Day 23

How have you changed in the last two years?

Long story short? A lot…but not really. Two years ago I was in my second semester in college and life was good. Life is still good but I’ve obviously done some growing up and changing. Some of the most notable things is that I now lead a healthier lifestyle with much better eating habits and exercise! I am also striving to be more mentally healthy but that will be another discussion. Here are a few pictures I found in my iPhoto from two years ago…

This picture was taken almost exactly two years ago! It was Valentine's Day and we were riding on the front of the monorail, something that can no longer happen=/

Notice two things. 1. No big smile because I still had braces! and 2. Acne. Thanks god somethings have changed!

My cake skills have gotten WAY better=)

I was already taking food pictures! In case you were wondering this is one of the few times he has 'cooked' something.

Like I said I’ve changed but not too much, as far as I am concerned only for the better!

As promised here’s a peek into my Sunday and Monday night, which of course includes lots of food!

Valentine's Dinner was at Malibu Beach Grill, one of my favorite places to eat when I'm home.

They have amazing bread...which tastes even better after running 10 miles then hardly eating for the next 7 hours.

Rob and I 'shared' a salad. I ate three bites.

French Onion Steak Sandwich and sweet potato fries. Remembered why we don't go there too much, this was the only thing on the menu appealing to Rob=( But he liked it!

Citrus Glazed Mahi Mahi with vegetables and a baked potato! I ate all of it.

Reason #538472 I LOVE Publix. How cute is this!

Valentine's Dessert! Publix Fro-yo! Since Port Orange is seriously lacking in quality fro-yo joints!

Mrs. H, One of my gramma best friends and a blog reader!, she's visiting from PA and we met to have dinner and meet her brand new grand baby!

This is Guy! Isn't he the sweetest! Congrats Anthony and Rosanna!

We met at Don Pablos and waited for a while, I was starving! But it was V-day so I guess we should have figured! This daiquiri was delicious though! and virgin=)

Does anyone else eat their weight in chips, salsa, and queso before even ordering at a Mexican restaurant?

I guess it runs in the family! Mine and Nicole's basket of chips was the first one empty!

Kids cheese enchilada with rice, black beans, and a side of very spicy veggies! Had to force myself to only eat half of it since I was already full of chips!

Sopatillas, fried tortilla with honey and powdered sugar. Forced myself to eat one of these too!

Lots of chatting and baby snuggling happened after the meal!

It was a great way to spend Valentine's!


and what was that I was saying about living a healthier lifestyle? Emphasis on the -er, I never said I was healthy! I just try to be=) I better get back to that whole healthy living thing now and do some yoga so my legs don’t fall off when I try to run five miles tomorrow!

Questions for You!

Have you done a lot of changing in the past two years?

How do you feel about ‘Mexican’ food? I prefer to cook it at home or have it at places like Chipotle, I know it’s fresher and I won’t stuff myself with chip beforehand!

Do you strive to be healthy?

P.s. Sorry to some folks whose comments were hanging around in my spam box, I didn’t know!

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6 thoughts on “Changed?

  1. Wow looks like a ton of great food! Especially the mahi mahi. I love good, delicious, fresh fish. I’ve actually been to a Publix before when my friend lived in Daytona. They are so nice! I have changed in the past two years, especially with my eating habits, exercising and overall lifestyle. And I actually prefer to eat Mexican out, sometimes it is nice to have others cook for me 🙂

  2. I was a waitress at Don Pablos in college and I remember taking away many almost full plates of food because people filled up on queso and chips!

    I have changed a ton in the past two years, having a baby will do that to you!

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