Tangled Tuesday!

I  feel like this week is moving way to fast! It’s almost Wednesday and we’re leaving on Friday! Darn Rob and his silly need to get good grade in his course.

Technology is really not loving me once again so I still cannot share any silly videos today…I unfortunately also can’t share  photos because Rob’s iPhoto is on the fritz! Fortunately this will not stop me from sharing about the highlight of my day…finally seeing Tangled!

It is no surprise I love Disney Princesses and I’ve been seriously holding a grudge against Rob for seeing this without me. Luckily Aunt Jen is amazing and had the idea of seeing it tonight! It was showing at the dollar theatre here, $1 to see a movie? Amazing! I loved it and am so happy I got to see it in an actual theatre. I feel like it really makes a difference. I basically loved it and Rapunzel is now right up there next to Princess Tiana in my book! While watching the movie I found many similarities between Rapunzel and I…

We both love to bake!

We both have stunning green eyes but I'm missing the little green friend...

If you’ve ever wondered what my moods are like, Rapunzel is a great example!

We have very similar taste in men. Tall, dark, handsome, and a little scruff is a plus!
We both share a love of cupcakes! and convince our Prince’s to buy them for us!

We're both very low mainenance...we don't mind if our hair gets messy and who needs high heels when you could be barefoot?

Obviously we are so much a like I could practically be a Princess! I may be feeling a little Princess Rapunzel-esque  come this Halloween!

Questions for You!

Have you seen Tangled?

Do you like Disney movies? I think Disney movies are always the best animated children’s films but I do love Shrek!

What animated character are you most like?

Comment Here!


13 thoughts on “Tangled Tuesday!

  1. I haven’t seen Tangled yet but it is on my list!
    I like most Disney movies they are fun with cute music. I like Ariel and Belle, but I am huge fan of Mulan. I used to watch the movie all the time, like every night, well into middle school. I know all the words and songs by heart!

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