For the first time.

Day 16

Your views on mainstream music?

What is considered mainstream music? Urban dictionary had some very interesting definitions of mainstream music…none of which I wanted to publish for the world to see. Basically mainstream music is Top 40 music. Call me boring but I really do like most of the Top 40 music! The problem with mainstream music is not the music it self but the stream. The never-ending stream of radio stations playing the same songs over and over again until we just don’t want to hear them anymore! Example: I changed the radio station tonight when Grenade came on for the millionth time only to find that “oh” Grenade was also playing on the channel I switched to! As much as I’d like to I can’t blame the radio stations…because they’re playing what people are requesting! It’s a vicious circle! Rant completed. But really I just love all kinds of music, which you might have been able to tell from the myTunes post! Here is my favorite mainstream song right now!

Want to know what I did today after my internship? Went shopping, of course! I know what you’re thinking…”she went shopping again, this girl’s got issues!” I am so excited about this purchase and really wanted to share it, even if you all think I’m a crazy shopaholic! It will solve all my running woes and make me love running from now on! Ok, wishful thinking… but I do hope it makes me stop hurting.

I went to Fleet Feet Sports in Altamonte Springs, thanks for the suggestions Gigi, and got a running shoe ‘fitting’. I literally have pen marks on my feet! I have the ugliest feet in the world, made uglier by running, by the way.The poor guy who helped me had to touch my feet… and watch me run. I felt so bad for him. To top it off I had a coughing attack and when it appeared as if I was going to die and realized my water bottle was in the car he was nice enough to get me water. I hope he gets some kind of commission because he earned it with me! Anyway, it turns out since I have crazy feet with high arches I needed a stability shoe or else my ankle rolls in with every stride,fabulous. Lightbulb comes on,” that’s probably the reason I have knee and hip pain!” I now present you the shoes and inserts that fingers crossed will fix all my running problems forever.

They're not pink...but I think I can handle red.

I wasn’t planning on posting a picture of my dinner tonight since it was just sort of thrown together.Why did you even bother taking a picture then? Because I’m a freak and send pictures of my dinner to a few lucky people in my life, you know who you are! I am posting the picture because even if it doesn’t look like it this was surprisingly delicious! Throw some stuff on a pita, sprinkle with cheese, bake, serve with tzatiki sauce, and be amazed!

I call it 'Curious George Garbanzo Bean Burger and Veggie Pita Pizza'


Questions for You!

What’s your favorite mainstream music song right now?

Have you had a shoe fitting before? Did it work wonders?

Share a recipe that you just threw together but was delish anyway!

Comment Here!


14 thoughts on “For the first time.

  1. My fave mainstream song right now is Enrique Iglesias “Tonight I’m Loving You”, I’m kinda ashamed to admit it haha I love to listen to it when I’m running, puts a little pep in my step.

    Having the right shoe makes a world of difference when running! I noticed an immediate change when I got fitted for shoes. And by the way, runners feet are beautiful, they tell a story 🙂

    Today I’ll post a recipe for parsnip fries I made last night that is ridiculously good. Check it out!

  2. Love mainstream music. Love Rihanna, Katy Perry, Britney, Beyonce, Gaga, Xtina, Ke$ha, etc.

    I don’t often throw things together. I’m not experienced enough in the kitchen plus it terrifies me. But the other day I did just that. A can of black beans, a can of coconut milk, a red onion, some cumin, cooked that in a pot. Made some brown rice. Mixed it all together with some Tabasco, and it was delish!

  3. I’m a sucker for Katie Perry lately, for sure. Her tunes are just so catchy…

    I’ve gotten fitted for running shoes before and it was great! It just confirmed I was wearing the right shoes, but it was cool to have my gait videotaped and stuff.

  4. I just got my new shoes at the Altamonte Fleet Feet! I love how great they are with taking time to help you find the right ones. I got some Newton’s – hoping they help with my shin splints that wont seem to go away!

  5. I had a shoe fitting and it was an awesome decision… I used to have all sorts of shin pain, but it all stopped when I got shoes that worked with my flat feet. I’ve never had a fitting where they wrote on my feet, though… only with some treadmill running.

    I’m a total pop music nerd… that’s mostly what I listen to. One of my favorites right now also Enrique’s Tonight I’m Loving You… fun song to run to!

    • I’m not sure why he wrote on them I think he was measuring something! I run to another version for that song that my boyfriend downloaded, it’s a little more explicit but still great for running!

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