My happily ever after.

It’s official….I have a new Half-Marathon PR! I want to apologize if some of you saw my tweet that said my time was around 2:11, I was going by my Jog Log app on my iPhone, which apparently isn’t too accurate. And I’m not going to lie to you I was a bit disappointed when I checked my official time a second ago and it was 2:14:10. 3 minutes is a lot to be off by in the running world. Don’t get me wrong I am still very proud of myself, last year I ran it in 2:35, AND this race marks my one year running anniversary! Once I ran the Princess Half last year I wasn’t diligent about running at all so the fact that I dropped 20 minutes while being a lazy runner is a little comforting to me…but only a little. This year I have very different plans for running though, I am keeping my current running schedule and adding strength and cross training! Remember, no marshmallow runners here! Because this Princesses legs are killing her and if I’m stronger  maybe that won’t happen…maybe? So without further adieu, a.k.a. I’ll stop having a mini pity party since I am being a big  over tired baby, here is my official Disney Princess Half Marathon Race Weekend Recap!

I'm here, I'm here, I'm here!

Waiting in traffic to get into Disney's Wide World of Sports for the Fit for a Princess Expo!

Are you guys ready to seriously crack up at me? Hello World… this is the real Princess Grace!

I was there before the expo opened but apparently a ton of people had the same idea!

Guess what? This years colors were Princess Tiana's! I loved it! So much better than last year's

Checking in at The Coronado Springs, can you spot the Hidden Mickey?

The Coronado is very pretty!

Look what I found in the hotel gift shop, too cute!

Our room was pretty, too! I think these are the most comfy beds at Disney! Not that I got to sleep very long.

It's a Princess Life! Are you getting sick of my self portraits yet?

Pool time while waiting for Prince Rob, tehe=)

Snack and study time at the pool! Soft pretzel and fruit!

Someday my prince will come...Oh wait, there he is!

At Epcot...we're a very cheesy couple!

This is for you Gramma! Tea Garden in 'England'

We had an early dinner at Big River Brewing Company at the Boardwalk Hotel, one of our favorite places!

They have amazing nachos! Rob must really love me because the first time when ordering he told the waiter I was vegetarian to insure no chicken was on the nachos=)

A side salad because I am so original.

Sunset before the race!

Waiting for a boat to Downtown Disney...guess why I HAD to go there?

Ice Cream, of course. Rob thought we really needed our hot fudge brownie sundae inside a waffle bowl, which happened to also be dipped in chocolate. I've decided I'm a froyo or simple cone kind of girl. I had a little tummy ache after this.

Good Morning Princess! 4 AM looks great on you...not.


Here is the Fairy Godmother herself giving corral C, the cute corral, a very magical start to the race!

I saw Rob around mile 4 becasue he is amazing and tried his very best to follow me! I must be really fast because he kept missing me after our first encounter! As I was running away he tried to get a picture but I think his kiss gave me Princess super powers and I took off because where am I?


Cinderella's Castle!

Finished! Like all my snacks? What can I say I'm a hungry Princess!

Breakfast of champions! Seeing as I took my sweet time getting cleaned up we made it with 5 minutes before breakfast ended! I was so happy to get my pancakes!

Animal Kingdom!

Finding Hidden Mickeys on the Jungle Trek! This one is my favorite=)


As you can see it was really a ‘magical’ weekend! Lastly, I really wanted to thank all my readers for the abundance of well wishes, you have no idea how much I appreciate the support!

Questions for You!

Runners and walkers out there: what is your favorite race that you’ve done?

Have you ever been to Disney? What were some of your favorites there?

What did you do this weekend?

The end. Sorry, I really wanted to show off my polka dotted shorts!

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25 thoughts on “My happily ever after.

  1. Great job on the race! Even the most experienced runners are super sore after races, it’s how you know you gave it your all out on the pavement!

    I’ll admit that my favorite races are small ones. I really like winning my age group and that never happens at big races because I’m not actually that fast, lol

    • That is comforting that even the pros are sore! I am too pokey to ever win an age group and I don’t know if I’ve been to a race I’d constitute as small yet! But that rocks that you have, that must feel awesome! Maybe someday?

  2. First of all, you and your bf are SO CUTE! And I love all of your self portraits 🙂 Oh the life of a blogger, full of pictures of food and you making weird faces haha.

    I went to Disney with my family when I was ten years old and we stayed at the Contemporary hotel… I don’t remember much besides crying in the tower of terror and riding on the monorail. I really want to go back to Orlando and go to Universal and go to Harry Potter world!!!!

    • Aw I’m sorry you don’t have the best memories of Disney. I remember freaking out the 1st time I rode splash mountain and space mountain, I was literally screaming, “I want my Gramma!” I’m right there with you on Harry Potter, I’m obsessed but still haven’t been!

    • You should come down and do it next year! That way I can have a running buddy…i lost mine this year because she is doing the NYC half marathon and couldn’t afford both! I think handled being solo fine though!

  3. What a great recap! 🙂 I was scanning the crowd for any familiar faces, but there were just so many people there it was hard to spot anyone. It looks like you had such a fun weekend though. Congrats on the new PR too -that is awesome!
    The Ghirardelli Shop in Downtown Disney is definitely a good place to stop. They have such good ice cream & treats.
    and I love your race outfit – very cute!

    • Thank you! I am actually going back to Disney this weekend and think I might skip out on Ghirardelli because I heard you can get a fresh toll house ice cream sandwich on Main Street? I hope this is the ruth because I am so excited!

    • I am a “Disney person” so I always drool when the Disney Vacation Club commercials come on but I’m too young for that yet! It looks awesome though and I love theirs resorts, we stayed at The Boardwalk once and loved it!

  4. Congrats on your PR! That is too funny we were in all the same places around the same times! Maybe we passed by each other and didn’t even realize it!

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