Welcome to Birmingham!

Welcome, ya’ll! Imagine that in my cutest Alabama accent…just kidding I don’t have an accent and don’t think I’ve ever thrown out the phrase ya’ll in my whole life. But I can pretend for a few days, right?

If you’ve been hanging around here for a while you’ve heard me talk about my Aunt Jen and her family, you’ve also probably seen some funny pictures and videos of them. This week you’re going to see some more since I’m visiting them!

Every visit I remember how crazy busy Aunt Jen is all. the. time. Because suddenly I become that busy, too!  So far this trip has proofed no different…

I started off the day with 30 minutes on the ArcTrainer they have in their gym. It was my first time on one and it was very different from an elliptical. Tonight Uncle Dave told me it is really easily to start off backwards and not realize…I may have done that the whole time. He made sure I knew that if I was going backwards I was actually adding calories and not burning them=) I’ll make sure I go forward tomorrow morning!


This morning we went to watch my cousin Josie and her classmates perform a song for the creators of the book, Pete the Cat. She’s the one with the orange mallets!
Here we are with the book creators!
John David enjoying a chocolate covered marshmallow I brought him from the Festival of Chocolate!
Rob has a list of “honey-dos” since Uncle Dave is still recovering from a broken collarbone. So far the sink and coffee maker are fixed!
John David is a big fan of the toy section at Walmart…we scored this toy for $7. I had to convince him it was better than the $45 and $60 ones though! Plastics toys can be crazy $$$!
We had lunch at one of my favorite places, Zoe’s! Aunt Jen worked for the original Zoe’s as their accountant so I’ve been eating there since I was about 12 and still love it!
Zoe’s hummus, pita’s, and pita chips are delish!
Since becoming a vegetarian I’ve had to switch up what I order here and still haven’t found the one. This is a spinach and feta roll-ups with marinated cabbage and feta slaw. The slaw was a keeper but I’m not totally sold on the roll-ups (last time I had a grilled feta sandwich which wasn’t for me either)
Rob and Aunt Jen Split chicken roll-ups(my former go-to) and steak roll-ups. That rice is also out of this world but not vegetarian since it’s cooked in both chicken and beef broth:(
One of my favorites parts about Zoe’s is Ya-ya’s Chocolate Cake. It is a moist chocolate cake with a fudgy chocolate frosting that crusts over in a perfect sort of way! Love everyone’s hands in the picture trying to grab a bite!
Rob and I had carpool duty this afternoon since Aunt Jen had some stuff to do around the house. Somehow this is where we ended up after dropping off Josie and her friend’s to gymnastics. I got to hold Dirty Harry’s gun…when we left I asked Rob who Dirty Harry was.
Look who else I’ve been hanging out with! He was lurking in a dark corner of Josie’s room tonight and I jumped out of my skin when I saw a hooded figure out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t realize it was only Justin Bieber!

I took a few funny videos today also but since I am computer-less and have to share Rob’s computer his schoolwork comes before me posting videos, apparently, so they’ll have to wait for another day!

Questions for You!

Do you have an accent?

Have you ever used an Arc Trainer? Were you going backwards?

Do you visit family often?

Comment Here!


4 thoughts on “Welcome to Birmingham!

  1. When I first started doing the arc trainer, I guess I was using it backwards several days until a trainer pointed it out to me! For some reason, my body always wants to make it go backwards, and I have to make myself reverse it at first. I used to be so awkward on the arc trainer for the first couple tries but totally love it now!

  2. aww, fun times with fam 🙂 I only visit family a few times per year – wish I could do it more!

    Hehe, when I moved away from my hometown for college, my accent was awful – I’m from Buffalo and they talk all kinds of weird there. Now I like to think I have a fairly “normal” accent? WHo knows!

  3. Looks like fun 🙂 I hope you are enjoying your time with your family!! That hummus looks out of this world! If there is ever hummus as an appetizer @ a restaurant I ALWAYS order it. I swear I can’t get enough!!
    I don’t have an accent..just a regular ol’ Holly voice 😉

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