Short and Sweet.

I just want to start by saying thank you! for all of the sweet comments I received! I wasn’t fishing for compliments, I swear! Just sharing my crazy feelings as usual! But I appreciate the kind words and glad that you guys like hearing my crazy feelings!

Day 19

Disrespecting your parents? Here’s my short-er answer, I could go on…but I won’t.

I know there have been times I have disrespected my parents but it in no way compares to the way I’ve recently seen children treat and talk to their parents in public and on television. It is absolutely shocking and never in a million year would I think about cursing and screaming at my parents. Granted I was a teenage girl so there was the occasional, “I hate you,” insert angst-y crying, and, “you’re ruining my life.” All of which I regret now because I can see that there were rules for a reason, I am who I am now because of how I was raised. I’m also thankful they were able to see through my feeble attempts to allude them, my mom ALWAYS knows when I’m lying. For the younger generation out there I’d like to say, “Respect your Momma!” You will regret what you say someday and wish greatly that you could take back those hurtful words. Remember who you are talking to, the person who has been with you since the beginning and will love you unconditionally. Love you Mommy!

Now to the sweet…

Red Velvet?


Go figure. My grand baking plans sort of when down the drain. I ended up with semi-red velvet cupcakes. They’re good don’t get me wrong but not spectacular. They’re semi red because it called for 6 tbs. of red food color, since I doubled the recipe, and I had about 1 tbs. plus the end of my red food color paste I use for fondant. Sometimes it is what it is. I got the recipe from here and if I would’ve taken more care and not got distracted a bajillion times during the process they’d probably be better. I may have more time to bake on Sunday so we’ll see if I can pump out the other treats I was looking forward to making? I also have a research test on Monday to study for…have a read any of the material? No. Have I mentioned I’m a terrible procrastinator?

Questions for You!

Did you disrespect your parents? Do you regret it now?

Care to share any baking disasters? It never fails something always goes wrong for me!

What should you be doing right now that you’re not?

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3 thoughts on “Short and Sweet.

  1. I should be going on a run right now, but I’m having too much fun catching up on blogs 🙂

    When I was a teenager, there were times my mom and I would fight and I would be disrespectful. Looking back, I’m embarrassed about it, considering how much my mom has done for me. It definitely has not happened for years and years now.

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