My Type.

Day 26

What kind of person attracts you?

I’m not going to go into too much detail about what physically attracts me because you may have gotten the idea that I like , “pretty boys,” through my Man Candy post.

Here are a few characteristics (in no particular order) that detail my type and what attracts me…

Somehow the only picture I have of him looking "athletic"


I have pink eye and acne in this photo...yes he loves me.


Captain America!



He's amazing with my cousins! and he'll be an Uncle soon!


That's right, I need a man who can graduate from high school!


Model worthy in my uncle's clothes...he's going to kill me=)


I need a man on level with Einstein. and the one I have is so curious and passionate about all his endeavors it's exhausting.


…but not too honest.



Loves Traveling

He loves road trips...not. Probably because he refuses to let me drive.

Supportive of me and my crazy self!

My wonderful Mother may have dragged him there but at least he came to surprise me!

Must Love Dogs

I want to be a puppy mommy!

More Importantly…Must Love Food!

Check! Washing down a huge sandwich from Pot Belly's in DC with the best Chocolate Malt I've ever tasted, that's my kind of man!

Last but not least, he must love playing video games into the wee hours of the night….not.

This is what I see almost every night when we face time before I go to bed. You can’t tell but there is also a bowl of ice cream in his lap.

This post may mark the end of my short blogging career because Rob is so tech savvy he can make sure I never post pictures of him again if he wants, after this post that may become a reality. Fingers crossed he doesn’t! Rob if you’re reading this I was only showcasing how you are exactly my type! I love you! Please don’t take away my internet because I would be so sad without it!

Questions for You?

How would you describe your type?

Does your significant other embody your type or has your type changed because of them? The type of men I am physically attracted to changed a lot after I started dating Rob. I used to be all about the blonds and now I find dark haired men more attractive. Weird, right?

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6 thoughts on “My Type.

  1. I always said that I wanted a “Kevin James-type” guy- cuddly, funny, and just a total laid back man. My husband definitely fits the bill! It really is funny how that stuff works out somehow.

  2. I used to have such an awful type…build muscle bound guys with lots of tats…no wonder I dated some real losers, huh? 🙂

    I ended up marrying a red headed Marine fighter pilot, so I think I did alright 😛

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