not be so crazy about it… until then, for my own sanity and health, I need to be a control freak. 😦

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