This is the stuff.

This is the stuff…that drives me crazy.

  • Being too tired and busy with not fun things, work and school work, to blog=(
  • Traffic, both to and from work today, thanks Orlando.
  • Finding out that I have to be at the Science Center for 14 hours this weekend when it will be Spring Break and I should be hanging out with my family at Disney World, then driving to Alabama at a reasonable time not at 2 pm. That will get us there around midnight if we’re lucky. Yes, I’m a whiney baby.
  • Technology is boycotting me. When you ask? Before my speech when I needed to make a powerpoint, during my speech when trying to show a video from said powerpoint(that worked when I tested it 20 min. earlier but not during my speech), and at work on two different computers today.
  • YouTube never wanting to work for me, it will play on my blog and Facebook but not on their actual website? This confuses me.
  • Wondering if I could have done better on Sunday’s race if I had pushed myself just a little bit more but at the same time kicking myself for not taking the time to enjoy such a fun-filled race. Why do I dwell on things like this, oh right, I’m an over thinker.

This is the stuff…that keeps me sane.

  • Mommy being here to hang out with me for the last two days! I felt bad for her since I was an unorganized, sleepy, sore, cranky-pants but at least I can’t add lonely to that list of adjectives.

She even came to visit me at the Science Center today, it was her first time so I gave her a quick tour!

  • God basically speaking to me through the radio with this song from Francesca Barristelli, he was telling me not to sweat the small stuff and remember how much I’m blessed!
  • Aunt Jen always reminding me to look on the bright side when I tell her our original 7-8 day trip has been turned into a 4.5-5 day one. Those 5 days will still give us plenty of time to have fun with the future Justin Beiber, here is his YouTube debut.
  • There is not much keeping me sane on the technology front since my computer nerd isn’t here to save the day… but at least I rolled with the punches during my speech when the technology malfunction happened, I carried on without fretting over it. I think.
  • Reminding myself that I run for the fun events and to keep myself healthy. Maybe someday as I continue to progress I can get a wee bit faster but right now I am still a novice runner and need to work my way there. There will always be other races where I can concentrate on having fun, too! Like the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon!

This is the stuff…that I’ve been eating.

My half of the best Black and White Cookies in Central Florida from Delish Bakery on Sand Lake Rd

Met up with Uncle Buck and Aunt Judy from PA as they made their way back home on Sunday afternoon. J. Alexander's Spinach Queso is pretty much amazing!!

The biggest veggie burger ever and amazing orzo and wild rice salad. Not sure if the picture does it justice, it was so much food that I ate it for 3 different meals. The company was wonderful also, I'm so happy I live somewhere people vacation so I can do thing like this!

I gave a speech on Disney Fairy Tale Weddings for my Professional Communication course, since I procrastinated these are semi-homemade, a.k.a. store bought cupcakes and cute toppers made my me! My classmates still raved, they would have really loved my cupcakes if they like the very mediocre ones from Walmart.

My Mommy stayed with me two nights since she had a Christian Youth Leader conference for two days! Guess what? It was her birthday yesterday!

We went to Mellow Mushroom to celebrate last night! Everything was amazing, especially their pretzels!

Mushroom-y salad...not really the biggest fan of raw 'shrooms though=/

Cheers Momma! Happy Birthday, I Love YOU! and our shared love for mushroom and ricotta pizza!

We had little brownie sundaes as dessert and I topped them with leftover Minnie's and hearts!

After a funk-y day a mini s'mores cupcake and some DD iced coffee can give you the pick up you need to do something you love, blog! Thank you for the cupcake Mom is was amazing!

Questions for you?

What is the stuff that drives you crazy?

How about the stuff that keeps you sane?

Have you been eating a yummy treats lately? Obviously I have!
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23 thoughts on “This is the stuff.

  1. I’m glad you were able to focus on the good stuff and not let the bad things drag you down! My family is definitely one thing that keeps me happy, no matter what other stuff is going on. Looks like it is for you too… You and your mom are super cute!

  2. That video is adorable!

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been stressed out and had to cut your trip short. Hopefully you’ll still be able to fit in all the fun you wanted!

  3. Traffic/the drivers in Raleigh drive me CRAZY… it really bugs me in cities when people do not know where they are going so they cause huge traffic jams and you to be late to class. I also do not like Microbiology.

    Things that keep my sane are my friends, family, reading, my bff Matt, baking, dreaming about vacations 🙂 Haha

    You are your momma are so cute! And I love Mellow Mushroom YUM!!!

    • I think if I had to take Microbiology I’d go crazy! and dreaming of vacation is also amazing! I get all these travel deals emailed to me and find myself looking a little too far into them=)

  4. I LOVE Francesca! I am hoping to see her in Concert next Thursday night with David Crowder. Ten dollar tickets, how can you beat that?!?!

    Things that keep me sane : My bible, My husband, My Family, and Coffee!!!!!!

    Oh dear… treats. I’ve been making a ton of them lately! The great thing is, you just have to give some of them away!

  5. You and your mom are so cute! Your pizzas and sundaes look amazing 🙂 Things that drive me crazy: traffic, and the almost $4/gallon gas prices! crazy!
    Things that keep me sane: exercise, sugar 🙂 and the BF.

    Cute blog! I’m following 🙂

  6. Mellow mushroom is one of my favorite pizza places! And your orzo + veggie burger combo looks AMAZING! I definitely want to gobble it all up on my own:) Lovein’ your blog btw, I can’t wait to read more!

    • Thank you! and I’ve basically decided anytime I want pizza I am going to mellow mushroom! It’s not even expensive but it blows all the other pizza places out of the water!

  7. Probably an abnormal amount of things drive me crazy – I can definitely relate to your stuff! What keeps me sane, always, is running! And Bikram yoga. And definitely my friends and fam 🙂

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