Day 12

Bullet point your day.

  • Woke up at 11:20
  • Made breakfast-fried egg sandwiches with fakin’, clementine, and hash browns=)
  • Watched Couples Retreat for the millionth time-“Encouragement!”
  • Did online homework
  • Blogged, then caught up with the blogging world!
  • Lunch, I know it seems close to breakfast but it wasn’t!-Carrots, celery, hummus, tzatiki, pita, pineapple, and 1/2 banana.
  • Finally got motivated and out of my jammies for some laundry, recycling, mail pick up, and other cleaning.
  • Got my guitar book in the mail and got to page 25 and did some practicing!
  • Read 6 chapter of Perfect, Pretty Little Liars Book 3.
  • Colored my hair-For the second time because I can’t justify spending $70-$90 every time I need a hair cut and highlight.
  • Showered!
  • Put on comfy outfit #3 of the day.
  • Made dinner- Gourmet grilled cheese (Kerrygold Blarney Castle, Cabot Jalapeno, and Colby Jack on an Onion Roll, zucchini fires, and apple with pb)
  • More laundry, reading, cleaning, and a few episodes of House Hunter International.
  • Trip to DD for some coffee…and maybe a donut snuck in there…
  • Caught up on all the Castle and Modern Family Rob and I have missed! There may have been kettle corn and sour patch kids involved? I eat a lot?
  • Blogging right now….then going to bed since technically it’s already Saturday. Oops

Questions for You!

What did you do yesterday? Were you productive or lazy like me?

What are your plans for tomorrow? Shopping and 8 mile run…yes, please!

How do you watch your favorite Tv Shows? Live? Hulu? DVR? Rob hooked me up with these nifty cords that hook my computer to my beautiful TV so I can catch up on my shows on some things besides my tiny 13 in. laptop screen! I love him.

Comment Here!


12 thoughts on “Lazy.

  1. Thanks=) Good luck apartment shopping, I realized today that I signed my lease for my apartment on last super bowl Sunday and reflecting on where I chose I am very happy! and Happy Birthday! Enjoy your dinner too I love birthdays because I don’t feel so guilty when I ‘have to’ order a dessert!

  2. I was actually pretty productive yesterday at work, even though it was Friday. I even did my taxes when I got home before i met a friend out. My productivity today is a little less admirable, but I did hit the gym for some decent cross training and went to the grocery store. Hope you enjoy your run!

  3. hey sweetie! i’ve morphed from runnerbeangreen into thequirkykitchen – time for a change i think! our plans match tomo! 8miler and shopping 🙂

  4. Well as you know I watch most of my shows via DVR…but would love to find out what cables Rob hooked you up with to watch Hulu. Love lazy days even thought that is one thing I do not get to do too often.

    Great hanging with you yesterday shopping and you!

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