Day 14

Your earliest memory.

This is difficult because for me. I’ve heard you can construct memories based  upon photos. I am guilty of this…how do I know?I explain to you a million pictures and the details of them but cannot recollect the actual memory. So instead today as a great opportunity to show off my minimal poetry skils. Senior year of high school we had a whole semester of poetry in AP English and I sort of loved it. The only problem is when there isn’t someone there to plant the idea in my head, thanks Mr. Palmer, I cannot just start writing a poem. I need some kind of prompt. This is a poem I wrote about a person in my childhood I can remember vividly and miss so much.


When I think back I can remember you.

Your house was my first home,

And I was your first Great-Grandchild.


My childhood is filled with fond memories of you.

The riddle about the two dickey birds,

Named Peter and Paul.

The root beer floats and ice cream sandwiches

That concluded our meals together.


I loved to dance for you and Grammy

Gliding and twirling effortlessly

Across the worn oriental rug

Heart racing until the final notes of my song.


Once my performance was over it was your turn

I’d retrieve your drums sticks

Then you’d beat out familiar army marches

On your weathered leather ottoman

While everyone tapped their toes to the upbeat rhythms.


But you began to age,

And became forgetful.

We all laughed together when you mistakenly ate your paper fortune

Out of your fortune cookie

But we all knew your time was running out


I was playing outside

When your wooden whirly gig fell from its place in the tree.

The wind had finally taken its toll

And you passed on.


I was too young to understand,

Until I saw you

It hurt as I stepped up to say my goodbye

I left you with a jar of your favorite sugar-coated orange candies

But will you ever know all you left with me?

-Elizabeth Grace O’Neal


I hope sharing this poem with you gave you an idea of some of my earliest childhood memories about my sweet great-grandfather, Papa. I also wrote a poem about living in my Gramma’s House when I was young and would have loved to include that also but I only have it in paper format at my apartment and I’m not there. Maybe I’ll share it another time if you all don’t make fun of my poetry skills too much.

Here are a few pictures from my childhood I snagged from my mom tonight!

Dancing with my Papa

Playing the 'drums'

Brand new with my Daddy

My favorite place to sleep=)

Why I'm so smart!

Born to Shop!


Can't you tell I'm graceful?

Me with my 'uncle' dave, rest in peace.

Where I get all my good looks from=)

Having fun with Pop!

Gotta love the Christmas sweater pics!

So now you know how adorable I was as I child but the progression stops here…due to a chubby stage. Check back in tomorrow for a weekend recap boxing videos included!

Questions for You?

What are some of your favorite childhood memories?

Can you write poem?

Random: What is a tumblr? It’s part of tomorrow’s 30 Day Challenge and I’m not sure what it is!

Comment Here!


11 thoughts on “Reminisce.

  1. I loved Mr.Palmer too because without those ‘springboards’ I would not have been able to write poems! I have heard of tumblr before, but I don’t know what it is either. ??

  2. What a wonderful poem. It brought many tears to my eyes, reading the sweet memories you have, and bringing back many wonderful memories of my own. Your Papa (great-grandfather) and my Mother (Ruby) were 1st cousins.

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