Tough Love. & Man Candy.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone! Sorry, I know I’m a little bit late but it’s been an interesting day. And it wasn’t interesting because it was filled with cupid, chocolates, and roses. I didn’t set an alarm last night and woke up bright and early at 11. It felt so nice to sleep though! Rob and I were planning on sharing Valentine’s breakfast/brunch together before I had to head back to Orlando… until I read an email from my Egyptology teacher reminding me that 2 online modules were due tonight. Incase you’re wondering each module consists of 2 video lectures (each approximately 30 min-1 hr. in length), 1 activity, and 1 quiz. So I had about 7 hours of work to do. Oh and  don’t forget my first research exam was tonight, that I had not prepared for at all since I’d have all day to study for it. Moral of the story: Grace is a bad student who needs to check her planner every once in a while.

The worst thing was that I wasn’t really all that upset about the possibility of missing assignments and bombing my test, instead I was mad at that I didn’t get any quality time with Rob since it was Valentine’s Day. Is Valentine’s Day really that important? I was fine with celebrating it Sunday night instead of tonight and we don’t exchange ‘gifts’ anymore…so why did I feel like having a pity party all day as I was doing my homework? Pressure. I mentally build things up in my head and sometimes they’re just so hard to let go. Don’t get me wrong I’m no Valentine’s Day hater, because I love Love, but I sure don’t need a day to celebrate it, I celebrate love everyday! I honestly believe that but that it didn’t keep me from being a groucho all day, oh well I guess! After I half-assed finished my Egypt work I had just enough time to shower and make it to school to wing my test. This happens too much.

After my test I zipped over to Sanford to meet my family and some friends visiting from PA for dinner! My mood changed as soon as I walked out of the classroom and the rest of my night was great! I’ll have a food update post for Sunday’s Valentine’s Day dinner and all the super healthy mexican food I ate tonight! It is Day 22 of The 30 Day Challenge, which was originally suppose to be some thing a bit more serious but in honor of Valentine’s Day I’m taking the liberty of switching days around a bit …

Five famous men who you find attractive. Oh how I’ve been waiting for this one.

Zac Efron. Say what you want, but just look at him. He's beautiful.

Ryan Reynolds. Funny and gorgeous, yes please!

Ian Somerhalder. and Paul Wesley. Is this why I watch Vampire Diaries? Maybe?


Daniel Radcliffe. Weird, right? But I’m totally hot for Harry=)

It literally took me 35 minutes to decide who I thought was hot and worthy enough for my list, some guys are hot but when you google images you’ll find very unattractive pictures which make you questions their hot-ness. Zac and Ryan were no brainers though! I also think this other guy is really hot…


Only really hot guys use three year olds as accessories!

Questions for You!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Were you feeling the pressure to be love-y?

Who is your favorite famous man candy?

Do we share any favorites or do you have any odd balls, like Daniel?

Comment Here!


17 thoughts on “Tough Love. & Man Candy.

  1. Jon Hamm! Hugh Jackman! I don’t have any odd balls like Harry Potter, that’s just strange 🙂

    I do feel creepy for liking younger guys like Zach Efron, even if they are legal!

  2. I do feel pressure to be lovey, but it’s kind of fun, too. Valentine’s Day doesn’t bother me. It’s not like it’s the only day you’re supposed to be lovey, it’s just an entire day dedicated to love. I love that!

    My hotties:
    Chris Meloni:
    Jake Gyllenhaal:
    Josh Holloway:
    and Robert Pattinson!

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