This morning I tried my new apple pie spice mix and two other new goodies, oat bran and chia seeds. For those of you out there who don’t know, Chia seeds are the seeds used in chia pets and they’re magical or just very good for you! Julie at PBFingers has been raving about them so I got a little bit from the big bin at Whole Foods to try them out. Something else I did at Whole Foods was accidentally buy a $13.99 jar of organic almond butter , that is being returned tomorrow. Oat bran is the outer husk on oats that gets taken off in most processing but when it’s left on the oat is called ‘whole grain.’ Eating just the oat bran is a great way to up your fiber intake!

The ingredients...minus the agave and add brown sugar. I remembered how much love it on any form of oats

I realize now that looks like a ton of brown sugar.

Now, to be honest I wasn’t crazy about my bowl of oats, let me explain. I was really a little heavy-handed on the apple pie spice so my oat bran was way to spicy, sort of like having chunks of Big Red in oatmeal. Other than that though I loved the texture of oat bran, it remind me of grits, I love corn in case you were wondering. I honestly couldn’t taste the chia seeds nor did I pick up their texture since the oats were gritty, I’m going to sprinkle them on some Cheerios tomorrow morning to see what that’s like! Hoping for the best since I just read all about their magic nutritional qualities=)

Not quite finished...I blame it on the spicy-ness

The rest of my day was spent trying to create a logo, ad, and creative brief for my hypothetical business “GracieCakes!” I may be an advertising and public relations major but I’d say the only place for me in the advertising world is as a copywriter. Making the logo was actually incredibly easy thanks to and I can always write so the creative brief was a breeze, wish I could say the same for the ad. Here’s my beautiful work!


Would you come to my bakery?

My ad!

After my classes tonight I met up with my friend Shay for some frozen yogurt. The whole time leading up to our meeting I was panicking inside about the fact that at 8 pm before getting a chance to eat dinner, I was going to eat frozen yogurt. This whole tapering thing is freaking me out. I’m used to justifying my eating by how many miles I’ve run and that’s hard to do when you’ve only run 2 miles. I consoled myself with this bit of wisdom from the movie Remember Me.


Ally: What deserts do you have?
Restaurant Waiter: Mango ice cream with nuts and raisins.
Ally: Great. Hum, I’ll have that and a glass of skim milk and then the lamb vindaloo. Thanks.
Tyler: Oh can I have a chicken tikka masala and a kingfisher please?
Ally: I have my dessert first.
Tyler: Is that a political statement or a medical condition, perhaps?
Ally: I just don’t see the point of waiting. What if I die eating my vindaloo?
Tyler: Is that probable?
Ally: It’s possible. Embolism bursts, asteroid hits the restaurant. I’d die without having eaten the one thing I wanted most.
Tyler: I mean, the odds.. The odds are…
Ally: Tell you what. Guarantee me, swear to me on your eternal soul that I make it through my entrée, and I’ll wait. Before you answer, If I die, you’ll have to live the rest of your life knowing that not only did you lie to me but you denied me my one last indulgence. My last wish. Are you prepared to shoulder that kind of responsibility to prove a point? Don’t worry, I’ll share.


My frozen yogurt was delicious as usual, I don’t have a picture to prove it but I swear I eased up on my topping love but made it up for it with more whip cream than usual=) Plus it was great to see Shay! When I came home I decided I still need to eat a little bit of real food so cooked some quinoa and roasted up some veggies, which I paid a whopping $1 for!

When Rob got here I had to yell at him for trying to get all the veggies! Never thought that would happen but they're for our lunches tomorrow!

My little bowl of yumminess!

Questions for You!

Have you ever had chia seeds or oat bran? What did you think? Oat bran is here to stay for this girl!

Have you seen Remember Me? Did you like it? I liked it a lot, Robert Pattinson does a great job in it despite how but the whole smoking thing disgusts me. I’d also like to mention I called the ending about 10 minutes before it happened.

Feeling on dessert before dinner? I feel better about it now that I had some real food!




18 thoughts on “graciecakes.

  1. Bob’s Red Mill Steel Cut Oats are my favorite!!! You should try them! I eat mine with a little brown sugar, and sometimes… instead of brown sugar, I mix in 1/2 – a whole container of my favorite greek yogurt (usually strawberry)…. mmmm! DELICIOUS!

  2. I’ve never seen that movie! I saw the spoiler ending all over the internet and then it just seemed pointless 🙂

    I prefer dessert after a meal because I like to look forward to it!

    That is only pricey jar of peanut butter!

  3. omg your logos are too cute and def fit the bill for a hypothetical bakery…lovin it. I have tried chia seeds and they are meh…I havent had them on hot oats though, so maybe i should try that?


  4. dessert before dinner is totally legit. the problem is that then I still want to have one after!

    remember me got a lot of crap, and while there were things i didn’t like about it, overall i thought it was great. kind of dark and sad (even before the ending!) but really well done. i cried when i saw her taking the subway at the end… that kind of full-circle thing always gets me.

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