I’ll be missing you.

10 pages of notes…6 hours…4 lectures…and a 90% later I am finally caught up with my Egyptology work! If only I’d known that I’d end up googling more than half of my answer, since I didn’t read the 6 chapters I was supposed to, and still getting a 90%…

Day 28

Something you miss. There aren’t a lot of ‘somethings’ that I miss but I pretty much am always missing someone! Lots of someones! My family is pretty crazy, maybe I’ll do a family tree post someday, so we all don’t live close to each other,  now that I live in Orlando I am all by my lonesome and  have to miss even more people!

I miss you…

Mommy! These aren't in any order by the way. There is just this one person who gets all sensitive and feels left out so I thought I'd mention that.

Dad! See where I get my 'weirdo' from!

Aunt Jen and Uncle Dave! They went to a Kid Rock Concert last night, don't they look awesome!

Tess and Aunt Erin!

Rickie, Michael, MK, John David, My Josie Wosie, and Nicole!

Drew, Cory, and Rob ( I can miss him too I haven't seen him in a week)


Want to know something else I miss? Having actual free time. Like I did last semester. I’ve been semi-busy this weekend. A.k.a. there is something I need to be doing every single moment of the day. My great Aunt Ann came over last night because we were suppose to go see a play at UCF but silly me forgot to buy tickets and they were sold out. We still had a great time though and having a little break was very nice…


We started the night with dinner at Pei Wei! These spring rolls are amazing!

I ordered 1/2 crispy honey shrimp and 1/2 vegetables! It was ginormous! This picture was taken after dumping half of it into a takeout box for my later enjoyment!

Instead of being sophisticated and seeing a play we saw this...and I loved it!

And after we had froyo! Perfection.

My aunt got one flavor, cheesecake, with fruit on top and savored it. Me? I had four flavors covered in candy and was done 10 minutes before her=)

Okay all you real runners out there. Get ready to make fun of me. I did my last long training run for the Princess Half Marathon today and am extremely proud of myself. I did 12 miles in 2:07:03. I know this is probably extremely slow in everyone else’s books but I ran 13.1 in 2:35 last year. If I can do what I did today next week I will probably be crying at the finish line, again. After my run I was ravenous pretty hungry and sort of had my heart set out for some carrot cake pancakes from First Watch but the wait looked massive, we went to Ruby Tuesday next door instead and had fun at the garden bar!

They even had corn and black bean mix!

Little Cheesy Garlicky Biscuits! My aunt didn't want one so she twisted my arm into bringing it home with me!

Mini Veggie Burger and Cauliflower Mash, wasn't feeling the mash at 11 this morning. My taste buds were finally ready for them at dinner tonight!

I wanted desperately wanted a nap or a coffee today and didn’t get either so I’m going to beddy-bye very soon! Have to be up early to make a Quiche and muffins since my gramma and her friend are coming over! Sweet Dreams!

Questions for You?

Are you missing anyone or anything right now?

Do you get time to just relax or are you always busy?

Are you a leftover lover? or hater? I love them! I ate my Ruby Tuesday leftovers tonight and Pei Wei is saved for tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “I’ll be missing you.

    • I don’t miss sleep to much right now because I’ve made bedtimes and wake up times a priority right now since I have to get up so darn early, 4 am, for the race next weekend! But usually I do.

  1. I think your run times look great! Don’t try to compare yourself to other runners, the best part about running is that you’re only in competition with yourself. There will always be someone who is faster naturally, so just try to beat your own personal records 🙂

    I love leftovers, mostly because it’s so easy and fast to eat!

    • I try so hard not too! When I’m running though I’m always thinking, “I’m trying so hard, how do people run fast than this?” Thank you so much for the advice it’s nice to here from someone I know is a runner=)

  2. I’m definitely missing people right now too 🙂

    I can totally relate to you – free time is mostly just a dream! However, with this long weekend I’ve had a chance to relax a little and it’s been great.

    Nice running – you will rock your race. Love runs that give you confidence. And, love leftovers!

  3. You had an amazing weekend. I would never laugh at that pace. If that’s funny to you, you should check out my running haha. Do you use Dailymile?

  4. o.m.g. I’m SOOO jealous of your time with the 12 miles!!! Congrats!! I could only hope to be that fast….one day maybee…hopefully??

  5. AHHHHH I remember those Webcourses @ UCF. SO glad that I never have to see that again…well, unless I decide to go back for my MBA..still a possibility. But, I give you props for all that catching up you did.
    So funny to see all of the places I go- like Simply Frozen Yogurt. LOVE that place! Have you had the cake batter there? That is my favorite..well, and the Reese’s.

    • Hey! Never say never! I love the cake batter! My cup had irish mint, vanilla, cake batter, and cookie and cream! I could go to Simply, Sweet, and MIx every single day and not be tired of it!

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