Super Bowl Sluggers!

Hyper! Must be from all the sugar I've been consuming.

I am going to keep lamely apologizing about my late and very brief posts but it’s been sort of a crazy day! It is Day 15 of the 30 Day Challenege, which means I am suppose to tell you my favorite tumblrs. As you may have noticed from yesterday’s post I am behind on the times and didn’t even know what a tumblr was and still don’t really….Someone please comment and tell me your favorite tumblr. So I can see what this is all about!¬†Instead here is what my Super Bowl Sunday looked like!

So this is my church....welcome!

See how scared he looks!

I told you he’s better at everything. Just so you know it was taking all my effort just to lift those stinking gloves though!

In case you cared this was my favorite Super Bowl commercial! It reminds me of John David’s alter ego Super Booda!

If you are in need of a shopping fix or some indulgent food pics I’d check back in tomorrow morning because after this weekend I have a lot of both! Tomorrow I’ll be returning to my ‘healthy’ lifestyle. Maybe.


Hmm...what could possibly be in these little boxes?

Questions for You!

Did you do anything unexpected on Super Bowl Sunday?

What was your favorite commercial?

How about the halftime show?

Comment Here!


4 thoughts on “Super Bowl Sluggers!

  1. You’re not alone- I don’t know what tumblr is either, haha

    I loved that little Darth Vader! And the babies on the etrade commercials- they’re always cute!

    The halftime show was pretty ehh. It must be hard to do acoustics in an open air stadium because I feel like the halftimes are always kind of bad.

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