my day job. sort of.

One of my biggest fans, Gramma, requested that I write about what I do in my internship position at the Orlando Science Center, are you ready for this? I blog. Surprise.  It’s not the only thing I do but it is actually one of the things in my internship where I get some creative freedom. When I say freedom I mean I can choose anything I want as long as it pertains to  Dino Digs and  Nature Works (animals, plants, and habitats) exhibits. Here are my blogs from the OSC website for all of you that want tot read them, that’s you Gramma! But seriously, there’re a few cute animal pictures and a fun science experiment!

Nature Works

Most Threatened Forest Habitats Today

Funny Friends

Do Not Disturb

Opposites Attract

Dino Digs

When Did Dinosaurs Really Become Extinct?

“Cute” New Dino Discovery

Science Park

Blue Goo

Super Interesting, right?

This morning I ran for the last time before my half marathon which sort of freaks me out! At this point it feels like I might have run those two miles a week ago! Have you ever had one of those days that just drags on? I do. Today was one of those days.

Attractive. This wasn't actually today bur it's what I was feeling like.

I was hoping to feel more peppy as I was leaving work, that lasted for about 10 minutes since I had to run some errands. Going into Whole Foods didn’t even perk me up and I love grocery stores, complete weirdo. In case you were wondering I did exchange my $13.99 almond butter for one $6.99 instead! When I got home I felt like I had to shower, odd since all I did was sit on my booty all day! To my dismay even a steamy shower didn’t help! Want to know what finally worked? Vampire Diaries and Pizza Making!

Wonder why this made me feel better?

What can I say chopping veggies is therapeutic!

I am officially out of my little funkiness! and enjoying some funniness in the form of The Office, Parks and Rec, and 30 Rock before I pass out! Lots of homework  and getting prepared for Disney to do tomorrow, do you think I’m a little excited?

Questions for You!

What is one of your tasks at work?

What do you do to get out of a mini funk?

What are you excited for this weekend?

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20 thoughts on “my day job. sort of.

  1. I, too, have a pile of homework waiting for me tomorrow after work. I intern at an online magazine, and I get to research health and fitness related things. This is one job that I don’t complain about when I get home, which is always a good thing :). Hopefully my future “grown up” job, aka, a paying full-time job, will be just as fun!

  2. Those last few days before a race are so nerve-wracking! Pizza and funny TV usually help me out of a funk too, also yoga!

    I’m not doing too much this weekend, other than running 20 miles on Saturday morning (eek!)

  3. Have no fear, you are not weird- I LOVE going to the grocery store also! Annndd Chase Crawford is SO good looking!

    One of my favorite tasks at my summer job (which is teaching cheerleading for UCA, haha) is teaching dance class. To get out of a mini-funk I read, cook, make some goodies, run, watch one of my favorite movies, color.. and this weekend I am so excited to hang out with my nephews!

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