So all I did this weekend was shop and eat or at least that is what you would think if you looked at my camera.

Here’s a picture recap….



Dick’s and Forever 21 loot=)

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory. Two breads? Yes, please!

Fish tacos...I only ate the fish and my side though. "For someone who prides them self on being diverse you sure are picky."-Rob

Why I don't have pictures of Rob's food...

Saturday's dinner...two kinds of dessert!


Rob's Red Velvet..he always gets the same thing.

All MINE! okay...I shared and they were a morning snack the next day too!




Breakfast at Kiki's Cafe...noticing a pattern in what I order for breakfast? I even enjoyed the leftovers this am!

Can't resist cute house stuff!

Bargains! and a sparkly sweater from Mom for V-day!


Accessories. Yay for sales!
After a long day of waiting…I finally got my iPhone!
And Panera! There may be a cinnamon scone inside that little brown bag that’s hiding.


See! All I did was shop and eat..told you! I’m trying to be productive today so I should get back to work! 30 day challenge post later!

Questions for You!

Do you ever eat dessert for dinner? Obviously I do!

What’s your favorite place for bargains? Marshalls, HomeGoods, Ross, TJMaxx, Kohl’s, and Target are some of my favs!

Comment Here!


9 thoughts on “Indulgence.

  1. I love shopping and you got to love bargains. I just got back from TJ Maxx and found a couple of shirts. I love that place! Your decorations are so cute, I can’t resist decorations either, I am always decorating my house for every holiday. Glad you got an iPhone, I definitely don’t know what I would do without mine 🙂

  2. I am so sorry that you got the SHOPPING gene from me… favorite place to shop is where ever it’s on sale!!! All the above…
    What happened to cutting back on your shopping? This is your mother speaking ~ not telling you ~ just reminding you what you told me??

    Any way love you and can’t wait to come see you for my birthday and a trip to SWEET!!

    • I just sautéed a mix of mushrooms, onions, green onions, and red bell pepper and I’m going to add the leftovers to quinoa tomorrow! I have this stuff called Soyaki I bought from Trader Joe’s and I’ve been dying to use it! Maybe I’ll ad a little!

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