Real Athlete.

Hello There! I am blogging to you live from chilly Jacksonville, FL! I’m here for the 4th annual 26.2 with Donna! No. I’m not running 26.2, obviously you would know if I were because I would be freaking out! I am running my first marathon relay, which I think is a really cool idea! There are 5 teammates, 4 teammates running 5 miles a piece and the team leader runs 6 miles and we finish the last little bit together as a team=) I am running the second leg of the race, which is on the beach, continuing on for another 4 miles, and walking 1 since I have to for my half training!

I am having a great time so far and have met some lovely ladies! I only knew one of my teammates prior to the race, my mom’s best friend Tracy, she got me into running by getting me to run the Disney Princess Half last year! I’ll try to take some more people pictures tomorrow because the ones from today didn’t turn out too well=( My mommy is here also enjoying a fun girl’s weekend! Today we went to the expo, checked into the hotel, went out to dinner, and then did what I do best, bought too much stuff at Target!

Run For Boobies, our team name!

At the Expo!


They brought out half sours- Cucumber that are half way to being pickles. Not good.

Salt and Pepper Onion Rings. Very Good! Of course.

My favorite steakhouse dinner! Mom ordered bison and didn't like it. Go figure.

Look at all the free goodies I got!

I know what I'm wearing to the Princess now! And the super nifty belt my momma got me!

Real Athletes. Eat cupcakes and drink coffee at 9 pm before a race.

P.s. I felt ridiculous wearing this shirt all day around woman who were about to actually run a marathon!

Day 20

How important you think education is.

Very. A good education is the foundation for the rest of your life. But once you are in college there is only so much that you can be taught from a textbook. Getting real life experience before entering your work field is necessary in the world we life in today when jobs can be few and far between. Want to know what else is important…sleep. So I am going to go get some!

Questions for you?

What is your favorite thing about race expos? Free stuff and shopping, hello!

Have you ever run a relay?

Any thoughts on education?

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10 thoughts on “Real Athlete.

  1. Oh, man I love half sour pickles…so good!

    I’ve never done a relay before, but it sounds fun. There were people doing that during a half I did a couple years ago and it was weird (ok irritating) to see these fresh runners just starting when I was tired 🙂

    Race expos are the best for free samples!

    • The half-sours were very salty and not very dill like, is that normal? I wasn’t annoying anyone by looking peppy today…because I didn’t! And I LOVE free stuff! I’m in college so I’m allowed to, right?

  2. Good luck on the race! I have the same running belt – I love it! You can fit so much stuff in there and I don’t even notice I have it on when I run anymore.

    I still haven’t been to an expo yet. I’ll be going to one in 2 weekends when I go down for the Princess 1/2 on the 27th!

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