Life happens.

Hello out there… I promise I didn’t mean to fall off the map the past few days but sometimes… life happens.

I’m not trying to make excuses but I had to choose sleep over blogging. Although my body is happier with more sleep apparently my mind isn’t, I’ve been feeling very stir crazy over this whole life minus blogging thing! My computer is somewhere in apple’s hands right now for the outer shell to be fixed…so right I tried blogging with the Word Press app, I would give it one star. I had to switch to Robs computer because my post was royally messed up! If you value I would not recommend trying to blog with that app while your significant other is trying to drive on a dark highway. The brightness of your phone and the expletives you yell at the phone every other second will upset them…Also in case you needed even more proof that I love and have missed my little blog I am also risking car sickness to blog. I’m on my way to Birmingham, Al to visit my aunt for spring break! I pretty much can’t do anything in the car without getting nauseous but it was literally killing sitting here doing nothing. I thought I’d catch you up on what I’ve been up, documented from my phone’s photo library of course!






Had to get some laundry done to prep for my trip before having fun this weekend…

Waiting for Rob while he got the longest hair cut in the history of time. I think the girl just liked touching him or something…

Finally at Disney! I was standing in Africa and looking at Mt. Everest, makes total sense right?

Toy Story Mania…the only ride Rob will wait more than 20 minutes for. As you can see he whips my score every time.


Can you tell I’m super thrilled to be leaving Disney to go work at the Orlando Science Center on a Saturday, while my family and Rob have fun at Hollywood Studios?

The reason I was at OSC yesterday and today…

Don’t get me wrong a Chocolate Festival is not something to be upset about…but it is when you have to be in the lobby all 6 hours of your shift. The lobby happens to be located as far away from all the fun chocolate things going on as possible. Luckily I got to wander around on my break=)

I’m an amazing daughter/sister/girlfriend and brought my family cupcakes back to the hotel!

My reward for being sweet was a ‘Pina Colava’ waiting for me at the hotel bar!

That thing was so sweet though I could only finish half of it!

Dinner was at T-Rex Cafe in Downtown Disney!

My Jurassic Salad was possibly the largest side salad I’ve ever seen…can you spy my little plate of nachos?

I needed some motivation to get packing instead of hitting the pillow when I got home last night…


After spending the day at OSC again Rob picked me up and we hit the road, we stopped at Chipotle for an early dinner in Gainesville. Here’s my on a potty break in a Mickey D’s bathroom….real classy!

Only 2 more hours on the road! See you in Birmingham!

Questions for You!

What are your Spring break plans?

Can you do things in the car? I am so ready for this post to be over, I’m not feeling to great!

How do you really about car trips?





3 thoughts on “Life happens.

  1. There is no way I could blog in a moving car. I can’t even look out the side windows without feeling sick. I have to look at the road ahead!

  2. Woohoo happy spring break for you!! I don’t have an official spring break, but I took my unofficial one last week 🙂

    I can’t do anything in the car either… I get way too nauseous. You are devoted!

  3. That looks like a fabulous trip!! 🙂 I totally laughed at the standing in Africa part… I could see it! And I haven’t had a spring break since college 😦 I miss it!

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