Run for Boobies!

Happy Valentine’s Eve Everyone! I just got back from my pre-Valentine’s dinner with Rob, I’ll recap tomorrow, which was much needed since I was starving after today’s festivities. Here is what my day was like…

5:20 am Wake-Up: “Oh crap! It’s 5:20!” We were suppose to be in the lobby at 5:30 and set our alarm clock to the wrong time! Threw my clothes on slowly while half-asleep as quick as a could and then out the door, no caffeine this morning=(

"Hurry Mom, take the picture!"

Running to 'catch' the bus! Ah, awkwardness...

6:00 am-8:45am: Lots of standing around and waiting in the freezing cold, 2 bus rides, some more waiting, and I’m at the 5 mile marker when Linda runs up to pass off the relay the baton!


Team Run for Boobies: Melanie, Linda, Jen, Tracy, and Me!

Clearly we really NEEDED to rush for the bus.

Waiting at mile 5...I did get to watch all the elites fly by!

8:45-9:45: Ran my leg of the race….I’m not sure of my actual time yet but I’m pretty sure I ran in in under an hour.

My first mile was the memorial mile=)

Not sure how I feel about beach running yet...

9:45-10:50: After running past the relay hand off point at mile 10, since I’m a complete dork, I turned around and ran back and found Tracy! Since I needed to run at least 9 miles this week I decided to stick with Tracy for the next 5 miles. She is injured so she was doing intervals of jogging and running depending on how her feet felt, which was fine with me since I was having some serious hamstring, hip, and foot pain. I was falling apart! Besides me being a whimp, this leg was fun because I had a running buddy and the residents of Jacksonville Beach were AMAZING! They were out in their yards and drive ways cheering us on, sharing goodies- I love orange slices, and there were even a few bands and DJs playing !

When I first met up with Tracy! Like my crazy face?


These people were crazy! The little kids here were giving out M&M's to runners!

10:50-12:35: After finishing and receiving our relay medals came the best part of the day, not. Trying to find the bus to take us back to the finish so we could run the last bit with all our teammates. I’m saying I ended up logging about 12 miles after the day was done because we walked a mile out of the way while getting lost looking for the bus and at least a mile more walking back and forth between the busses and runner’s village. We waited 30 min at the mile 15 bus stop for one bus to come pick up the 100 people…so we waited for the next bus. Luckily we finally made it back to the runner’s village in time to meet up with Melanie and all cross the finish line together!


Check that medal!

One of the awesome residents! shoe charms say I run for survivors and the heros in my life! Thanks Mom!

Here's the finish line...

Awesome guy supporting the cause! Love his spirit!

Best.Firesuit.Ever. He ran a half marathon in this!

Here we go across the finish line!

Running with a backpack and medal, while waving, and being uncoordinated is not the greatest idea ever.


Remember...always Run for Boobies!

Overall I had an amazing time, but I do have a few complaints. The bus set up was horrible! We spent a lot of time waiting around and then the bus drivers didn’t even know where they were going! Mind you these were Jacksonville city buses we were riding on. It was a great race but they really need to fix a few logistics with the bus system for it to be a true success. One amazing thing did come out of this race… for  first time I got the feeling that I could actually do a whole marathon! While running my first leg of the race I ended up in a marathon pace group. If you don’t know what this is…like I didn’t. There was a leader who keeps pace and tells you when to run and when to walk, yes walk! I immediately thought, “I could do intervals of running and walking!” Can I do them for five hours straight? I think so? But it was still cool to come to that realization! My goal is to run a full marathon in 2012, the year I’ll graduate from college, and for the first time ever I could imagine my self actually doing it!

Great Day!


Day 21

One of your favorite shows.



Murder, Suspense, Comedy, and Sexual Tension. Castle. For those of us who can’t handle CSI or SVU.  It’s sort of mine and Rob’s show sine we started watching it together in the first season.This semester I have class on Monday night though so Rob isn’t there to watch it with me, so we just wait until we’re together to catch up. I love me some Castle and am about to get my fix right. now. thanks to Hulu! Oh, I’m going to get my froyo fix at the same time too=)

Questions for You!

What’s your favorite race to run? I haven’t run enough to make my decison yet but I have an inkling it might be the Princess!

Have you gotten a massage to help with muscle soreness? I need some advice becasue I think I need one before I run the Princess!

What is your favorite TV Show? I like quite a few but Castle just never disappoints me!

Comment Here!


21 thoughts on “Run for Boobies!

  1. Just a heads up, but you have to pay to run with a pacer. For many people it’s worth it, but just so you’re not shocked later 🙂

    I like small local races because it’s just easier to get to and from, but you can’t beat the energy of a large race!

  2. Castle and Greys are my favorites but since I can’t watch them with the kids around. Carter are I watch American Pickers together which is also a great show.

  3. My first half marathon was in Jacksonville! The people were great! It was soooo hot out when my parents and I did it that the people who’s houses we ran past sprayed us with their hoses. The residents were great!!

    p.s. Interval training is the way to go! Have you ever run with a galloway group?

      • YESSS you can! Chris and I did 1 and 1’s for 30 min runs before our half. Then during the half, mom and I did 1 and 30’s (run for a min/ walk for 30 seconds)

        the first time i ran with galloway ran 30 seconds, walked 30 seconds and did 6 miles so you can dooo itttt

      • Oops I accidentally replied to the person under me and i dont know how to delete it lol
        anyways this is what i wrote!

        Oh i dont run fast at all (my run is like a fast walk) lol Mom and I did the half in 3 hours in 4 minutes

        and A LOT of people do intervals, you will see almost half of the runners have Garmin watches and you will hear all the beeping telling them when to walk and run

      • I fixed it for you! No worries=) So now that you admitted to running slow we MUST run together! and I’ve so seen the people with watches! I downloaded a new iphone app for intervals and am going to give it a shot on my run tonight…since I didn’t get my butt out of bed this am to do it!

      • Thanks, once I realized i commented on the wrong thing i was like AHHH how do i delete thissssssss!

        First of all, yes we do need to run together because Chris runs way faster than me and I need someone that will run with me!

        I downloaded some interval apps too, it makes running soo much easierrrr, I cherish those walks! I was so upset when mom decided we were going to do 1 and 30s instead of 1 and 1s, that 30 extra seconds of walking lol but its okay i SURVIVEDD

        You will be fine if you try it now! And if you don’t like it then you can always run straight through!

  4. I love Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl!! Luckily they are both streamed online so I can watch whenever I want. I live in the dark ages and don’t have a DVR.

  5. Congrats on the run! It looks like it was a lot of fun despite some things not going as planned.

    My favorite TV show is Project Runway. I LOVE it…when is the next season starting?!

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