The end.

Today is Day 30 of The 30 Day Challenge! Yay for accomplishing goals!

If you missed any and want to recap…29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 part 2, 6 part 1, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

My highs and lows of this month.


  • Having some kind of funky cold/sinus infection for 2 1/2 weeks.
  • Falling behind in school.
  • Struggling for a few days when some of my ocd-ish problems.


  • Girls Night to see Barry Manilow!
  • Brunch with Rob’s Family at Dexter’s!
  • Getting my iPhone!
  • Donna Marathon Relay weekend in Jacksonville!
  • Valentine’s Dinner with my family and friends including meeting baby Guy!
  • Hanging out with Annie this weekend!
  • Spending my President’s Day with Gramma and Lenore!
  • and finally getting my half marathon training right, I hope!

You think I like spending time with my family and friends or something?

This morning I did a 2 mile run, since I’m tapering off to rest for the Princess Half on Sunday! It may have only been two miles but it was hot, since I waited until almost 8 to run, and I was sweaty when I was finished! My average pace was 9:59, one second under 10 but it was still under!I actually ran my second mile in 9:53, which is great since usually the first few miles are always the toughest for me.

I was at the Science Center at 10:10, I’m getting very good at being late, and was starving by 11:30 but waited . Luckily I packed a heavy lunch, 1 slice of Quiche and an apple. Leanna, the one who makes amazing cookies, was meeting her parents for lunch and was sweet enough to bring me back a small medium fry, I suspect she’s trying to fatten me up with cookies and fried foods! I gave her a hard time for brining me a medium since there was no way I was going to eat all of them. That turned out to be a complete lie. I did wait until 1 to eat….and I need to carb load this week, right?

Balanced meal?


I returned to Winter Park late this afternoon for some more shopping promoting. At least today i steered clear of the chocolate.

This place had so many spices! Turns out I gag when trying to sniff out which spices I like, unless it's cinnamon based.

I came home with some goodies, but only the cheap ones! This whole bag of bay leaves was $1.99! They put like 5 leaves in a bottle for at least $2 at the grocery.

What I’m most excited about it putting that Apple Pie Spice on some oats! Maybe tomorrow morning? Good Night=)

Questions for You!

What are some of your highs and lows from the past month?

Do you ever intend to eat healthy and fail?

What are your favorite spices? I have a thing for cinnamon and on the savory side anything with garlic!



14 thoughts on “The end.

  1. I love Penzey’s Spices! I’ve only ever gotten the catalog- haven’t been to a store yet. Right now I’m obsessed with kosher salt (is that considered a spice even?)… I love the texture, flavor, etc.

    PS- I am soooo jealous of your Chick fil a!

    • I’m pretty sure it’s considered a spice! They had it there, of course, they had everything. This might be a silly question but is kosher salt different from normal salt, decides being blessed? My french fries were very good especially with their BBQ sauce, I couldn’t remember the last time I ordered french fries from somewhere so I guess I don’t have to feel too guilty!

  2. Getting my iPhone was one of my highs too! I am an addict and might need therapy soon. Hopefully the “newness” will wear off and I can avoid that 🙂

    I’m usually pretty good with eating healthy until around 2:00 when I’m struggling to stay awake and I usually wander over to the candy bowl at the office…

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  4. Just to let you know your own mother has really good intentions about eating right~the real trick is to be prepared! Tonight I cut up cucumber, celery and strawberries for work tomorrow…surround yourself with healhy choices is what I have to do!

    I am so proud of you for blogging so often~I look forward to reading them each and everyday! It is a great since we talk about your blogs at work, too. You really have a huge following and you do not even realize it! Hoping to see what I miss with you being so far away from your Mommy~a whole hour!! LOL!! I still miss you everyday! You have turned out to be such a wonderfully awesome young woman~I could not be any prouder of you! Love -Me aka Gracie’s Mom

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